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Horsetrader Hits the Highway:
AQHA Select World Championship
Days 4-6

The Horsetrader's Cece Campbell and Cynthia Cantleberry head to Amarillo, Texas. Follow us!

By CECE CAMPBELL / Horsetrader staff - September 1st, 2009 - Horsetrader Hits the Highway
Kim Barrington and "Slider"

Kim Barrington and Slider

Day 4 – Getting to meet new people is the best

The day started with a run for me and Cynthia’s dogs. It’s really flat here in Texas, so the fairgrounds is easy to run around — and big. There are lots more rigs that have pulled in, as the competition will start tomorrow.

I had the pleasure to get to know Kim Barrington of Angels Camp, Calif. She’ll be competing in the reining class Monday. Her journey to the 2009 Select World Show started three years ago when she started to ride with Benny Guitron. Each year, there was some reason why she couldn’t get here, but not this year. She focused on her goal, and she’s here thanks to the help of her husband, Mike, and trainer, Benny. She attended the 2009 AQHA Sun Circuit show and earned over 10 points at that one show. She won the Select Amateur Reining class one day and placed in all the other reining classes. In Paso Robles, she was the Reining Circuit Champion and went on to be the Reining Circuit Champion at Reno as well. She and Benny had planned out their shows, but before they hit their last 4 show, Kim’s horse, Lil Red Sliding Hood (Slider) twisted her ankle and was laid up. She had only 45 days to recover — but recover she did! She is ready to show her talents tomorrow. Slider is a 10-year-old sorrel mare found as a 3-year old by David Hansen for Kim. Slider was raised at Bob Avila’s ranch.

Joan deRegt and her daughter, Lauren Wood

Joan deRegt and her daughter, Lauren Wood

Kim is also an incredible artist – with pencil and watercolor being her favorite mediums. She has taught art in the school system, but is now sharing her talents with the horse world. I’d like to share her artwork on our “Horsetrader Hits the Highway” blog later in the week – it tells a story and shows such expression and style.

By the way, Kim has advice for someone looking to participate in the AQHA Select World: “stick with it and stay focused!”

Later, we all headed over for some Southern Hospitality. Nicky and Patsy Smith from Franklinton, La., host a lovely “Jumbalaya” party. The main dish is Jumbalaya — but the corn, potato salad and rolls are to die for. There was music, dancing and hundreds of happy exhibitors!

We headed back to the barn, and Joan de Regt and her daughter, Lauren Wood, arrived from California. She will be competing in the trail class on Thursday. At 79, she’s our inspiration at Cynthia’s barn, and we all wish for a successful ride in the tough trail class for her. There are 80 entries. I think she’s already won just being here…

Day 5 – Artistry of the competition begins!

The showing began today at 8 a.m. with the 2-year-old Stallions class. The winner (unanimous under all four judges) was 2007 sorrel stallion named Cajun Acquisition (Acquisitions X A Cajun Tochdown). By 2:23 p.m., we’re six classes into the show and on the 36th exhibitor (out of 51). In the halter classes held today (2-year-old stallions, geldings, mares and 3-year-old stallions, geldings and mares) no Californians took home the elusive World Championship trophy.

In the early afternoon, 51 showmanship entries began their patterns. Each one was better than the last! Making the finals from California were four outstanding showmen: Christine Hocutt-Senteney and Bellieve Hes Blazing; Susan Wilson and Relax Im Good; Donald Lehman and Glowin Pass The Bar; and Nancy Chapman and Zippos Kat Man Do. The finals will be held Wednesday.

Artwork by Kim Barrington

Artwork by Kim Barrington

Next, the reining class with 61 entries began. Making the top 15 cut were Clay Duppray and The Bosses Chex; Tina Bellini and Oh My Lucky Stars; Kathy Copus and Gunball Machine; Clay Duppray (his second horse!) and Hollywood Whizard; Kim Barrington and Lil Red Sliding Hood (from our barn!); and Kelsey Huffman and The Great O Lena. The finals for reining are being held on Tuesday afternoon.

I spoke with Kim Barrington about her go. She then shared what happened right before she went in: There was a fire in the trash can, so cars came to put it out, spraying fire extinguishers and her mare, “Slider,” started to stand up on her hind legs in fear! From that start, Kim went on into the arena and scored a 208 – making the finals! Way to go, Kim! Check out Kim’s artwork (sample shown above). She is from Altaville, Calif., and rides with Benny Guitron. Her supportive husband, Mike, is behind her every step of the way!

Joan and Reprint in practice

Joan and Reprint in practice

Day 6 — Halter classes…and time to practice Trail

The halter classes started at 8 a.m. again today with Weanlings and Yearlings. What an incredible lineup! Renowned NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw was fourth with his lovely filly, “Centricity,” in the weanling fillies class. The preliminaries for Breakaway Roping, Tie-Down Roping, Heading & Heeling were next, followed by Western Pleasure and Western Riding. Finals for all come later this week.

Joan deRegt, 79-year-old Trail Class contestant who trains with Cynthia Cantleberry, was out on the poles practicing with Reprint. Cynthia was doing the guiding, as the traffic in the pen with the obstacles was fierce. Joan handled it with class and style, working the tight trot turn-arounds easily and practicing the wagon wheel beautifully. Everything is on schedule for a great ride on Thursday!

The final class was the Reining Finals, which didn’t get started until after 8 p.m. All the
Californians were rooting for our state’s entries. Kim Barrington (from our barn) was up on the 15th run. It was Pattern 6 – spins coming first, with the figure 8’s, following and finishing up with three stops. Kim entered the arena on Slider and looked to be a top contender with her first spin – and then her mare overspun and went just a bit too far. Yikes — that’s all it took to knock her score down. She ended up with a score of 205 in the 11th spot. She was excited anyway, as she hadn’t thought she could get this far. Winning the reining was Melissa Hood from Missouri on a 2001 sorrel stallion called “Watch This Way”. She wowed the crowd with a score of 217. What a performance!

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