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Kristi Siam wins Ariat Adult Medal finals

From the Newstrader - November 3rd, 2011 - Newstrader

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. — Kristi Siam of Chatsworth came away with the win in the ARIAT National Adult Medal Finals after a three-round battle Oct. 7 with Mahala Rummel on Papillon 136. The two riders went head to head in a work-off when they were less than two points separated after round two. The judges asked for various questions in the test, including counter cantering the first jump, a trot jump, and hand galloping the final fence.

Siam went first and put down a smooth, correct test and the judges rewarded her with an average score of 86.20 for a three round total of 257.40. Rummell followed and while she had no big mistakes, the judges gave her a slightly lower score of 83.85 for a total of 256.80 and a second-place finish. Miranda Scarpone on Rosso Rossini finished third.

“I knew we were prepared. I was concerned that I would let my head get in the way. I’m an older amateur!” she laughed. “I struggle with being cool and confident. I am so happy to be here. It’s the whole journey for me. This is unbelievably special, but just being here and participating for me, I feel like a winner. It’s a really big deal to be here.”

This was the third time that Siam has competed in the ARIAT finals, and she rode her 8-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Krosus, who she also shows in the Amateur-Owner 3’3″ Hunters.

“He does double duty,” she said. “I think that’s a little bit unusual. Yesterday he had three hunter rounds and I thought he might be tired today. He’s my spoiled doll. But Karen and the crew knew just how to prepare him. He’s basically a nice, quiet, centered horse,” she described. “He was green when we bought him. It took time for him to get as comfortable as he is now. He’s just now really come into his own. I just had to trust him. I’m just so thrilled and my horse was fantastic. We were just in sync.”

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