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Horse Heritage Retained

Equestrian communities continue to thrive in East San Diego County

By AUDREY PAVIA for the Horsetrader - December 18th, 2014

EASTERN SAN DIEGO COUNTY – In the not-too-distant past, Eastern San Diego County was mostly grazing land for cattle, dotted with small farm towns. Today, this part of the county is a growing bedroom community, only 15 miles from downtown San Diego. Yet despite its significant growth over the last 50 years, Eastern San Diego still holds on to its agricultural roots. The evidence? Horses are still a big part of life here.

Simply Divine

Horses, natural beauty come together in Ojai

By AUDREY PAVIA for the Horsetrader - October 15th, 2014

Chief's Peak

Chief’s Peak

OJAI — When director Frank Capra chose Ojai as the location for Shangri-La in the 1937 film “Lost Horizons,” it was no accident. Capra and many others before and since have recognized Ojai is one of the most divine places in California.

As with many places of great beauty, Ojai is home to horses. The equine community in Ojai is alive and well, despite a dogged economic comeback, and boasts trainers of many disciplines and horses of many breeds.

It’s the View and much more

'A' circuit to trails to polo to charros, equestrians appreciate Lake View Terrace

By AUDREY PAVIA for the Horsetrader - September 18th, 2014

LAKE VIEW TERRACE — If you love California, you will appreciate Lake View Terrace. In the wintertime, the snow covered ridges of the San Gabriel Mountains stand as a backdrop. In the spring, wildflowers color the foothill slopes. On summer evenings, the smell of sage rises up from the creek beds. And in the fall, a crisp wind blows down from the hills.

Build the fearless horse and rider from the ground up

By SHERYL LYNDE - Horsetrader columnist - September 18th, 2014

A fearful horse can chip away at a rider’s confidence. Similarly, a fearful rider can make a horse fearful , so there lies the potential for a never-ending cycle. The more fearful the horse, the more fearful the rider becomes – and vice versa.

Harness selection and fit are a matter of ‘form following function’

By PATRICIA DEMERS - Horsetrader columnist - September 18th, 2014

Fifth in a series

Once you have decided on teaching your horse to pull a cart, carriage or wagon, what do you use to pull it with? A harness of course!

Cart or wagon: How do you choose a driving vehicle?

By PATRICIA DEMERS - Horsetrader columnist - August 21st, 2014

Fourth in a series

Before there were autos, there were carriages, and choosing an appropriate vehicle for our needs hasn’t changed!

What do you need it for? How many seats? Price? Type? Color? Do you want something new and modern, or an antique or classic?

Good Fortune

Suburbia and horse country mix like an ongoing dream in Moorpark and Simi Valley

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - June 19th, 2014

Moorpark, CA

Moorpark, CA

MOORPARK — Some people outside of California have trouble imagining how a quiet suburban
community can co-exist with an active equestrian population. Horses are for rural areas, after all, and not compatible with life in the suburbs. But these people have not been to the cities of Simi Valley and Moorpark, where suburbia happily meets horse country.

The towns of Simi Valley and Moorpark are located in the southernmost section of Ventura County, just outside the boundary of Los Angeles. Both towns are so close to L.A., in fact, they are considered bedroom communities. Home to commuters who brave the 101 Freeway each day on their way to the City of Angels, the neighborhoods of Simi and Moorpark provide a respite to these road weary travelers.

The most fortunate residents of Simi and Moorpark are the equestrians. Some keep their horses in backyard lots, usually attached to older homes. Larger, horse-friendly properties as these were once common throughout parts of Ventura and Los Angeles County. Others board their horses at one of the many commercial equestrian centers in that can be found in either city.

Driving – where do you start?

By PATRICIA DEMERS - Horsetrader columnist - June 19th, 2014

Second in a series

You’ve decided that driving a horse and vehicle sounds interestin. You want to try it. How do you get started?

Ramona – San Diego County Jewel

Residents, equestrian groups help preserve equine-friendly atmosphere, small-town feel

By Audrey Pavia, for the Horsetrader - May 15th, 2014

RAMONA — Eastern San Diego County is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Oak trees, rolling hills and clear, blue skies greet those who venture from the coast into the foothills of the Laguna Mountains. For horse people, one of the great jewels of the hilly country of San Diego County is picturesque Ramona.

Hooray for Hollywood and Horses

Equestrians combine a metro-country life in Southern California's Burbank area

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - March 20th, 2014

A hub of horse activity plays out daily at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center - for the locals and visitors to the area.

A hub of horse activity plays out daily at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center – for the locals and visitors to the area.

photo courtesy of LAEC

BURBANK — If you are looking for a thriving horse community in Los Angeles, drive less than 20 miles from downtown and you’ll find the city of Burbank.

An equestrian haven in the middle of the second-largest city in the country, Burbank offers residents a chance to live both a country lifestyle and an urban one, all at the same time.