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Dear Dana: Can you provide a stallion owner insight into 2010?

By DANA HOKANA / Horsetrader columnist - January 7th, 2010 - Q&A Dear Dana

DEAR DANA: What advice can you give a stallion owner like me, as we look ahead to the new year?  Do we do anything differently while we wait out the market for breeding?
Ann, Pomona, Calif.

DEAR ANN: That is a very good question, and mare owners and stallion owners all over the country have the same question!

First of all, I tell mare owners that I feel there could be a shortage of show prospects over the next few years because so many people have not bred their mares. Yes, it is possible that there were too many horses at one time, but there will certainly be less now as many people have stopped or cut back on their breeding.

The other thing you could do differently — if you are able to — is adjust your price to your customers.  I have offered an early booking discount to encourage people to breed their mares, as well as discounts to proven mares.  I have also lowered my prices on many of my young horses to stay competitive in this market. 

There are a variety of innovations and ideas that are currently being used in the breeding industry, and discounts are one of them. The promotional idea needs to fit the profile of the breeder. If you have kept an eye on my website, you will find that I offer promotions and specials often which can help make it possible for some people to continue with their horse. I also offer incentives and financing to approved buyers.

I am doing what I can to make it possible for people to breed and raise their horses or to purchase a horse, and my hope is that soon the market will be strong again!


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