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Good Fortune

Suburbia and horse country mix like an ongoing dream in Moorpark and Simi Valley

By Audrey Pavia for the Horsetrader - June 19th, 2014
Moorpark, CA

Moorpark, CA

MOORPARK — Some people outside of California have trouble imagining how a quiet suburban
community can co-exist with an active equestrian population. Horses are for rural areas, after all, and not compatible with life in the suburbs. But these people have not been to the cities of Simi Valley and Moorpark, where suburbia happily meets horse country.

The towns of Simi Valley and Moorpark are located in the southernmost section of Ventura County, just outside the boundary of Los Angeles. Both towns are so close to L.A., in fact, they are considered bedroom communities. Home to commuters who brave the 101 Freeway each day on their way to the City of Angels, the neighborhoods of Simi and Moorpark provide a respite to these road weary travelers.

The most fortunate residents of Simi and Moorpark are the equestrians. Some keep their horses in backyard lots, usually attached to older homes. Larger, horse-friendly properties as these were once common throughout parts of Ventura and Los Angeles County. Others board their horses at one of the many commercial equestrian centers in that can be found in either city.

Reiner Shine

From Horsetrader staff reports - June 19th, 2014

BURBANK — The mid-year point revealed Southern California reiners in mid-season form June 5-8, as the California Reining Horse Association held its four-day Reiner Shine show at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Expo excellence

From Horsetrader staff reports - June 19th, 2014
Kerry Kune's Clinic

Kerry Kune’s Clinic

SACRAMENTO — For the 16th straight year, the Western States Horse Expo brought Cal Expo to life for three days of horses, excitement, education and much more.

From the Art show to demonstrations to the vendors, new attractions blended with the traditional, like the Magnificent Seven stock horse competition captured by Justin Wright on Little Brown Indian (Hickorys Indian Pep x No Pleasin This Chic x Chic Please), owned by Wyatt Fisher of Arroyo Grande. San Marcos-based trainer Robin Bond won the Charles Wilhelm’s Super Horse Challenge on Hanna.

MORE ONLINE: Http://bit.ly/406B_EXPO

Driving – where do you start?

By PATRICIA DEMERS - Horsetrader columnist - June 19th, 2014

Second in a series

You’ve decided that driving a horse and vehicle sounds interestin. You want to try it. How do you get started?

Head to Temecula for Big Horse’s Anniversary Sale!

From Horsetrader sales staff - June 19th, 2014

Join Big Horse Feed & Mercantile in Temecula on Friday and Saturday, June 27-28, as it celebrates with its 16th Annual Anniversary Sale! Come early and take advantage of super savings and great deals on items and products for you, your family, your horses and your pets — all in one location! The first 100 customers each day receive a free Big Horse grain scoop with fun giveaways, and there will also be hourly drawings each day for many great prizes. And don’t forget to enter Big Horse’s free drawing for a $200 gift certificate! More than just a feed store, Big Horse provides a variety of products for a wide range of riding and driving disciplines, combined with friendly service. Known for its eclectic combination of equestrian, outdoor and lifestyle living retail products, Big Horse has created a destination location for the public for all ages! See the ad on page 2 for more info, or call (951) 676-2544.

Responsiveness: Shoulder in and out

By LES VOGT - Horsetrader columnist - June 19th, 2014

69th in a series
After showing us details of circle exercises in last issue, Les moves into responsiveness.

By now your horse should be moving along smoothly at all three gaits in your training arena. So the next thing we’re going to start doing is to ask him to become more responsive and balanced as you guide him around, and to try a few different maneuvers. We’re not really concerned with speed right now, but we do want gaits to be smooth and steady. If your horse is a little “chargey” elsewhere in this manual you’ll find ways to solve that problem.