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Horsetrader Hits the Highway:
ApHC World Show Day 7
It’s the Big One, Alice

By Pam Hargesheimer / Horsetrader guest blogger - October 30th, 2009 - Horsetrader Hits the Highway

Wow…today was another amazing day for me. The sun is shining birds are chirping and all is right with the world.

As I sat on the rail after my Masters Hunter Under Saddle class waiting for the judges cards to be read I had a huge moment of bittersweet. This is my last Worlds and this is the last and best class I have ever ridden on my 4-year old gelding.

As they call the placings out we line up single file in front of each judge so everyone knows how that judge called the class. Right out of the box I get called to a 3rd place under the first judge, then a 2nd place under the next judge, a zero, and then two others (sorry I can’t remember all of them, as I am still reeling with excitement).

Overall I got a 3rd place in Masters HUS. On top of that, the breeders were in the audience watching. That’s such a great feeling to know you make them proud too.

I had two other classes and didn’t make the cut in Jr HUS, but got one call out by one judge in Hunt Seat Horsemanship. Not bad at all. I am very happy with my turnout and performance and we are all exhausted. Now back in the hotel I am ready to get sleep so I can go back and do more classes with our friends tomorrow.

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