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Royan Herman
Shadow Hills, CA

The smart horse owner will make his/her spouse No. 1 on Valentine’s Day, if only for the sake of harmony! Just think of the number of times one can get a free pass to the barn by being thoughtful when it counts.

Claudia Sneed
Fallbrook, CA

I plan to show my horse LOVE this Valentines Day by making her a special bran mash with grated carrots and molasses and maybe I will add a drop or two of red food coloring!

Susan Derr Drake
Santa Ynez, CA

I am just me — happy, relaxed and breathing deeply, waiting for him to come, when he is comfortably ready to wrap himself around me.

Sher Boatman
Windsor, CA

I will give Jess a TTOUCH massage!

Nance Tapley-Peck
Moorpark, CA

My Thoroughbred mare, Wicked, loves to go out on the trail and get out of the arena, and so do I. It takes away all our stress and pressure from life and training. I put all my problems on the shelf for a couple hours, and when I come back those same problems are so small and easy to deal with. For both of us on Valentine’s Day, I would like to go for a nice peaceful trail ride in our State Park for an hour or two. Then we would come home all mellow and happy. I’d give her apples and carrots and a drink of water and then I’d give her a nice soap bath and condition her mane and tail. Afterwards I’d let her eat grass all over the ranch while she was drying, all the while spending “quality time” with her, petting her, talking to her, and admiring her beauty and her presence. And I’d thank her for letting me be in her life and for taking such good care of me physically and emotionally and giving me her unconditional love. Then I would thank God for her and all the beauty and nature she helps me see. My husband (AND much of Southern California) thanks her for relieving my stress and bringing me home happy. From him, she gets carrots and a peppermint. I would finish her day with dinner and a hot mash, and her blanket, in a nice clean bedded stall for her to rest in ’cause she’s my four legged Valentine!

Barbara Canfield
Salem, MO

I will ride with the show ring red saddle blanket.

Matthew Midgett
Nogal, NM

Maybe I will take a swim with “Thunder”!

Beth Brown
Norco, CA

I will spend my Valentines day galloping down the beach through the waves. Unbridled and untamed, free as the wind blowing through Bandit’s mane. I would finish the day watching the sunset cuddled up by a fire, just Bandit and I with the entire beach to ourselves. Bandit — thank you for the six years of love you have shown me. You’re my best friend.

Tammy Hildreth
Murietta, CA

We celebrate holidays with paddock cakes…The treat this month is Valentine Paddies!

Kaitlyn Lebo
Valley Center, CA

Our horses proudly wear their “hart” on their shoulders EVERY day! I think some extra special attention is in store, and with five horses and two colts, that will keep me busy as well! Horses are definitely good for your heart!

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  1. Mar Darastrix Says:

    Since its all snowy an’ stuff here, Blaze and I ought to gallow through the evening snow. ♥

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