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New Sport Horse sale format scores high at Swede Equine

From Horsetrader staff reports - January 5th, 2012 - Show & Event News

When Hanna Mauritzon wanted to put her beautifully revamped Swede Equine facility to public use, she and dressage trainer Liz McConnell conducted a festive Sport Horse Sales event Dec. 10 with some innovation and Swedish influence. Nineteen horses from a variety of owners and trainers were brought in and presented to prospective buyers, who returned to Swede Equine during the following week to see them.

“The idea is to pull together a larger number of horses to one place, and in one day present a larger number to the customers, so they don’t need to go around to many different places,” said Mauritzon, a jumper trainer who began riding at age 6 in her native Sweden and showed up to Grand Prix in Europe. “Most places have more of an auction, but we have tried to do something different, where people can come and watch the horses, then try them with a little bit more of people can come and watch the horses and come see them the following week, then try them. It’s really nice.”

The event was a hit, resulting not just in sales and leases, but in hopes of future marketing events like this for Sport Horses in 2012 at Swede Equine, which moved into San Marcos two years ago. Mauritzon said the next one likely will take place in April, and she hopes to attract the participation of more horses and top trainers.

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