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Prized saddles stolen in May 19 tack room theft

From the Newstrader - June 2nd, 2011 - Newstrader
Stolen saddle

Stolen saddle

VISTA — A cash reward for the return of items reported stolen from Rancho Dos Palmas in North San Diego has been made by the owner in an attempt to recover a prized De Berge saddle.

Since the May 19 burglary in her personal tack room, ranch owner Ann Laddon has not recovered two saddles and two bridles despite diligent announcements online and via email.

“I’m heartbroken,” she said. “In particular, I am sick at the loss of the Black Rhino, my favorite saddle that fits all of our horses. Black Rhinos are not made any more.”

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft, which also resulted in the disappearance of a prized De Berge saddle that also is irreplaceable,

Stolen saddle

Stolen saddle

Laddon said. She encourages anyone who comes across potential matches of the saddles or who has information about the theft to contact her at (619) 933-6233, or via email at either aladdon@att.net or ann@ranchodospalmas.com

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