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Horsetrader Hits the Highway:
ApHC World Show Day 5/6
Let the Games Begin

By Pam Hargesheimer / Horsetrader guest blogger - October 30th, 2009 - Horsetrader Hits the Highway

Well yesterday was a super day for the California exhibitors. The show team of Patty & Missy Hiebert did very well at their first show. Our club, Calizona Appaloosa, had a cheering section in the stands and we kept the noise level high for each of our peers as they were picked in the individual placings. In non-pro Western Pleasure Missy got a first place call-out under the first judge! She had no other call-outs so the overall awards did not pin her go. That was not the case in her Mom’s non-pro western horsemanship. There she was called out first under one judge and scored under all judges and finishing tenth overall. Her daughter won Saddle Seat Equitation championship that evening. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today there are multiple events for the California exhibitors. We will be privileged to watch many of the world’s best Appaloosas competing in classes that range from showmanship, cattle classes, showmanship, and under saddle. After a humongous thunderstorm last night we are all huddling in the main arena watching showmanship. I think the exhibitors in this class must eat, drink and sleep showmanship all of the time.

I need to prepare for my Masters Trail class tomorrow. This is a real push for me at 62 and I want to put my best foot forward tomorrow to make my family proud. More to come…

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