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SCRHA series kicks into gear after COVID lay-off

Kirstin Booth on Babys Got Blue Eyes (Katie Wise photo)

ESCONDIDO — Enthusiastic reining and ranch riding brought the Hunter Equestrian Center to life Aug. 8, as the Southern California Reining Horse Association resumed its 2020 season.

Managed by Track One Events, the show featured NRHA classes and counted toward the popular SCRHA Saddle Series. Another Saddle Series show was happening Sept. 26-27, as this magazine was going to press..

SCRHA President Lori Riis said the uncertainties that have popped up in 2020 has forced members and the club to approach the season one month at a time — evaluate and then adjust.

“Although COVID has definitely created some challenges, our exhibitors have all been very respectful of the social distancing guidelines,” said Riis.”We want to be mindful of the trainers and exhibitors who aren’t able to show yet.”

Even though saddles will be awarded for the Saddle Series this fall, the emphasis lately has been more about returning to the show pen than it has been on year end awards.

“After the shutdown, we wanted to see how many members were comfortable to come out and compete before we scheduled the additional show in October,” said Riis. “They wanted the additonal show, and we will have it the weekend before the (California Reining Horse Association) Challenge.”

One of the canceled shows will take place Oct. 17-18, and it will be the last one in the Saddle Series. Riis and her colleagues have some other innovative ideas that they are chewing on for 2021.

More online: https://bit.ly/010scrha

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