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An ETI Weekend…

Trail Trials gives riders the next step to compete

Special to the Horsetrader - April 7th, 2011

PALMDALE – Equestrian Trails, Inc. may be in its 65th year, but the group’s energy is more like a young colt.

One of ETI’s most active corrals, ETI Corral #138, held a Trail Trial April 3 from the new Barrel Springs Arena in northern Los Angeles County, and 45 riders competed at the fun, well-attended event.

“Trail Trials are a fun competition on the trail that friends and family can do together,” said organizer Kimberly Dwight, adding that judging is based on safety and control in negotiation of 10 obstacles. “You’ll also learn lots about your relationship with your horse and how he responds to your cues.”

Chino Hills Horsemen mix fun with important purpose

Ranch owners, trainers, boarders, and area equestrians founded Chino Hills Horsemen’s Association last June “to preserve and promote the equestrian lifestyle in Chino Hills. The yearling group has about 50 members, and the club represents interests of more than 500 horse owners in Chino Hills.

Founded: June 2009

Open to: Anyone…and you need not own a horse nor live in the city of Chino Hills.

Current Membership: 50

Meetings: McCoy Equestrian Center, 2nd Tuesday each month

About the community: More than a dozen horse trainers call Chino Hills home…World and National Champion Paint horses, Arabians, Buckskins, Appaloosas, Miniature horses, Quarter Horses, nationally ranked dressage and driving horses, hunters, and even racehorses…Hundreds of riders take lessons in Chino Hills each week, and there is a challenged-student program too…also home of the Chino Valley Equine Hospital, one of the most respected teaching “horsepitals” in the U.S….home, too, of the popular McCoy Equestrian Center…plus, nearly 40 miles of city-maintained, multi-use trails and hundreds more miles of trails in linked trail systems and open spaces.