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Bob Avila, Jim Vangelos elected to NRCHA Board

From the Newstrader - January 5th, 2012 - Newstrader

BYARS, Okla. — Southern Californians Bob Avila and Jim Vangelos were elected to the National Reined Cow Horse Association Board of Directors last month, receiving 339 and 340 votes, respectively, in one of the association’s most intense elections in years.

With 941 ballots cast, Todd Crawford was the top vote-getter with 526, followed by Bill Tointon (423), Todd Bergen (410), Jake Telford (390), Vangelos (340) and Avila (339).

Other candidates receiving votes but missing election were Paul Bailey (337), Dave Allen (322), Jerry Peters (282), Darren Miller (274), Kevin Stallings (237), Sam Rose (233), Carol Rose (226), Smoky Pritchett (225), Ken Wold (216), Marilyn Peters (215), Howard Erenberg (175), Dar Hanson (133) and Ramona Koch (120).

Vangelos, chief executive of Polymer Logistics who competes as a non pro, was thrilled when he learned of the election results after campaigning for change.

“I’m looking forward to working with a group of dynamic individuals on the new board who are dedicated to our sport,” Vangelos said. “I feel that 2012 will bring many positive changes to the NRCHA membership. Personally, I’ll continue to support the platform I was elected on.”

The five points of his platform included:
1. Grow the NRCHA membership
2. Develop a five-year plan
3. Improve the premier NRCHA events
4. More open communication with membership
5. Listen to what all members want.

“I feel everyone involved with the NRCHA — whether it’s the outgoing board, the new board, those who voted — should be recognized for their passion and contributions,” he added. “I feel these elections showed how many passionate people are in the NRCHA who were willing to put their own time into the association to help it keep the true vaquero tradition alive. They should all be applauded — 2012 will be great!”

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