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- November 30th, 2020

A year of ‘whoa!’ and ‘let’s go!’

From Horsetrader staff reports

A funny thing happened when we sat down to put together our annual Horsetrader Year In Review, a traditional December look back at our newsmakers for the year about to end. Actually, it wasn’t funny at all: There weren’t many headlines because of the year’s biggest newsmaker — a pandemic that shriveled shows and activities..

COVID-19 didn’t erase all stories, it just made them harder to find after March. And the ones that surfaced revealed the heart, grit and community of the horse world.

Why we need to vaccinate

- November 30th, 2020

By Daniel H. Grove, DVM

2020 has been a challenging year for our country. Front and center on the news most days is the COVID-19 virus and what is going on with it. It looks like we will have a vaccine very soon for it, but there are other outbreaks you may not be hearing about. Currently in California, I know of two different ones affecting our horses.

From Horsetrader sales staff

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The journey

- November 30th, 2020

By Sheryl Lynde | Horsetrader columnist

Our nature is to live our lives in some semblance of stability. We find comfort in order, routine, and consistency.

Yet, in reality, everything about life changes. We look for a step-by-step formula to get from A to B, preferably by way of a straight line. But we spend too much time trying to control our lives and not enough time trying to understand it. I think it’s the space in-between the letters A to B is where your life unfolds, where you learn, where you grow. Just as in music, it’s the silence between the notes that creates the melody.