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Vet visit, then meds

- March 3rd, 2020

By Daniel H. Grove, DVM

Here is a question that can be a point of contention between many veterinarians and their clients:

“Why does my veterinarian need to see that before I get medication? This is a simple problem, and I just need the medication.”

Ask the Vet

Let us take a look at why it is necessary for a patient to first be seen before dispensing or prescribing medication.

I will start with the client’s point of view. The client may be a very experienced horse person who has been doing this for 30-plus years. They have a minor cut on the horse that they are comfortable cleaning and wrapping to allow it to heal. They have had the veterinarian out for 10 of these in the past and the treatment is always the same: put them on some antibiotics, give them some bute and give a tetanus shot. Why can’t they just pick up some antibiotics and treat the horse without the expense of the veterinarian seeing the horse?

From Horsetrader sales staff

The Burbank Showcase Multi Breed Horse Show will again bring the Los Angeles Equestrian Center to life April 22-26. Fast becoming one of the largest multi-breed horse shows on the West Coast (if not the largest!), it will again benefit the fight against cancer. Proceeds will go to Fiesta Spanish Horse 501(c)3, a non-profit dedicated to donations for cancer research entities. Burbank Showcase celebrates a full spectrum of horse breeds and disciplines, including but not limited to American Saddlebred, Andalusian, Friesian, Gypsy, Lusitano and Mustang, with a variety of events that will include open Dressage, Cowboy Dressage (new this year!), USEF English and Western Pleasure Classes and Working Equitation. Also new this year will be the Open Driving Show, recognized by the American Driving Society, and also a special new Showcase Area to show off each of the breeds.

The five-day horse show will have something for everyone, even special open classes for horses not registered in any of the above breeds. Last year’s event had close to 300 show horses. Food, drink and various other vendors will be available throughout the weekend. Burbank Showcase Horse Show has something for everyone, and admission is free to the public. Last year, a steady stream of public spectators attended throughout the duration of the event.

Seek your horse’s purpose

- March 3rd, 2020

By Sheryl Lynde | Horsetrader columnist

Studies show that one third of the people asked about their job will tell you that they hate it. Two thirds of people will tell you that they feel a lack of purpose or fulfillment. They feel that their job is not a good fit for them even though they are great at performing the tasks of their position and are financially successful.

We spend 40 percent of our lives working. Abraham Maslow, author and American psychologist, created a hierarchy of needs he felt were essential in order for us to feel a sense of contentment in our lives. At the bottom of the list is the first level that is concerned with our physiological needs. These needs determine your ability to provide for your basic demands for survival and safety, such as shelter, food, etc.. At the top of the list is self-actualization, which refers to the ability to realize, grow and contribute whatever your innate gifts or skills that you possess. To be authentic, to bloom or realize your full potential, self actualization is a critical component to your sense of belonging and your self worth.