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Blenheim and LEG Up merge for series

From the Newstrader - December 1st, 2011 - Newstrader

Blenheim EquiSports and Langer Equestrian Group annouced a new year-end Championship Series to start in 2012.

“This is something that Robert Ridland and I have been discussing for several years,” said Larry Langer, President and CEO of Langer Equestrian Group.

Ridland, President of Blenheim Equisports, added that this joint effort “is an opportunity to bookend the country — I have long felt that the West Coast needed a set of special, championship shows like the East Coast has had for decades.”

Essentially, LEG and Blenheim will rearrange their blockbuster season ending shows to be in the following order: first, the National Preview, second, the LA National, and third, the Las Vegas National. The two World Cup Qualifying events will still continue to be held on the same respective weeks as in past years. However, the venues will be swapped. The series will kick off with the National Preview, which in addition to hosting the Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association medal finals for juniors, seniors, and ponies, will also host an FEI CSI-W Qualifying Grand Prix.

The LA National will sit in the middle of the three-week series and in addition to all the traditional championships and finals for hunters and equitation riders, the show will feature three National Level grands prix and many other special jumper classes. The Las Vegas National will conclude the three week series with another FEI CSI-W Qualifying Grand Prix, along with a variety of special classes at its premier indoor location.

“The Las Vegas National really gives riders an opportunity to show in a true indoor environment, in a city that is world famous for fantastic events,” said Ridland. “In the southwest, we are fortunate with our mild weather to be able to show outside almost all year, but having an indoor championship is very special and important for the western part of the United States.”

Langer added that new jumper footing installed in the Equidome at LAEC and at South Point in Las Vegas will create three weeks of quality, world class horse shows for jumpers.

There is even something for those competitors who cannot qualify to compete in Las Vegas, since that venue simply cannot take an unlimited amount of horses. “Recognizing that not every horse and rider can go to Las Vegas, we wanted to offer an alternative show where people can wrap up their season,” added Langer. Horses and riders that do not choose to go to Las Vegas can stay in Burbank and wrap up the three week series at the LA Season Finale.

“There is much more work for us to do for these three shows,” said Langer and Ridland. “We just felt it necessary to get the word out that something big was happening at the end of the 2012 season and that we would convey more of the details as we finalize them.”

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