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Extreme Cowboy Race — and clinic — are coming to Fillmore

From the Horsetrader sales staff - March 4th, 2010 - Ingate Column

Grand Otero Equestrian in Fillmore and the Extreme Cowboy Association (EXCA) are hosting their “Spring Fling” featuring Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race in April. To help you prepare, they are hosting their first clinic prior to the event! Being held by EXCA National Champion, Cam Schryver, the clinic will focus on jumping, reining, roping, scary obstacles and course strategies. The clinic is being held March 20-21, so plan on registering early. The weekend will be packed with excitement, as well as a 50 percent payout, pot luck dinner and camp fire Saturday night for those interested. Bring your favorite dish, stories and instruments! See ad on page 85.

The John Moore Equine Development clinic will be held March 12-14 at Rancho Dos Palmas in Vista. It is limited to eight riders only, so call for your spot soon! Cost is $450 including corral & feed. Auditors are also welcome, cost is $25 per day. To reserve your spot or for more info, call (619) 933-6233 or see ad on page 42.

Ground-Breaking Odor-No-More™ Delivers a Serious Solution to Age-Old Problem – Ever since horses have been kept in stalls, horse owners have been adding to, and then mucking out, large quantities of bedding in a futile attempt to reduce the odor and moisture in these stalls. Horse owners know first-hand how expensive it can be and that even “good” bedding cannot do the job. Odor-No-More?, which just launched its award-winning super-absorbent product proven to lower costs and totally eliminate odor and moisture, reduces flies and promotes hoof health to create a cleaner, dryer, safer and healthier stall and trailer. Odor-No-More™ is proven to reduce the amount of bedding consumed by up to 75 percent. Flies disappear as a result of eliminating all odors that horse owners and horses breathe. Horse hooves are in better condition and the soil in the stall is amended to retain and absorb liquid. Amazingly, no removal required. See ad on page 44 for more info!

Legacy Farms in San Marcos now offers monthly clinics! For more information on the clinics or the spring horse camps scheduled for spring break, be sure to see the ad on page 68 or call Brandi at 760-744-7032.

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