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Monumental Day

After years of inspired effort, a Memorial to SSgt. Reckless finds a home at Camp Pendleton.

From Horsetrader staff reports - October 6th, 2016 - Feature Article, General News
As a new SSgt. Reckless monument is lowered into a permanent place at Camp Pendleton, the mare seems alert to her surroundings.

As a new SSgt. Reckless monument is lowered into a permanent place at Camp Pendleton, the mare seems alert to her surroundings.

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CAMP PENDLETON — October 26 was a significant date for a big-hearted mare off a racetrack in South Korea. It was on that day in 1952 that Reckless joined the United States Marine Corps. Her eventual battlefield heroics — real, not from Hollywood — would be unforgettable to those who witnessed them.

It’s no coincidence that, after years of inspired effort, a magnificent monument to SSgt Reckless will be dedicated on Oct. 26 this year at Camp Pendleton, the mare’s final resting place.

The hour-long ceremony that will begin at 10 a.m. is open to the public, and speakers will include Brigadier General Kevin Killea, Commanding Officer at Camp Pendleton, monument founder and Best Selling-author Robin Hutton and Jocelyn Russell, the renowned sculptor of the statue. Also present will be about a half-dozen of the men who served with her in Korea and Camp Pendleton, or grew up with her and have memories of Reckless.

The event will culminate Hutton’s five-year effort to bring a memorial to the base that was the mare’s home in her last years. It has been a passion of Hutton, a Los Angeles-based writer who discovered the mare’s story and has been inspired by the mare and those surrounding her ever since.

“The greatest part of this journey for me has been the incredible people I have met who have not only become friends, but family,” said Hutton. “To see the love that the people who knew Reckless in Korea and at Camp Pendleton still have for this horse — well, I know there won’t be a dry eye among them at the dedication when she is unveiled.”

Hutton has been working with the Camp Pendleton Historical Society to procure the memorial, which will overlook the ocean on a knoll outside the Pacific Views Event Center. The “mini-park” measures 88 feet by 48 feet, with Reckless standing in the middle on a two-tiered pedestal with a surround wall bench. There are also two benches in the park where people can sit. SSgt Reckless will be illuminated at night.

“One can sit and be with her, and look out across the ocean — it’s a perfect spot for her,” said Hutton.

“Oh man, it is worth the wait,” added Hutton, whose first discussions with artist Russell about a Camp Pendleton statue were five years ago. “She is truly stunning in her new home, and her dedication date of Oct. 26 is the anniversary of the day she became a Marine, so that is wonderfully fitting.
“And I know when people see the monument in its full glory, the final $20,000 we need to complete our fund-raising drive will be met because people will be proud to be associated with this amazing piece of history!”

MORE ONLINE: Http://bit.ly/610A_Reckless


SSgt. Reckless
Memorial Dedication
Wed., Oct. 26
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  1. Scott and Kathy McEldowney Says:

    Wonderful short article !!
    Should read the book about her !!!!
    We will be there.

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