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    A Will and a way

    Simpson has a six-pack of HITS grand prix wins

    From Horsetrader staff reports - February 19th, 2015 - Show & Event News

    THERMAL — Will Simpson took one more HITS Desert Circuit Grand Prix win on Sunday, Feb. 8, on Monarch International’s Katie Riddle in the $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. The victory marked Simpson’s sixth Grand Prix win so far at HITS Thermal. Simpson topped a field of 41 riders – including eight others who made it to the jump-off – going double-clear and completing the second round in 43.203 seconds to claim the victory at HITS Desert Horse Park.

    “This was Katie Riddle’s birthday present to Jami Heidegger,” Simpson said. The Heidegger family owns Monarch International, for whom Simpson rides. “It was her (Jami’s) birthday yesterday. We were going to show The Dude (also owned by Monarch) last night (in the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix CSI-W2*, presented by OSPHOS®) but it was a little much for him, so we scratched him and decided we’d make it a special day for Jami here. And the whole team at Will Simpson Stables and Monarch are just in a real groove right now; everything is feeling groovy.”

    In second place was Rich Fellers on Harry and Mollie Chapman’s Lux Lady, also going double-clear and finishing in 44.441 seconds. Third place went to Eduardo Menezes on Ilan Ferder’s Clear Me, with no faults and 44.897 seconds. Fourth place winner Keri Potter on Melanie Brook’s Paloma was the final double-clear round; she finished in 45.073 seconds.

    Fellers said this was his first big class of the year with the mare.

    “I was impressed when I walked the course,” Fellers added about the work of course designer Martin Otto of Munster, Germany. “I thought he did a great job all week and set very legitimate specs in all the classes. This was a solid 1.50 meter course.”

    Fellers was pleased with Lux Lady’s performance, though he said he’d had doubts that she was quite up for it.

    “For the first class of the year for this particular mare, it was quite an experience at this level.”he said. “I thought, ‘It might be a little stretch, but it’s not going to hurt her, she’s tough. She great. She’s Irish – she’s from Ireland,’ I was obviously delighted with her performance.”

    Simpson also commented on fellow Monarch International rider Hannah Heidegger. The 17-year-old went clear in Round 1 on Monarch’s Axl Rose, and caught only the last rail in the jump-off to place seventh.

    “She’s riding incredibly — she had one rail down,” he said. “She’s got the guts and determination and work ethic.”

    Simpson and Fellers both planned to return to HITS Desert Horse Park after the off-week Feb. 10-15, when riders and their horses rested before the final four weeksof competition.

    MORE ONLINE: http://bit.ly/502B_HITS

    2015 HITS Thermal Desert Circuit
    First Half Circuit Awards * Thermal, Calif.
    Class/ Horse/ Owner/ Rider

    Low Hunter Campari/ Helen McEvoy/ Hope Glynn

    Training Hunter WT Who Knew/ Katie Lee/ Hope Glynn

    HITS Hunter Corason/ Suzanne Jain/ Suzanne Jain

    Baby Green Hunter Croquet/ Robin Kellogg/ Shelley Campf

    Adequan Hunter Chacco Boy/ Hannah Erickson/ Jamie Taylor

    Pre-Green Hunter 3′ Falcon/ Sabrina Hellman/ Nick Haness

    Pre-Green Hunter 3’3″ West Lane/ Jaz Creek, Inc./ Buddy Brown

    First Year Green Hunter Countdown/ Sachi Kawabata-Porto/ Nick Haness

    2nd Year Green Hunter Zaretina/ Emma Waldfogel/ Jamie Taylor

    Green Conformation Sable Road/ Balmoral Farm/ Carleton Brooks

    High Perf Wkg Hunter Dealmaker/ West Coast Equine Partners LLC/ Tommi Clark

    Perf Hunter 3’6″ – 3’9″ Ivory Coast/ West Coast Equine Partners LLC/ Nick Haness

    Performance Hunter 3’3″ Zapateada/ Briana Sukert/ Jenny Karazissis

    Regular Conf Hunter Y Wonder Y/ Teton Farms LLC/ Carleton Brooks

    A-O Hunter 18-35 King’s Peak/ Emma Waldfogel/ Emma Waldfogel

    A-O Hunter 36 & Over MTM Inside Scoop/ Mr & Mrs Ken Mackenzie/ Didi MacKenzie

    A-O Hunter 18-35 3’3 Countdown/ Sachi Kawabata-Porto/ Sachi Kawabata-Porto

    A-O Hunter 36+ 3’3 Brent/ Bernadette Mulliken/ Bernadette Mulliken

    Adult Hunter 18-35 Carinja 14/ Orchard Hill Farm/ Samantha Sommers

    Adult Hunter 36-45 Chasing Fireflies/ Lori Johnston/ Jihan Murad

    Adult Hunter 46 – 55 Buddha/ Spartan Stables/ Pam Theodosakis

    Adult Hunter 56 & Over Patton/ Marion Lowry/ Marion Lowry

    Small Junior Hunter 15 & U Krave/ Mountain Home Stables/ Hunter Siebel

    Small Junior Hunter 16-17 Fine Design/ Laura Wasserman/ Ransome Rombauer

    Large Junior Hunter 15 & U Nonchalant/ Tylor Nowell/ Tylor Nowell

    Large Junior Hunter 16-17 Wish List/ Kaitlyn Van Konynenburg/ Kaitlyn Van Konynenburg

    Junior Hunter Low 3’3 Undeniable/ Hope Town Farms/ Noah Cyrus

    Children’s Hunter 13 & U Manhattan/ Laura Strasburg/ Brooke Morin

    Children’s Hunter 14-17 Askarii/ Laura Brown/ Lauren Burke

    Children’s Hunter Pony Salt Water Taffy/ Kaitlyn Lovingfoss/ Augusta Iwasaki

    Sm/Med Green Pony Hunter Small Suggestion/ Iwasaki & Reilly/ Augusta Iwasaki

    Large Green Pony Hunter Kingston/ Ava Peck/ Ava Peck

    Small Pony Hunter Bit of Laughter/ Iwasaki & Reilly/ Augusta Iwasaki

    Medium Pony Hunter Madeline/ Laura Strasburg/ Brooke Morin

    Large Pony Hunter Party Favor/ Laura Strasburg/ Brooke Morin

    Short Stirrup Hunter – Horse My Way/ Morning Star Sporthorses, LLC/ Bailey Rose

    Short Stirrup Hunter – Pony Maddox/ Paige Walker/ Evelyn Walker

    Pre-Child Hunter Horse Riesling/ John Bragg/ Jackson Hinz

    Pre-Adult Hunter San Francisco/ Linda Barker/ Jen Bell

    Thermal Child Hunter 2’3″ Riesling/ John Bragg/ Jackson Hinz

    Thermal Adult Hunter 2’3″ Andiamo/ Shabe Behzadpour/ Shabe Behzadpour

    Modified Child Hunter Captivated/ Emmeline Sears/ Emmeline Sears

    Modified Adult Hunter Hide Your Heart/ Danielle Kaiser/ Rachel Jacobs

    HITS Child Hunter 2’9″ Idyllic/ Idyllic Imports/ Eva Chiocchetti

    HITS Adult Hunter 2’9″ Valor/ Cindy Lyons/ Cindy Lyons

    Modified Jr/Am Hunter 3’3″ Zapateada/ Briana Sukert/ Briana Sukert

    Sm Schooling Pony Hunter Wink And Smile/ Virginia Bonnie/ Virginia Bonnie

    Med Schooling Pony Hunter Always Happy/ Brooke Morin/ Brooke Morin

    Large Schooling Pony Hunter Party Favor/ Laura Strasburg/ Brooke Morin

    Long Stirrup Hunter – Horse Genias/ Sophia Von Henkle/ Sophia Von Henkle

    Equitation 11 & Under Amber Ayyad

    Equitation 12-13 (tie) Grace Spiegel
    Equitation 12-13 (tie) Emily Perkins

    Equitation 14-15 Kera McCandless

    Equitation 16-17 Ransome Rombauer

    Pony Equitation Brooke Morin

    Adult Equitation 18-35 Eliza Bird

    Adult Equitation 36 – 45 Tonya Johnston

    Adult Eq 46 & Over Karin Binz

    Junior Maiden Equitation Ariana Marnell

    Junior Novice Equitation Katie Lee

    Junior Limit Equitation Natalie Templeton

    Adult 2′ Equitation Kathleen Burns

    Adult 2’6″ Equitation Rachel Jacobs

    Adult 2’9″ Equitation Alex Maida

    Short Stirrup Eq-Horse Bailey Rose

    Short Stirrup Eq-Pony Evelyn Walker

    Beginner Equitation Ilaria Costello

    Long Stirrup Equitation Linda Barker

    Level 4 Jumper Legacy/ Makayla Barta/ Julia Madigan

    Adult Jumper 18-35 Boulahrouz/ Shannon Becker/ Shannon Becker

    Adult Jumper 36-49 Lara 368/ Troy Christiansen/ Troy Christiansen

    Adult Jumper 50 & Over Musketeer/ Blue Meadows, LLC/ Leslie Cox

    Child Jumper 15/U Cavaliers Creed/ Karen Shurtz/ Kaelyn Shurtz

    Child Jumper 16-17 Touch of Luck/ Carly Stacey/ Haley Wright

    Adult Jumper Low Sir Blue/ Haley Farms, LLC/ Kathleen Butler

    Child Jumper Low Tindari/ Olivia Schneider/ Olivia Schneider

    Mod Child/Adult Jumper Mason/ Jackie Chipman/ Annika Hatton

    Level 5 Jumper Lion Heart/ DP Racing LLC/ Sarah Cillie

    Level 6 Jumper Cavarola/ Spruce Meadows LLC/ Chris Surbey

    Level 7 Jumper (tie) Karino 445/ Alix Fargo/ Susan Artes

    Level 7 Jumper (tie) S.F. Ariantha/ Olivia Cox-Fill/ William Simpson

    Amateur Jumper Low Chawi De Laubry/ Mountain Home Stables/ Taylor Siebel

    A-O Jumper Medium Shima/ Jackie Herod/ Jackie Herod

    A-O Jumper High Contact/ Andrew Chang/ Andrew Chang

    Junior Jumper Low Dulce de Leche SCF/ Abbygale Funk/ Abbygale Funk

    Junior Jumper Medium Cayman/ Kera McCandless/ Kera McCandless

    Junior Jumper High NKH Barbosa/ Alexandra Ozymy/ Alexandra Ozymy

    YJC 6 Year-Olds Juweel Van Maarle/ Sabine Cooper/ Mandy Porter

    YJC 7 Year-Olds VEX Cassandra/ VEX Sporthorse LTD/ Christian Heineking

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