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Old Town meets Horsetown

Temecula combines horses, wineries, modern living

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - April 17th, 2014

TEMECULA — Rolling hills, vineyards and a romantic history. Add all this to a thriving horse community and you have the inland valley city of Temecula. Located in Riverside County just north of the San Diego County border, Temecula is situated in the beautiful Temecula Valley. With Mt. San Jacinto towering on the horizon and dry air flowing in from the desert, Temecula is not only picturesque but perfect in climate as well.

Summer Horse Camps

As vacation nears, California's top riding camps prepare for this summer's experience. Here are some of the best

From Horsetrader sales staff - April 3rd, 2014

Canada Larga Ranch
Ventura, Calif.
(805) 643-6093

Does your child love horses? The Canada Larga Ranch Summer Day Camp is designed for them! Its premier riding program is for horse-crazy campers who’ll participate in a wide variety of horse activities including two daily English riding lessons, mounted games, horsemanship, horse care, barn chores and horse crafts. At the end of each week session, campers put on a horse show for family and friends. Camp is located on a private, gated 3,500-acre ranch located just minutes from downtown Ventura. Camp runs weekly from June 16 – July 18. Call Melissa Tracy at (805) 643-6093 to register or for more info, and check out the camp’s website.

2014 Horse Vacations

Dreaming of getting away from everything BUT horses? Here are some of the best places to consider

From Horsetrader sales staff - March 20th, 2014

7 Lazy P
(406) 466-2245
Choteau, MT

Welcome to the 7 Lazy P! The Crary family invites you experience the Crown Jewel of Americas Wilderness System, the Bob Marshall. 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and the 7 Lazy P has been providing extraordinary backcountry adventures since 1931. You can camp beneath stunning cliffs and alpine lakes, alongside gin-clear streams and mountain meadows.

Our itineraries include the iconic destinations of the Bob Marshall, such as the Chinese Wall, the North Wall, the Trilobite Range, and the North Fork of the Sun River and Middle Fork of the Flathead. Experience a sensory kaleidoscope of wildflowers and wildlife. Cast a fly for a native Cutthroat, scramble to the summit of a peak, or just relax as you watch the horse herd graze peacefully in a meadow.

You’ll ride a seasoned mountain horse while the camp and your gear is packed on our wonderful mules. You will be accompanied by an experienced and enjoyable crew, and will enjoy fantastic wilderness meals prepared by our backcountry chef. Trips can accommodate up to 10 guests and include lodging and meals at our historic lodge the night before and after your pack trip.

Horsetown USA

Norco residents enjoy urban living in an equestrian-friendly atmosphere.

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - February 20th, 2014

NORCO, CA — Drive down the 15 Freeway in the Inland Empire, just between the 91 and 60
Freeways, and you’ll see recessed images of horses along the road’s concrete wall. Above the roadway loom business signs that also feature horses and riders and other Western themes. If you’re paying attention, it won’t take long for you to realize you are passing through a very special place. It’s the amazing town of Norco.

Horse Ranches & Rolling Grasslands

Country atmosphere surrounds Chino Hills with metropolitan cities only miles away

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - February 20th, 2014

CHINO HILLS, CA — Trot your horse down English Road in Chino Hills and you just might think you’ve gone back in time. Large parcels of property and famous ranches line the street. Except for an occasional car, the road looks much like all of California did decades ago.

Insight into Products

The correct product for your horse starts with quality. Here are some of the best.

From Horsetrader sales staff - February 6th, 2014

Adeptus Nutrition

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Adeptus Nutrition provides a complete line of premium, science based nutritional supplements for horses, pets and humans, formulated by PhD. nutritionist / physiologist Dr. Colleen Wilson. In early 2000, Dr. Wilson founded Adeptus Nutrition in San Diego, California. The Adeptus product offering is truly “Nutrition Based on Science” with only top quality ingredients used in the nutritionally balanced formulas. Adeptus products are manufactured using the highest quality control standards. Consequently, the formulas are very consistent and true to label guarantees. The product offering provides solutions to the common supplemental needs of our horses, pets, and ourselves, with nutritional joint and tendon/soft tissue support in the Nimble formulas, fatty acid coat and calorie supplements in the Gleam and Gain formulas, organic minerals and vitamins and nutritional hoof support in the Augment formulas, prebiotic digestive aids in the Invigor formulas, antacids in Allay, electrolytes in Persevere, and nutritional muscle enhancers in Robust. The reasonable pricing on these concentrated, potent products results in tremendous value.


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EnviroMin Organics provide essential trace minerals to strengthen the body, plus provide a gentle daily detox to protect against environmental toxins. Your horse will enjoy a glossy coat, rich color, strong hoof and bone, healthy digestion and absorption. EnviroMin Organics improve performance, endurance, and immunity using only natural ingredients.

Our organic, human grade products are made from fresh water phytoplankton; a microscopic plant, naturally rich in (trace) micro minerals. Plant sourced minerals, in their naturally occurring balance, are more bio-available than isolated minerals from other sources. Plus, we add Zeolite, which is a natural mineral known as “nature’s toxin magnet.” Reducing toxin overload reduces inflammation, allergies, and other health disorders. The long trusted EnviroMin products are for horses, dogs, cats, birds, livestock and humans. EnviroMin Organics include Equine Micro Minerals, Mikey’s Minerals for Dogs, and many more!

Equine Colic Relief
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Colic is still the one thing horse owner’s fear the most. Owners with Equine Colic Relief in their bag don’t have that fear anymore. They know they can just reach into their bag and pull out a bottle that can stop a bout of colic in an average of only 90 minutes. Sand colic cases can take up to 2 hours more, but it can be stopped just as easily and reliably. Of course, nothing but surgery can save a horse with a twisted or telescoping gut or for stones and gravel for that matter. But it works great for the most common forms of colic such as impaction, gas, spasmodic and sand colic without trauma, side effects, duress, or further pain. If you only had one single health product to keep available for your horse, this should be it. Stock several to keep in your barn and in your truck. Many clients have saved their neighbors horses simply because they ordered it and made it available to their friends. Equine Colic Relief is a safe alternative with natural ingredients and an incredible twelve-year shelf life. It’s ready to work for you and your horse when you need it the most. Just remember that the fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough if your horse has a bout of colic without this. Now you finally have a real alternative to just waiting for help to arrive. Now you can take control and help your horse!

Grand Meadows

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Making life better…the Choice of Champions! For 30 years top professional riders all over the world have used Grand Meadows products, along with thousands of other horse owners. The one consistent response we always get – IT WORKS! Our team of scientists, nutritionists and raw material specialists use the latest scientific data and clinical research to formulate the highest quality supplements to improve the health, performance and longevity of your horse at a price you simply can’t beat. Our new Grand Premium Plus combines six of our top selling formulas in a single scoop with over 55 ingredients. Extremely affordable at half the price of any competitive formula, combining the highest level and most effective ingredients to target joint, hoof, tendon, digestion, coat, vitamin and mineral – all in an easy to feed palatable stabilized flax meal oat blend. Grand Meadows products – quality and excellence you can trust!

Jaynes Bee Products

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Jaynes Bee Products is your original psyllium supplier! We sell 100% pure psyllium husk, the highest quality available. Equine psyllium is a 100% natural food fiber which expands 40-50 times in the stomach and helps in the digestion of the food through the system. In the process it lubricates the colon, absorbs gasses, relieves colic pain, prevents bloating, combats constipation and pushes down all the debris and sand from the colon. It makes your horse feel great. Put your horse back into that fit and speed condition without using oil or bran. Use equine psyllium – a better way to keep your horse healthy and his insides clean!

LaBudde Group Incorporated

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Doesn’t your horse deserve the best product? Our Premium Shredded Beet Pulp is an excellent source of super fiber 22 percent, as well as non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) 12 percent, and is an excellent supplement for hay! Our high quality shreds are processed through a screening method unique to the industry that removes sticks, rocks and large chunks, producing an easily digestible product, available in both 25 lb. and 40 lb. bags. We believe that the appearance, texture, aroma, ease of handling and palatability of our Premium Shredded Beet Pulp will all exceed your expectations!

Smooth Run Equine

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We want to address every aspect of your horse’s health and well being. Many of us ask a lot of our horses, and we want to give them a lot in return. The stress of travel and competition can be very taxing on a horse’s health and well being. We want a product that is all natural, and preservative free. We want only the highest quality and best ingredients for our horses. Knowing that all supplements enter the horse through their gut, we wanted to start there too. In 2001 Smooth Run Equine partnered with a well-established company named Cenzone Tech Inc. and their scientist Dr. Jung Fu Wu. Dr. Wu who holds Bachelors Degrees in Animal Science and Zoology; a Masters Degree in Immunology, Animal Science and Zoology; and a PhD in Microbiology. His life’s work, passion and devotion has been dedicated to developing health products for all animals. We are proud to be able to provide such products to you and your animal companions.
That began the foundation of all Smooth Run Equine products and a partnership with Dr. Jung Fu Wu. We started with pure bovine colostrum, we built on an exclusive, organic and chemical free microencapsulated probiotic digestive enzyme formula, and from that foundation we developed our horse supplement formulas for a horse’s individual health support and maintenance. In 2008 the reins of operation have been passed on to long time business manager, and devoted horse woman Annie Ryan-DiMeglio, who now owns Smooth Run Equine. She is devoted to the Smooth Run Equine formula of horse supplements, and the complete care and satisfaction of all Smooth Run Equine’s customers.

Sweetwater Nutrition

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Sweetwater Nutrition is committed to bringing you high quality, American made supplements for your horses and dogs. Our products are carefully selected blends of all natural human-grade ingredients that are scientifically formulated to provide maximum effectiveness.

For your horse’s joints, InflamAway HA-200 provides advanced support by combining  200mg Hyaluronic Acid with Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate, Yucca, Vitamin C, MSM and antioxidants. Your horse’s hooves are in good care with Hoof ReNu, our hoof supplement that provides an optimal combination of biotin, methionine, lysine, tyrosine, MSM, sea kelp and other essential nutrients necessary to promote the growth of strong, healthy hooves. And for nervous or stressed horses, RelaxForm EQ is our drug-free natural calming formula that can help calm anxious horses by helping to promote relaxation and restore focus.

For your dog’s joints, we know that one size does not fit all, so we offer a selection of InflamAway HA, InflamAway Plus and InflamAway ES – this allows you to choose a joint support product that best fits the individual needs of your own dog. We also offer MaxiDerm (with fish oil) for your dog’s healthy skin and coat, as well as a complete line of probiotics, digestive aids, vitamins and antioxidants. Check us out at SweetwaterNutrition.com and give us a call if you have any questions.

Ready to ride?

From back country trail riding to arena competition in dressage, over jumps and alongside cattle, California associations offer rich experiences on a horse -- and next to friends. Here are some of the best.

From Horsetrader staff reports - January 16th, 2014

Back Country Horsemen of California
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Backcountry Horsemen promotes public awareness and interest in the historical aspect of horsemen and stock in the backcountry while helping to educate back country users on ways to use the trail and forage in a manner that conserves the back country resources. Stop by their booth at Horse Expo Feb. 7-9 at the Fairplex during Horse Expo Pomona (http://bit.ly/Expo_BCH) or visit the group’s website. They would love to have you join them on their next ride and project!

This spring in Norco, on March 21-23, BCHC Rendezvous will follow its a tradition of outdoor enthusiasts gathering together. The event will feature equine training clinicians, scores of vendors, horse and mule packing seminars, Gentle Use/Leave No Trace classes, a Western art show, awards and accolades, a Dutch oven cook-off, trail trials, beer and wine tasting, cowboy church, youth classes, raffles and auction. There is always a lot to learn, tons of fun, and plenty of horses and mules at the Backcountry Horsemen Rendezvous!

Horsey Black Fridays

More horsey gifts, less lines at these holiday store sales

From Horsetrader sales staff - November 21st, 2013

Broken Horn Saddlery
(626) 337-4266

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Established in 1956, Broken Horn Saddlery is a horse lover’s shopping paradise. Located in Baldwin Park, CA, this massive 44,000 square foot equestrian super-store has everything for your English and Western riding needs – from hoof picks and treats, to custom-made silver and show saddles! Have tack that needs repair? Maybe your horse’s blanket needs to be washed before the winter? Broken Horn also offers quality saddle and tack repair, as well as horse blanket laundry services.

Time for a Trailer

It's a great time to invest in a new horse trailer - Here is a short list of top dealers

From Horsetrader sales staff - October 18th, 2013

Heacock Horse Trailers
(818) 242-0211 – Glendale

Heacock Horse Trailers isn’t a new business by any means, but the practical extension of Heacock Welding Company, Inc. The new name goes with the new location as of Sept. 1, when Heacock Horse Trailers moved across the street to 4623 San Fernando Rd. in Glendale. Now, it’s twice the size with better facilities, more employees, and new inventory. Look for the two-story red brick building with newly painted hunter green trim, and of course, the new Heacock Horse Trailers logo wall signage. Best of all, there is an entire street block with much easier truck and trailer access.

The Heacock Horse Trailer line is known above all for horse and personal safety and the highest quality and dependability. They last well over 20 years by design. These trailers are probably the lightest, yet strongest, horse trailers one can own. Along with a new name comes a completely redesigned all-aluminum trailer frame, standard Rumbar flooring and super cool fiberglass roof. Nothing tows as easily as these all-aluminum trailers. The general maintenance is minimal now, too. As always, Heacock trailers are only ramp-load, with no rear-center post. PLus. there is are full walk-though escape doors in every model — straight haul or slant haul. Safety is paramount.

Heacock Horse Trailers, the ultimate professionals, services what it sells, and that professionalism goes into the care and servicing of every other brand and type of trailer serviced, too.

Heartful Threads

Western fashion lives brightly and full; here's an update from those who live it

From Horsetrader sales staff - October 3rd, 2013

Cowgirls for a Cause
(760) 208-3344

Cowgirls for a Cause is an artisan line of equine-inspired ladies apparel and gifts, designed for the gal who loves horses. In addition to the one-of-a-kind images that adorn each and every one of our shirts, you will also find a fun or inspiring saying on the back. There is no reason you can’t look cute while you’re out enjoying your horse! The Cowgirls for a Cause Collection is designed to ride in, work in, play in and just love your horse in. With design-enhancing, contrast-stitch thermals, hand-cut V-necks in lightweight cotton and cuddly warm, bold-colored thermals, you are sure to find a design and a fit that is just right for you. Visit our website at www.cowgirlsforacause.com to see our full line of clothing, hats and handmade leather bracelets. There is something for every horse lover, both English and Western. Enjoy, and remember to always live, love…and ride!