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Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover adoptions are up

From the Newstrader - May 5th, 2011 - Newstrader

GEORGETOWN, Texas — The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover is set to be the richest wild horse competition in history, and now the trainers and adopters know which Mustangs they will be working with for the 2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. The Superior Livestock Auction studio held a standing-room-only crowd and the phone lines were lit like a Christmas tree on April 16 when 208 American Mustangs were offered for adoption. The 185 approved adopters, family, friends and supporters filled the Superior Livestock Auction offices in Fort Worth, Texas, and kept the phone operators busy during the televised adoption event that was aired on RFD-TV.

Building on the success of the 2010 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, Mustangs adopted on April 16 are eligible to compete for more than $200,000 in cash and prizes at the 2011 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover to be held September 15-17 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Lot 2, a 6-year-old dun gelding gathered from the Twin Peaks herd management area in California, was adopted for the highest price. The bidding was intense but when the gavel fell, Lorrie Grover of Corpus Christi, Texas, who is a former Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion, was the winning bidder at $5,000.

In all, 191 Mustangs were adopted with the adoptions averaging $630 for untouched, wild Mustangs, who are full of potential. Complete adoption results can be accessed at www.extrememustangmakeover.com/forms/2011/supremeextreme_adoptions.pdf.

The demand was especially high this year due to exciting changes that will be implemented at the September competition. In addition to the $100,000 Legends division, two new divisions will be added – the $50,000 Idols division and the $20,000 Stars division. Mustangs competing in the Legends and Idols division will participate in three classes – trail, pattern and a trainer’s choice. Mustangs competing in the Star division will be shown in-hand and will not be ridden in the competition. Adopters will have until August 1 to declare in which division their Mustangs will compete.

With the larger purse available, the Supreme event follows a different format than other Extreme Mustang Makeovers, and Mustangs are adopted prior to the competition. Also new this year, Mustangs can be trained and shown by someone other than their adopter.

The Supreme Extreme Mustangs will be picked up by adopters on May 13-14 at one of four BLM facilities, and the adopters and Mustangs will begin the training process. Tickets are on sale now to see the results of the partnerships formed between trainers and horses at the competition in Fort Worth, Texas, September 15-17. All events are free to the public, except the Saturday Finals performance, which costs only $15 for general admission.

Visit www.extrememustangmakeover.com/supremeextreme.php, for the latest Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover information and to purchase tickets.

“We are extremely proud to see the demand for these American treasures,” said Mustang Heritage Foundation executive director Patti Colbert. “These horses continue to capture the hearts and imagination of our talented trainers, and we are constantly amazed at what can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. Our new divisions give everyone who wants to experience the ultimate Mustang training challenge a place to compete.”

In addition to prize money available for each division, $25,000 in bonuses will be paid out at the event. Each division will have bonuses paid for Rookies, anyone that has never entered an Extreme Mustang Makeover event; Silver Bullets, trainers that are 50 years old or older at time of entry; and Young Guns, trainers that are 18-21 years of age at time of entry.

Fans attending the event will also have a voice as a Fan Favorite Award will be given during the Legends Finals.

With more than 30,000 American Mustangs waiting to be adopted in BLM facilities, the Mustang Heritage Foundation is stepping up its efforts to help these American legends find adoptive homes. In 2011, the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Extreme Mustang Makeover events will continue to showcase the talents of the American Mustang and will up the ante by offering the largest purse ever in Mustang competition.

Excluding the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover event where horses will be adopted prior to competing, Mustangs will be available for adoption at all Extreme Mustang Makeover events. Trainers interested in competing in Extreme Mustang Makeover events must complete and submit an application, which are available at the Extreme Mustang Makeover website. Visit www.extrememustangmakeover.com for the latest information on the Extreme Mustang Makeover events.

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    I LOVE MUSTANGS… wish I had known about it sooner and would have sent in forms to bid!

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