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Supervisor says horse permitting ‘onerous’

From the Newstrader - June 3rd, 2010 - General News

VISTA — A San Diego County Supervisor who was confronted by some some horse owners at a campaign event in May declared that the major use permitting process for horse operations is “too onerous” and then promised to do something about the process.

Bill Horn, who is running for a fifth term on the Board of Supervisors, discussed the process, which requires that horse owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to be allowed to board a few horses on their property, with David and Annette Puchta, founders of the San Diego County Horseman’s Association. They reportedly shared concerns that that the zoning ordinances are “anti-horse.”

The Horn campaign subsequently released the following quote:

“I’ve been hearing there are issues with the way the county regulates equestrian businesses. Frankly, I think the Major Use Permit process is too onerous. My staff is reviewing current applications with DPLU (Department of Planning and Land Use) to find ways to improve and streamline the process. We’ve been working for the past three years on special regulations for boutique wineries. Equestrian uses are similar because generic regulations don’t work. Changes to the way the county regulates equestrian facilities would go through a similar process, which would include Board action. I’ve always supported the horse community, and I’m committed to making sure the industry thrives. Horses are a part of the rural lifestyle in North County that I work to preserve.”

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