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Horsetrader Hits the Highway:
ApHC World Show Day 3
Are We There yet?

By Pam Hargesheimer / Horsetrader guest blogger - October 30th, 2009 - Horsetrader Hits the Highway

We wanted to leave at 2:30am, but woke up at 3:30am. After scrambling around and putting our old clothes back on we got to the ranch. Now we have all five horses and six adults loaded and on the road by 6:30am. A little later than hoped for, but still a nice start. We grabbed a cup of coffee and extra gas at exit 133 and were back on the road by 6:40. It isn’t raining anymore, although there are lots of clouds on the horizon and that worries me. We expect to hit Fort Worth at 5:00 pm.

About 10:00am and it started pouring down again. I hope we get to the show grounds before the night sets in, but there are lots of construction on this route and a plethora of accidents to slow us down.

We are going to make our last gas stop and get right back on the road.

Got into Will Rogers around 5:30pm and folks are already on their horses and riding.

We went to the stall office, then out to the barn and bedded the stalls, unloaded the horses and set them up. Putting as much of the working gear, hay, and tools into our now locked tack room, we went straight to the Quality Inn – Cattle Baron hotel.

We are soaking wet since it’s still raining 3-5 inches in Fprt Worth.

I am very anxious to start riding the horses tomorrow and get them used to the arenas.

My last thought as I sign off is I wish we’d come in a day earlier so I hadn’t lost that extra day of riding time.

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