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Robin Magness
Norco, CA

I would like to be optimistic about 2011 and think that the market will bounce back like the economy. People still have dreams of horse ownership, and I think they will make it happen this year! I don’t care what breed of horse you are into, you will find it — it’s out there — and don’t let anyone sway you from what you are looking for in a horse. Happy Horse Hunting in 2011!

Dr. Sylvia Caldwell
Borrego Springs, CA

I still see a cautious horse industry. True horse-lovers will weather the bad economy, and there will always be a market for good horses — that is why we are still standing and breeding our stallion “Skip Legacy.”

Deborah Barr
Prescott Valley, AZ

Excitement! People who love their horses will find a way to keep them, and people who love their horses will find a way to get the horses they no longer can afford to people who can use them to love on children of all ages. Horses are the only anti-depression agent that has no side effects. Hospitals of every type would benefit from their use. Schools of every type would benefit from having horse therapists. Lets get the word out there that the world needs horses. This is my New Year’s wish and hope. We adopted a 4-year-old Quarter Horse who was 200 pounds underweight, and she was (and is) like a puppy — which is really great because she is used to minister to children at our ranch of hope. What joy!

Justin Wright
San Juan Bautista, CA

2011 will be a great year for the horse industry. I think less people will be breeding and more will be buying quality horses. The training segment of our business took a huge jump in 2010, and that will continue into 2011. We saw people getting their 2-year-olds started earlier, and instead of just going out and buying a new horse, they are putting money into finishing and improving the horses that they already own. This is a great sign because for a while horses seemed to be disposable — if they weren’t exactly right, just buy a new one, It is great to see what can be done with just a little more training.

Barbara Canfield
Salem, MO

I see saddle mules continuing to gain in popularity as the No. 1 equine choice. They are hardier, healthier and outlive most horses by 10 years. Even in the poor horse economy of 2009-2010, mules sales continued to increase and hold their value.

Clarissa Kopchak
Stephenville, TX

The horse market is slowly recovering for 2011. I see new products, colors, designs for 2011. The manufacturers are having to be innovative to capture our dollar. People are tired of holding onto their money and want to spend money on recreation again.

Cece Campbell
San Miguel, CA

More local open shows with different classes to address the growing number of new breeds. I also see large breed organizations approving more and more classes inside these open shows (ie: APHA/AQHA). This trend will return us to the large open show formats of the 70’s and 80’s (ie: Del Mar Nationals and Santa Barbara Horse & Flower Shows). Should be way fun!

Lynn Brown
Los Angeles, CA

Horses and their essential nature haven’t changed much since the time of the Romans. However, horse handling has changed and will continue to improve and unlock the secret nature of the horse mind and spirit. Also, I see an encouraging sign of increased communication between equestrians all over the state on issues of trail and our lifestyle preservation. More and more, we are beginning to support each other with struggles to keep our trails, home/ranches and open spaces as valuable assets for the equestrian communities. In 2011, constant vigilance is key.

Diane Gonzales
Murrieta, CA

I believe like many people in the horse industry, that we have seen a definite downfall in the price of horses. However, I do see that this could definitely turn around in 2011, I think, as horse people are ready for a change. We can start by pricing horses like they are supposed to be. And start showing them more, so that others can see them perform — this is how we can possibly get some kind of return on the hard work we put into these animals. With the stresses and hardship on many American families today, it would be nice to see them have comfort by bringing horses back into our lives. This great creature needs to make a comeback — and so do we!

Geni Addicott
Chino Hills, CA

As a ranch owner, I am seeing my clients continue to struggle with being able to enjoy their horses and horse-related activities to the fullest due to the economic woes. I feel certain that 2011 will continue to challenge all of us in the equine industry, and changes will come in the way we select our horse shows that we go to, the number of horses we breed for, and the number of horses we are able to support. Hopefully, people will see the value in spending time doing the best stress-reliever of all, getting out and riding your horse.

Donienne Deese
Norco, CA

In 2011, I see more people getting involved in ranch sorting and team penning. I’ve been riding for over 30 years and just discovered ranch sorting last year. It’s not only challenging but also fun and a great way to meet other people who share your passion for horses.

Hope Adams
Anza, CA

A better year for sure — lots of riding, and loads of trail fun!

Sally Cobb
Valley Center, CA

The DPLU has completed the draft of a new equine ordinance and the 26 community planning groups will be receiving it as soon as the Board of Supervisors, with Bill Horn as Chair, approve it in early 2011. The new ordinance will cultivate a positive morale throughout the equestrian community as well as more enjoyment of our horses, equine TLC, training, teaching, and the freedom to pursue our dreams without insurmountable government oppression. In 2011 I foresee that the doors will begin to open for horse businesses including backyard boarding and lesson situations as the County moves away from requiring a Major Use Permit for any level of commercial activity. The Major Use Permit may have been reasonable at one time, but it has gone from a cost of $3,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Go to www.equinezoning.com to learn about the proposed Tiered System of Permitting as one solution to the outdated equine zoning ordinance. Updates will be posted on this website as progress is made. Stay tuned!

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