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Avilas among California winners at Sun Circuit

From the Newstrader - February 16th, 2012 - Newstrader

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse event continued its momentum into 2012 Jan. 28-Feb. 5 with an eye-popping 15,224 AQHA entries – a nine percent increase over last year and a 30 percent rise since 2012.

Of the more than 1,000 horses, a pair owned by Bob and Dana Avila made news with Circuit Championships: Dana took her 7-year-old gelding, Not My Day Job, to the Amateur Reining title and Bob rode his up-and-coming bridle horse, Duals Nifty Lady, to the Senior Working Cow Horse crown.
Last year at Sun Circuit, Dana won the Amateur Cow Horse championship on Not My Day Job.

“Two years and two saddles – I can’t say too much bad about him!,” said Dana, who got him in the middle of his 4-year-old year. “He’s just a character. He’s like having Dennis The Menace around – always into something. He’s always getting himself untied, always into everything. It’s like having a little kid around. But he’s done really well for us, and we’re real excited about him.”

Bob’s win with Dual’s Nifty Lady was significant because this Sun Circuit marked the beginning of her show career in the bridle.

“She sure started off with a bang,” said Dana. “Bob just really likes her. She’s a fun little mare. When you ride her, it’s like strapping your rear-end to a rocket ship.”

Sun Circuit Director Doug Huls credits the shows steady increase in popularity to his organization’s commitment to exhibitors, including prizes.

“We’ve made it a fun horse show for them,” he said. “We try to get everybody the chance to go home with something.”

Even brighter prospects are predicted in the future, as a new, climate-controlled indoor facility at the fairgrounds takes shape for 2013, he added.

The Avilas, longtime supporters of AQHA competition, enjoy the opportunities that AQHA events provide.

“I don’t care what your discipline is, the Sun Circuit is a great show and the competition is good,” said Dana.

“The breed shows are very economical to go show at, they’re a lot of fun, and there’s people from all differnt disciplines. You get to see a little variety and meet new people. We love Quarter horse shows.”

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