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    Halftime at HITS

    Special to the Horsetrader - February 20th, 2014 - Show & Event News

    THERMAL — The seven-week HITS Desert Circuit took a mid-point break last week, and along with the hiatus came recognition for Mid-circuit Champions.

    2014 HITS Desert Circuit 1st Half Circuit Champions
    Horse Owner Rider
    Low Hunter
    CH Campari Helen McEvoy Hope Glynn
    Training Hunter
    CH WT Who Knew Wild Turkey Farm, LLC Hope Glynn
    HITS Hunter
    CH Westbella Lauren Suranko Lauren Suranko
    Baby Green Hunter
    CH West Lane Jaz Creek Inc Buddy Brown
    Pre-Green Hunter
    CH Boss Laura Wasserman John French
    Adequan Hunter
    CH County Line Ann Deren-Lewis Jenny Karazissis
    First Year Green Hunter
    CH Ultime Espoir Barbara Chapin John French
    Second Year Green Hunter
    CH Y Wonder Y West Coast Equine Partners Jenny Karazissis
    Green Conformation
    CH Ultime Espoir Barbara Chapin John French
    High Performance Wkg Hunter
    CH Clue Corinne Bevis John French
    Performance Hunter 3’6″
    CH King’s Peak Emma Waldfogel Hope Glynn
    Performance Hunter 3’3″
    CH Lassalle Emma Townsend Hope Glynn
    Regular Conformation Hunter
    CH Carma Montana Coady John French
    Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35
    CH Winnetoe Montana Coady Montana Coady
    Amateur Owner Hunter 36 & Over
    CH Willow CBF Julie Hancock Julie Hancock
    Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3″ 18-35
    CH Late Night Eureka Farm Erika Scherer
    Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3″ 36 & Over
    CH Athabasca Anne Marie Mueller Anne Marie Mueller
    Adult Hunter 18-35
    CH Leonetti Stephanie Goodson Stephanie Goodson
    Adult Hunter 36-45
    CH Victorias Secret Tiffany Sandor Tiffany Sandor
    Adult Hunter 46 – 55
    CH Samba Gracious Heidi Kane Heidi Kane
    Adult Hunter 56 & Over
    CH Duet Polly Sweeney Polly Sweeney
    Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under
    CH Autumn Lane Eugenie Kilb Eugenie Kilb
    Small Junior Hunter 16-17
    CH Illusion Dogwood Hill LLC Destry Spielberg
    Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under
    CH Cansas Grady Lyman Grady Lyman
    Large Junior Hunter 16-17
    CH Chapel Hill Morgan Dickerson Morgan Dickerson
    Junior Hunter Low 3’3″
    CH Soleil Margaux Burdick Margaux Burdick
    Children’s Hunter Pony
    CH Indian Summer Sarah Dyer Ava Peck
    Children’s Hunter 13 & Under
    CH SideKick Briana Sukert Briana Sukert
    Children’s Hunter 14-17
    CH Sorbet Grace Tuton Grace Tuton
    Green Pony Hunter S/M
    CH Dust Bunny Laura Ware Jillian Stuart
    Green Pony Hunter Large
    CH Candy Crush JH Sporthorses Katrina Komitsch
    Small Pony Hunter
    CH Small Introduction Iwasaki & Reilly Augusta Iwasaki
    Medium Pony Hunter
    CH Always Happy Laura Strasburg Brooke Morin
    Large Pony Hunter
    CH Party Favor John Bragg Brooke Morin
    Long/Short Stirrup Hunters
    CH Ice Breaker Stella Wasserman Stella Wasserman
    Pre-Child Hunter Horse
    CH Autobahn Jordan Matteri Katie Lee
    Pre-Adult Hunter
    CH Andiamo Shabe Behzadpour Shabe Behzadpour
    Thermal Child Hunter 2’3″
    CH Charme of Chicago Elvenstar Farm Stella Buckingham
    Thermal Adult Hunter 2’3″
    CH Special Delivery Moonlite Beach LLC Jerrie Calandra
    Modified Child Hunter
    CH Gentry Rosie Garlock Rosie Garlock
    Modified Adult Hunter
    CH Samba Gracious Patti Gingras Patti Gingras
    Modified JR/AM Hunter 3’3″
    CH Café de Colombia Mountain Home Stables Hunter Siebel
    Small Schooling Pony Hunter
    CH Bit of Flurries Sonoma Valley Stables Avery Glynn
    Medium Schooling Pony Hunter
    CH Fine Art Bianca Jenkins Bianca Jenkins
    Large Schooling Pony Hunter
    CH Whatdoyousay Bianca Jenkins Bianca Jenkins
    HITS Adult Hunter 2’9″
    CH Shadow Box Alexandra Mc Donald Henri Hall
    HITS Child Hunter 2’9″
    CH Zapateada Briana Sukert Briana Sukert
    Cross Rail Hunter
    CH Thumbelina Ella Kaplan Djuna Stein
    CH Patriot Mallory Olsen Tate Beteta
    Adult 2′ Equitation
    CH Nola Dyal
    Adult 2’6″ Equitation
    CH Jennifer Berman
    Adult 2’9″ Equitation
    CH Margaret Schliessler
    Beginner Equitation
    CH Mariah Durand
    Equitation 11 & Under
    CH Elli yeager
    Equitation 12-13
    CH Emily Perkins
    Equitation 14-15
    CH Madison Myro
    Equitation 16-17
    CH Alexandra Ladove
    Adult Equitation 18-35
    CH Serena Anand
    Adult Equitation 36-45
    CH Tonia Cook Looker
    Adult Equitation 46+
    CH Yasmin Sexton
    Junior Limit Equitation
    CH Emma Sigurdsson
    Junior Maiden Equitation
    CH Katie Lee
    Junior Novice Equitation
    CH Jolie Emme Lauer
    Pony Equitation
    CH Bianca Jenkins
    Short Stirrup Equitation-Horse
    CH Quinn Durbin
    Short/Long Stirrup Equitation
    CH Luke Jensen
    Level 3 Jumper
    CH Toomyvara Bonne James Tamie Phillips
    Level 4 Jumper
    CH Simon Says Isola Stables Benson Carroll
    Adult Jumper 18-35
    CH Finding Eden P2 Capital LLC Elizabeth McAfee
    Adult Jumper 36-49
    CH Traveler Christine O’Hanlon Christine O’Hanlon
    Adult Jumper 50 & Over
    CH Musketeer Blue Meadows, LLC Leslie Cox
    Child Jumper 15/U
    CH Derby County Claire Gallaher Hollie Allen
    Child Jumper 16-17
    CH Olli 80 Actuality LLC Julia Finn
    Modified Child/Adult Jumper
    CH Athos Nancy Batter Delaney Batter
    Child Jumper Low
    CH Lexia B Gigi Papasavvas Gigi Papasavvas
    Adult Jumper Low
    CH Baoulahrouz Shannon Becker Shannon Becker
    Amateur Jumper Low
    CH Alonzo Ali Ramsay Ali Ramsay
    Amateur Owner Jumper High
    CH Wiberra Merlin & Associates, LLC Madison Cameron
    Amateur Owner Jumper Medium
    CH Hugo Garnett Farms Morgan Garnett
    Junior Jumper High
    CH RRC Black Magic 944 700 Alberta LTD Meagan Beunder
    Junior Jumper Low
    CH Avacon Amanda Pollack Abbygale Funk
    Junior Jumper Medium
    CH Manchester Alexandra Worthington Alexandra Worthington
    Level 5 Jumper
    CH French Tip Toe Michelle Parker Michelle Parker
    Level 6 Jumper
    CH SIG Excel SIG International, Inc. Susan Hutchison
    Level 7 Jumper
    CH Asb Conquistador Signe Ostby Karl Cook
    YJC 6 Year Old
    CH Durani S Suanna Singlehurst Nick Gegen
    YJC 7 & 8 Year Old
    CH Baraka Nayel Nassar Nayel Nassar

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