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Galway Downs gets new owner, old name

From the Newstrader - January 20th, 2011
Robert Kellerhouse

Amy McCool photo

Robert Kellerhouse...sees bright future.

TEMECULA – Robert Kellerhouse has witnessed many changes over his 13 years directing the sprawling, 240-acre Galway Downs Equestrian Center. His favorite may have been a change in ownership last November when local businessman Ken Smith purchased the facility.

“It’s very exciting.” Kellerhouse said of the transaction. “For such a long time, we’ve been living on literally an annual sort of a basis here — going year-to-year. Now, we’ll be able start making real plans to have real expansion of the equestrian operation.”

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January 20th Issue

January 20th Issue

Danielle Paskowitz
San Clemente, CA

Clinics are great because you get to meet a lot of new people who are interested in the same thing you are. At the recent Reined Cow Horse Benefit Clinic for Grant Berg at Casner’s, it was good because there were several different trainers so you got insight from each one individually — Russell Dilday, Todd Crawford, Don Murphy and Jake Gorrell.

Kim Weyand
Fallbrook, CA

I think the most valuable thing I take away from a clinic is experiencing different perspectives, techniques, and exercises to incorporate into my daily riding routine. There are many wonderful teachers and so much helpful information readily available to us. Everyone should take advantage of the “clinic” opportunity. I like to go gather information from all disciplines and combine it into a program that works best for myself and my horses! By far my most memorable clinic I participated in was taught by Susie Hutchison. To most, she is known as a world-class hunter/jumper rider — but the knowledge she offers is diverse and crosses over into all disciplines. Best of al,l the lessons learned are lasting. It’s been an honor to learn from such a special horsewoman.

When horses rub the wrong way, it’s time for some communication

By RAY ARISS / Horsetrader columnist - January 20th, 2011

HEY RAY: My horse stops and rubs his face on his foreleg while I’m riding. I’ve checked the bit, bridle and have had several vets say his teeth are fine. What do I do?
Leo Ortman
Cupertino, CA

HEY LEO: I have to agree with your vet; I don’t think it’s his teeth, bit or bridle. As a matter of fact, I have two horses in my barn that have the same behavior, one of which is my wife’s Friesian stallion.

Bend with vertical flexion

Keeping the outside rein away from neck is key

- January 20th, 2011

Next in a series
After looking at the pieces of communication through ‘feel’, last issue, let’s move forward and continue in more detail.

More With LesSince in last lesson’s exercises we asked you to be conscious of the horse’s nose getting too far out in a turn, this exercise shouldn’t be new to you. But before, you only used the outside rein to correct problems; here I want you to use the outside rein consciously, as you ask the horse to really break at the poll and bring his nose toward his chest from the lateral flexion position.

Dear Dana: What tips do you have for an attendee to a training clinic so that they go home with the most benefit?
Anne Read
Pomona, CA

Phyllis Grupe

Phyllis Grupe

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Fritz and Phyllis Grupe of Stockton and Leslie Berndl of Newcastle were named this month to the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Driver Training Long List.

Fritz Grupe made the Pair Horses and Single Horse disciplines, Phyllis Grupe the Single Pony discipline, and Berndl both the Single Horse and Single Pony disciplines.

Let the Shows Begin!

- January 20th, 2011

Brooke Flagtwet photo

Wyatt Kohrell on NR Wildest Dreams with Ronnie Wyche

Appaloosas kick off their 2011 show season at the HITS Desert Horse Park Jan. 8-9 in Thermal for a weekend four-judge show. Horses from all over California as well as out of state competed in an array of classes to showcase the all-around abilities of their colorful, talented Appaloosas. Saturday exhibitors competed in halter, showmanship western and trail classes, while Sunday brought on the hunter-in-hand, English, saddle seat and hunter hack classes. The two days were full of new faces in the show arena, both exhibitors, and horses. The show brought out enough people to allow for many Appaloosas and their owners to qualify for the ApHC World Show. The winner of Saturday’s Champion of Champion Halter class was Cool to a Te, handled by Steve Dalporto of Brentwood. Sunday held the Champion of Champion Hunter in hand class, won by Hands off my Hottie, handled by DeeAnna Mcbride of Riverside. Other Hi-point awards are awarded to youth divisions, non-pro divisions, along with hi-points to western pleasure, hunter under saddle and all-around horses as well. If interested in learning more visit www.spottedvalleyappaloosas.com or www.czappaloosas.com

Come see the Horsetrader at Equine Affaire – something new!

From the Horsetrader sales staff - January 20th, 2011

By now you’ve seen in this issue of the Horsetrader all the buzz about the upcoming Equine Affaire Trade Show in Pomona – what’s new, what’s happening, what’s up, what’s down. We’d love to give you the scoop on what we’ll be launching starting at Equine Affaire, but we can’t – it’s a secret! But as you schedule your day(s) at this annual get-together at the L.A. County Fairgrounds, but sure you make us one of your stops so we can show you what we have for our readers and advertisers!

Speaking of the trade show…it’s one of our most popular issues of the year, so be sure you get your ad in early! Deadline is Jan. 24 for the big Feb. 3 Equine Affaire issue!