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Everything’s rosey with the AERC Parade Group!

American Endurance Ride Conference is pleased to announce that their Parade Group has been accepted into the 2016 Rose Parade.

Horsetrader Sales Staff - July 16th, 2015

The American Endurance Ride Conference is pleased to announce that their Parade Group has been accepted into the 2016 Rose Parade. This group of 25 riders, headed up by AERC member Gayle Pena of Moreno Valley, will be marching in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena. The group, veterans of this year’s Swallows Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano, Nevada’s Carson Valley Days Parade in June and the Temecula Fourth of July parade, recently learned of their acceptance. “We wish them all the best and love the international exposure this will garner for AERC and endurance riding!” said AERC Vice President Lisa Schneider. The 5.5-mile route of the Rose Parade should be a breeze for these riders and horses, who regularly compete in distances of 25, 50 or even 100 miles a day. Fund-raising efforts will be under way soon. For more information, or to request a Discover Endurance Riding informational booklet, phone 866-271-2372 or email aerc@foothill.net.

Summer savings starts now by using your Store$aver coupons

Horsetrader Sales Staff - July 2nd, 2015

Before your next trip to the feed or tack store, be sure to check our our Store$aver coupons from your favorite locations, updated in print and online every two weeks! Women’s clothing up to 50% off at Hawthorne’s in Escondido? Yep. Discounts on all fly products at Armstrong’s Feed in Valley Center? Yep. And, hats at Broken Horn, wave rakes at Thrifty Horse in Norco, men’s Ariat jeans at Herradura de Oro…you get the picture, now get the savings!

Innovative Big Mare care products now available

from the Horsetrader Sales Staff - June 18th, 2015

Look for a new product hitting shelves this month! With its innovative new Controlled Delivery System (CDS), Big Mare™ skin, wound and hoof care products offer more than “singular dimensional” benefits of micro-encapsulation by delivering a smaller molecule deeper into the skin. These combined actives work together to offer time-released benefits for round-the-clock healing. Available for both equine and canine, these antibacterial and antifungal formulas are available in a Body Wash, All Purpose Skin Solution, Wound Lotion, Thrush Spray and White Line Gel. Ask your store today for Big Mare™. It heals, prevents and maintains healthy skin and hoofs. For more information and dealer inquiries, call 909-908-6649.

Come with Horsetrader to the 2015 Western States Horse Expo!

17th Annual at Cal Expo, 45 years of community service, Valley Center's rodeo, and More!

Horsetrader Sales Staff - May 21st, 2015

The 17th Annual Western States Horse Expo comes to Cal Expo next month, and it’s going to be the best one in years. The facelift to some facilities, the increase in the number and the quality of vendors, the expansion of the clinicians and speakers — truly, this one is a “don’t miss!” As the Official Publisher of the Expo Program and the Official Online Marketplace, California Horsetrader and horsetrader.com will be right there for you. If you’d like to reach the attendees, be sure to call or email for advertising info, as we’ll be the only magazines distributed on the same racks as the Official Program, and we’ll be handing out 50 percent more copies than any other publication. Plus, you’ll be in the same issue that’ll reach up and down the West Coast — delivering your message to more readers FASTER than any other publication. Check out our mobile-friendly online access to current clinicians and current vendors in this issue!

A good name and a better product: EQ-WINE Covers

Horsetrader Sales Staff - May 7th, 2015

Why call yourself EQ-WINE® Covers? When you are centrally located in California’s equestrian and wine heartland of Paso Robles, it only makes sense. Providing shelters and covers for the equestrian and wine industry is what they do best. EQ-WINE® Covers’ utilizes the highest quality materials with a lifetime warranty. Their structures can withstand winds up to 100 mph and can be customized with wood siding or panels for enclosure from the elements and in varying configurations to meet your needs. Stop by their display yard just down the road from the Paso Robles Event Center. Their central location allows them to deliver to most areas of California affordably and in a timely manner. When you need the best pasture shelter, mare motel, hay cover, trailer/ RV cover, agricultural building, carport and more, call EQ-WINE® Covers at 800-980-2276 or visit www.Eq-WineCovers.com.

From Churchill Downs to San Juan: Derby Hat Party is May 2

Horsetrader Sales Staff - April 16th, 2015

What do mint juleps, elaborately decorated hats and sea breezes have in common? The San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Coalition’s Fifth Annual Kentucky Derby Hat Party at the Regency Theatre in San Juan Capistrano. Join the SJCEC on Saturday, May 2, at 1 p.m. for this annual fundraiser. There will be prizes and drawings, food and flair, exciting race coverage in the theatre and a post-race showing of the film “50 to 1” about an underdog race horse from the Southwest qualifying for the Kentucky Derby. Limited seating will be available, so order your tickets early. You may purchase tickets at the theatre box office or RegencyMovies.com. For more information, visit www.sjcec.org. See ad on page 77.

Rancho del Rio Stables at the Anaheim Equestrian Center has been sold to longtime Orange Park Acres residents Bill and Fran Klovstad.  Starting this month, the Klovstads will operate the 150-stall boarding facility along with the tack and feed store.  In 2005, Bill and Fran purchased Thrifty Horse in Norco, and 10 years later the plan is to set up a satellite store in the Anaheim location. Bob and Jayne Jones, who have been active in the communities of Anaheim and East Orange, will be retiring once the Klovstads are comfortably running the business.  It’s truly a family-run enterprise, including Buddy and Allison Klovstad, Jason and Madison Miner, and some of the current Thrifty Horse employees and their grandchildren. Improvements are on the horizon at the equestrian center , which hosted a “meet and greet” held March 27 attended by both current patrons and East Orange friends.

Horsetown USA opens its doors for 45th Norco Horseweek

Horsetrader Sales Staff - March 19th, 2015

The tradition continues! The 45th Annual Norco Horseweek is just around the corner, scheduled for April 17-26 in “Horsetown USA”/ This 10-day extravaganza of everything horses is conducted by an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that is dedicated to celebrating and maintaining Norco’s horse-centered, rural lifestyle. Once again, the group has put together an amazing line-up of family-oriented events, with something fun and exciting for everyone, including the Extreme Ranch Rodeo, Horseweek Parade, lawnmower races, Challenged Children’s Rodeo, bull riding, the food truck festival, chili cook-off, obstacle course and so much more! Visit www.NorcoHorseweek.com for a more info and full schedule of events!

Hit the historic trail with De Anza Trail Caballeros in April

From Horsetrader sales staff - February 19th, 2015

The De Anza Trail Caballeros welcome “gentlemen on horseback,” for their 77th Annual De Anza Trail Ride, scheduled for April 12-18 from Calexico to Riverside. This men-only event commemorates and honors the historic achievement of Juan Bautista De Anza, who blazed the first overland trail from Mexico to the Northern California coast and who encouraged the development of the saddle horse for pleasure riding. Make your plans now, and contact Gary Etchandy at (951) 677-5291 to reserve your spot! See the ad on page 66, and visit www.DeAnzaRide.org for details.

Mounted shooting to dressage, winter clinic season is here!

From Horsetrader sales staff - February 5th, 2015

The Roy Rogers Rangers Mounted Shooting Club and the Silver Dollar Ranch will be host a Beginner Mounted Shooting Clinic on March 21 at the Moreno Valley Equestrian Center. Bring your horse and a good attitude –- they’ll supply all of the other equipment! The clinic will be conducted by expert clinicians and champion mounted shooters Kenny Lawson and Cathy Hendrick. You’ll learn mounted shooting horsemanship, basic gun handling skills, conditioning your horse to gunfire, plus coaching and technique training. Give them a call at (760) 805-6061 to reserve your spot, and see the ad on page 75.