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AA Equipment
Booth 9A-1, Bldg. 9

See the new John Deere exclusive Riata Rake arena groomer, and take a look at the new Gator XUV utility vehicle. AA Equipment has all sizes of tractors and Gators to fit your needs. Come see for yourself that the John Deere tractors are more affordable than you might think! Your timing is perfect – AA Equipment also has special low-rate financing available.
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All American Trailers
Booth 9G/9H, Inside and outside

Be sure you see the Logan Coach and the STS Trailer Series, designed and developed by World Champion Stran T. Smith. The folks at All American Trailers know horse trailers because they USE them.
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Lydia Hiby
Booth 7022, Bldg. 7

Popular animal communicator Lydia Hiby is looking forward to meeting her clients in person, and there will be photo appointments throughout the weekend!
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Ansur Saddlery
Booth 513/514, Bldg. 5

If you haven’t seen The Endeavor convertible dressage/trail saddle, be sure you do! It converts instantly from a totally authentic and show-legal dressage saddle to an endurance or trail saddle. Just replace the dressage leathers with the trail mini-fenders, attach the clips and strings and you are trail ready! Have a trail horse and a dressage horse? Remember, one Ansur saddle does the job for all your horses! Ansur Saddlery Northwest, LLC is the only source for a full line of patented, totally flexible, soft frame saddles for all riding disciplines.

Broken Horn Saddlery
Booth 5A, Bldg. 5

Broken Horn is always a favorite “shop stop” at Equine Affaire. This year, they’ve added Circle Y Saddles the booth, and Ray Mayfield the factory rep, will be there. You’ll love the bargains — Broken Horn will pay the taxes for EVERY Equine Affaire saddle purchased. “Your Equestrian Super Store” also has twisted its distributors’ arms to enable some deep discounts, coupons — as well as expert advice. There will be 10 manufacturers’ reps on hand to answer all your questions.
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Booth 635, Bldg. 6

Here’s a chance to pick up the CHA Trail Guide Manual or any of the CHA Educational DVDs — Bits and Bitting, Saddle Fit, Jumping 101, etc. – and these aren’t available anywhere else at Equine Affaire!”

Chino Valley Featherlite
Trailer Building

You’ll find 15 percent off the MSRP on ALL Featherlite horse and stock trailers when you visit Southern California’s No. 1 Featherlite dealer. Plus, you can take advantage of special “Same as Cash” financing of 0 percent down and 0 percent interest for 6 months! Reduced prices. Special finance options. Is there a trailer in your future?
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Choice Barns
Trailer Building

Take a moment to stop and introduce yourself to a NEW modular barn company backed by years of experience. Choice Barns team of dedicated dealers and employees offer decades of expertise in the modular barn and building industry. With this amount of experience and knowledge built into one Barn Company, Choice Barns can guarantee you a superior product, exceptional customer service, on-time delivery all at an affordable price.
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CVC Shavings
Booth 709, Bldg. 7

How about a $100 discount coupon? CVC Shavings is really excited about its newest product lines — shavings and rice hulls will be in different size bags starting early this summer. Pick up your $100 discount coupon for the first purchase with CVC of a full truck load of product!

Booth 652, Bldg. 6

What in the world is happening in the real estate world? Where is the market going? Yes, Stevi Fielding has a portfolio of extraordinary horse properties for sale, but her showcase of ranches, ranchettes and horsey homes is not the only reason to visit her booth — she also has items of community interest and good will. Something she is adding this year is information about this “NEW real estate world.” What is a short sale? What does “underwater” mean? If someone needs help, where so they get it? Stevi is eager to converse about our equestrian and rural lifestyle. We have to stay vigilant if we want to keep it, and we absolutely have to become educated, informed and active in our communities. Come by for a chat with Stevi and share concerns and ideas to solve any obstacles in the road ahead. P.S. — Do YOU know what Cassies’ Cause is?

Grand Meadows
Booth 7005, Bldg. 7

You’ll find BIG discounts on all sizes of products at the Grand Meadows Nutritional Products booth – 20 to 25 percent off! Plus, buy any product and take home a free 2-pound pail of your choice. New product flash — Grand Calm – an amazing, instant calming-focus product, Paste and Pellet. Also pick up discount coupons, free product and free logo wear!
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Healthy 4 Horses
Booth 669, Bldg. 6

Omega Aid 4 Horses is here. Grizzly Pet Products, dba Healthy 4 Horses, has been producing ultra healthy omega 3 oil from wild caught Alaskan salmon oil for dogs and cats for nine years. Now they’ve blended their wild Alaskan salmon oil in a tasty peppermint flavor that horses love. The benefits of long-chained fatty acids only found in fish oil — and easily and 100 percent assimilated into the cells –- is here. Come talk to Brice about the health benefits, and take advantage of a sale price 40 percent off retail!

Freedom Feeder
Booth 707, Bldg. 7

Allow your horses to graze in a natural manner 24/7 with this innovative answer for an old way of feeding. Nature designed horses to graze up to 20 hours a day — feeding two, three, or even four feedings a day is unnatural for horses. Meet the manufacturers, ask questions and see a demonstration.

Human to Horse
Booth 677/679, Bldg. 6

Meet Alessandra Deerinck and the Human To Horse, which offers training for starting or repurposing horses — in particular, racehorses. The team instructs on how to establish a relationship with a horse in a way that the horse would choose, naturally. Based on a deep and direct analysis of horse behavior and environment applying the Carolyn Resnick Method, a revolutionary and innovative way to give a solid foundation to any equestrian pursuit by working with horses at liberty. First, interact spontaneously rather than through conditioned responses. This encourages a dependable system of communication between human and horse. See them in the booth Feb. 3 and Feb 5, and in the Building 9 Demo Ring at noon and 4 p.m. Feb. 3.

Ice Horse
Booth 2006, Bldg. 7

Come see Ice Horse’s two new equine cold therapy products that focus on hind-leg swelling and treatment of stifle injuries. Also, pick up a copy of the Dec. 2010 Horse Journal guide, which named Ice Horse wraps as the top choice in its equine industry assessment program.

King Feed
Booth 710/711, Bldg. 7

New this year: “Miniature horse & pony complete “ — formulated for the health of Miniature horses and ponies with beneficial ingredients for digestion, joints and immune health, low sugar/starch for metabolic conditions and reduced calories for weight management. You’ll also find in the King Feed booth the next generation of equine health supplements — Dr. Peter Cheeke’s YQ+. Stop by for a free discount coupon to use at your local KING dealer, and enter the raffle to win a month’s worth of free horse feed!
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Mikmar Bit Co.
Booth 7004, Bldg. 7

Show specials by The Mikmar Bit Company come once a year – at Equine Affaire. If you’re having trouble deciding which bit best suits your horse or if you are struggling with bit evasion issues like head-tossing, high-headedness, pulling, rooting, defensive or nervous behaviors, the Mikmar Bit folks invite you to visit them for help – and a horse/rider evaluation. You can see new informative videos and learn about the unique “four-point pressure” bit styles. Mikmar will be offering their new free DVD on bits while supply lasts, so stop by!
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Outside exhibit

There’s nothing to buy from MrTruck, but lots to learn. Come see the new products from his reviews on RFD TV, horse magazines and websites, including the Tilt Tie, a portable highline for your horses, the Gooseneck Easy Coupler, so you can latch your gooseneck from outside your truck, the EZ Connector, a trailer plug “that always works,” the Automated Safety Hitch for better braking and turning, and the HyraHorse, an on-demand, on-board horse waterer.

Sheryl Lynde Clinics
Booth 611, Bldg. 6

Meet Sheryl and EXCA Futurity Champion Rick Hoffman, now a training partner with Sheryl and also a competitor aboard Gypsy Chic at the EXCA Cowboy race at Equine Affaire. Visit with Sheryl and Rick – and check out the list of 2011 line-up of clinics and events, as well as some product such as bits, halters and lead ropes and headstalls.

Tharp Enterprises
Booth 665, Bldg. 6

Meet the developer of the Porta-Grazer, the natural way to feed your horse hay or pellets, and also take advantage of some special show pricing! The system extends feeding time by allowing your horse to graze at a natural pace – it’s designed to allow pulling, tearing and chewing hay in a natural, head-down position. Learn the many benefits of the Porta-Grazer with a hands-on demo and see why horses choose the Porta-Grazer over free-choice, loose hay or hay nets. It’s portable, too, so you won’t interrupt your horse’s feeding routine while traveling.

Sweet Water Ranch Inc/Adoption 911
Booth 607, Bldg. 6

This year, internationally acclaimed animal communicator Candi Cane Cooper will be giving live reading for only a $20 donation to her horse rescue SWR Adoption 911. She and her outreach ambassadors will be there to help and assist you with any rescue / adoption information you may need.

Thrifty Horse
Booth 603/605, Bldg. 6

One of Equine Affaire’s most popular stops, the Thrifty Horse of Norco has a great line-up of inventory at Equine Affaire, including Straight Time Stirrups, Un-Stables Clothing, and Robart Bits. Of course, their traditional stellar line-up of new and used saddles and consigned items will be there, too – in fact, there will be more than 20 English saddles priced between $50 and $150! The prices and the service in this booth are tough to beat! If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll do their best to get it to you as soon as possible.”
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Booth B22-B23, Breed Pavilion

Come meet the folks behind the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA), headquartered in Lewisburg, Tenn. It’s the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to the promotion of the breed. Its goal is to maintain the purity of the breed, to promote greater awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse and its qualities, to encourage expansion of the breed, and to help assure its general welfare.

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