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Ladies Day…again

Nor-Lantzman, Di Landri in classic $30,000 Red, White and Blue duel

Special to the Horsetrader - July 19th, 2012 - Show & Event News

Flying Horse photo

Tina Di Landri & Avargo

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO — It was déjà vu as Josephina Nor-Lantzman and Tina Di Landri went head-to-head again in a jump-off for the second time in three weeks.

This time, Nor-Lantzman and Chello Z had the upper hand, winning the $30,000 Red, White and Blue Classic Grand Prix on June 30.

Three weeks earlier at the $30,000 Blenheim Classic Grand Prix, Di Landri had put up the final time and bested the field, leaving Nor-Lantzman in second.

Seven nations represented the 26 rounds of the Red,White and Blue Classic, held at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park. Nor-Lantzman, of Brazil, was the only rider to post two clean rounds and master the course designed by fellow Brazilian, Anderson Lima. “She did a phenomenal job,” Lima said. “We set a tough course, but Josephina handled it great.”

Of the 16 efforts, riders found complications coming into a wide oxer with only four strides to regroup and set for a skinny vertical. Other challenges riders faced included a vertical-oxer-vertical triple combination, an oxer with a liverpool, a triple bar to vertical combination and a tight time allowed of 87 seconds.

After three rounds, officials adjusted the time to allow to 92 seconds.

“It gave them little more comfort around the course and allowed them to jump better,” said Lima. “The level of horses was great and I’m glad the design complemented all of them.”

Nor-Lantzman took a strong focus of the course and was able to guide her 12-year-old Warmblood, Chello Z, to a fast and clean time of 84.999 seconds.

“The course was tough enough,” Nor-Lantzman said. “There were a lot of short lines to verticals that made you have to ride a little bit.”

Only two rounds later, Di Landri was also able to put up a fault-free effort under the time allowed in 87.350 seconds, creating a jump-off. With five riders to go in the class, Tiffany Sullivan and Hayley Farms’ Tristan qualified in 87.517 seconds along with Nor-Lantzman and Di Landri in a ladies’ jump-off.

After a quick reset and Sullivan’s pull-out from the jump-off, Nor-Lantzman and Di Landri began their duel. Nor-Lantzman and Chello Z galloped to the first obstacle, a wide oxer that was not used in the qualifying round.

“My plan for the jump-off was to just go for it,” said the rider. “There was a new fence, so I was careful. But I didn’t want what happened the first week to happen again. Everything went perfectly, and he jumped great!”

Di Landri and Avargo knew the time to beat when they entered next, a swift 37.680 seconds.

“My plan for the jump-off was to be loose and have a tight enough roll-back to cut off some time,” said Di Landri. “Avargo’s turns are so good, I knew he could do it.”

Di Landri had an unfortunate rail on the first oxer and decided to retire and finish in second place.

“Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work out,” Di Landri said.

Course designer Lima said the jump-off was designed for the riders to reach all areas of the course.

“The turn after the first jump was meant to be the hardest, but Josephina handled it great,” he said. “I thought it was a fun class.”

Nor-Lantzman said, “I love having a course designed by a Brazilian because it gives me more fire and more adrenaline when I ride — and it sure pays off,” smiled Nor-Lantzman. “I thought Anderson designed a great course. I’m still laughing, though, because this week is the Red, White and Blue Classic and the first week of the series I got a red, the second week I got a white, and this week a blue!

“I was so proud of Chello Z,” she added. “He always tries his heart out.”

Nor-Lanztman will return to Del Mar to prepare for the Showpark July Series.

More online: See website http://bit.ly/207B_Blen

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