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Leslie Foxvog receives prestigious Appaloosa awards

From the Newstrader - January 7th, 2010 - General News

PHELAN — The Appaloosa Horse Club will honor Leslie Foxvog of Phelan, Calif., with the 2009 George Hatley Award. The award, named in honor of one of the ApHC’s founders, is decided annually by its board of directors to recognize an individual in the Appaloosa industry who contributed significantly to the growth and promotion of the Appaloosa breed within the past year.

Foxvog has been an ApHC member for more than 10 years and actively promotes the Appaloosa breed. She is a member of several regional clubs in her area, and is currently the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club president. Foxvog has been instrumental in Calizona ApHC’s two consecutive wins for the ApHC’s Regional Exemplary Award, which offers regional clubs the opportunity to win prizes and recognition by displaying the club’s efforts to promote the Appaloosa breed.

She is also an active member of the Cal-Western ApHC, soon to be known as the Western States Appaloosa Association. In 2009, the Cal-Western recognized her as the 2008 Appaloosatarian of the Year for her tireless effort promoting the breed, the club and its events.

While her contributions to the Appaloosa have been notable in the past decade, Foxvog went above and beyond the call of duty in 2009, her peers said. She championed for the Calizona ApHC parade group to be a part of the 121st Tournament of Roses Parade with the theme “A Cut Above the Rest.” They were scheduled to be featured live on national television Jan. 1, 2010.

The group planned to ride Appaloosas with varying color coat patterns and be costumed in authentic Nez Perce Indian costumes for both men and women, along with related accoutrements–for the opportunity to display the breed’s history and heritage.

“She brings a smile to all that she does and is the first one to ask where she can help,” said Apple Valley, Calif., resident Dennis Dean, an ApHC director, who nominated Foxvog for the award. “Congratulation, Leslie, you deserve it. We and the Appaloosa breed thank you for all you do.”

For information about the Appaloosa Horse Club, visit: www.appaloosa.com

For information about the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club, visit: www.calizonaappaloosa.com

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