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Laura Chapot finishes on top of regular season standings in the NAL Open Jumper Speed division for the fourth-consecutive year.

Anne Gittins photo

Laura Chapot finishes on top of regular season standings in the NAL Open Jumper Speed division for the fourth-consecutive year.

HARRISBURG, Penn. — Many riders in the North American League say having the opportunity to compete in its year-end finals rewards a season of hard work and dedication. Riders from all over the country, from California to Connecticut, converge to Harrisburg for the finals, held at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show from Oct. 8-17, with the hopes of becoming the next NAL Champion.

The NAL runs season-long series in seven hunter/jumper divisions: Adult Hunter, presented by Cavalor; Children’s Hunter, Open Jumper Speed, Adult Jumper, Children’s Jumper, Pony Jumper and the new Low Junior/Amateur-Owner jumper.

“From the start of each season, I look forward to the Year-End Finals,” said Lloyd Longenecker, president of Ryegate Show Services, Inc., which administers the North American League. “The year-end finals represent the pinnacle of competition in the NAL, and each rider who is there has come to win. There is a great sense of excitement, competition and sportsmanship surrounding the finals.”

In order for riders to qualify to compete at the year-end finals, they must first become a member of the North American League by completing and sending in a member application, which can be found at www.ryegate.com, along with a check for the membership fee.

Membership is valid for the qualifying year and entitles a rider to show one or more horses in any of the NAL divisions. Next season’s qualifying period began Sept. 1, 2009 and runs through Aug. 31, 2010. All NAL members also receive newsletters with standings and upcoming events.

Officials from the 2009 North American League series would like to thank sponsors such as Cavalor Inc. and Horsetrader.com

Cavalor Inc. is the exclusive North American licensee of the Cavalor brand and the Cavalor products from Nutriquine, Nev. For more than 20 years, Nutriquine NV (a Belgian company) has been a pioneer in equine nutrition. In close cooperation with veterinarians, scientists and specialists of equestrian sports, Nutriquine has developed, under the brand name Cavalor, a complete line of supplements, care and feed products to address the diverse needs and requirements of top sport horses and breeding stables. Cavalor products are distributed and used by many champions in 45 countries around the world. For more information on Cavalor, visit www.cavalor.com

Established in 1997, Horsetrader.com is the popular Web site operated by California Horsetrader, providing current news, features and, of course, your best marketplace online. The Horsetrader is a proud sponsor of the North American League, and it salutes the dedication and competitive spirit that leads to achievement. Since 1979, California Horsetrader has shared that commitment to quality and performance.

For information about the North American League, visit the Ryegate Show Services Web site: www.ryegate.com

California horses and riders who have qualified to compete at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show include:

HORSE / Rider / Owner / Owner’s City

  • ALL THAT / Alexandra Block / Alexandra Block / Westlake Village, CA
  • AZLAN / Gabbi Langston / Fastball Farm LLC / Irvine, CA
  • BRECKENRIDGE / Hannah Von Heidegger / Monarch Intl. / Chatsworth, CA
  • CACHET / Caroline Spogli / Cavallo Farms LLC / San Diego, CA
  • CUNNINGHAM / John Bragg / Mary Slouka / Newport Beach, CA
  • CZECH / John R. French / Laura Wasserman / Beverly Hills, CA
  • EXUPERY / Steven Borders / Steven Borders / San Marcos, CA
  • EXUPERY / Keri Kampsen / Steven Borders / San Marcos, CA
  • FALCAO / Caroline Ingalls / Brooke Flynn / Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • GLENVIEW / Stephanie Danhakl / Pacific Palisades, CA
  • GODSPEED / Kendra Arnold / Kendra Arnold / Laguna Beach, CA
  • HANDS UP / Victoria Press / Spartan Stables / Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • HELICON TAKE NOTICE / Pearl Theodosakis / Newmarket, Inc. / San Diego, CA
  • LIFELINE / Taylor Ann Adams / Cynthia Verges / Berkeley, CA
  • MACY GREY / Skylar Nelson / Wild Sky Farm / Burbank, CA
  • MAESTRO / Amanda Goldman / AG Hunters LLC / Lake Forest, CA
  • ON TOP / Keri Kampsen / Laurel Ridge Sport Horses / Temecula, CA
  • OVERSEAS / Laura Wasserman / Laura Wasserman / Beverly Hills, CA
  • POSITANO / Saer Coulter / Saer Coulter / San Francisco, CA
  • RAINBOW CANYON / Skylar Nelson / Wild Sky Farm / Burbank, CA
  • RED ROOSTER / Alexandra Arute / Old Oak Farm / Los Angeles, CA
  • RUMBA / John R. French / Mountain Home Stables / Woodside, CA
  • SMALL AFFAIR / Reilly & Iwasaki / Pacific Palisades, CA
  • SMALL TOWN / Nicoletta Von Heidegger / Reilly & Iwasaki / Pacific Palisades, CA
  • STARS GO BLUE / Olivia Esse / Oscany, Inc. / Pasadena, CA
  • TUSCANY / Pearl Theodosakis / West End Stables, LLC / Los Angeles, CA
  • VEDETTE / John R. French / Joan Haseltine / Beverly Hills, CA
  • VEDETTE / Nicole Haseltine / Joan Haseltine / Beverly Hills, CA
  • WHISKEY HILL / John Bragg / Stephanie Ray / Del Mar, CA

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