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San Diego Co. group works to change zoning laws

From the Newstrader - September 16th, 2010 - General News

VALLEY CENTER — Faced with onerous county zoning ordinances for horse boarding facilities, a group of horse advocates is working its course for change, and it’s reached the next step: a survey.

“The equestrian community of San Diego County has an exciting opportunity to work with the Department of Planning and Land Use on a new `tiered’ system of permitting,” said Sally Cobb, spokesperson for the group that has had two workshops with county staff. “This will alleviate the major use permit requirement for small to medium-sized horse businesses — this is good news!”

Small, boutique wineries, faced with their own unreasonable major use permit demands, worked with the county recently to enact an equitable tiered system of permitting, and Cobb is optimistic equestrians are taking a similar path. She says equestrian input on the survey is critical now.

“Without the survey, the DPLU cannot move forward with the new ordinance,” she said. “We need equestrians tp participate inthe anonymous if they are an equestrian property owner, occupant, or manager — including private homes with one or more horses, to public stables with numerous horses.

San Diego County residents must complete the survey by Oct. 15, Cobb said. Find out more at the website http://www.equinezoning.com.

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