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Safety First

Here are some vendors and products to know about BEFORE you need them!

From the Horsetrader - July 4th, 2013 - Special Section

911 Supply House
at EQ-Wine Covers, Paso Robles
(805) 610-5566

When an emergency happens, Jim Fritsche, owner of EQ-Wine Covers says, “Hoof ‘n Holler!”. Preparing for that unforeseen emergency has been a priority for Jim and his wife, Shirley, for many years. After opening their new display yard in Paso Robles last year they decided to dedicate their showroom to a disaster preparedness center. Now 911 Supply House is the go-to source in the area. It’s stocked with all the best in emergency gear for your family and horses. If you’re traveling by or are headed to the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles this summer, they invite you to drop by EQ-Wine Covers just 2.5 blocks south of the fairgrounds. Located at 1736 Riverside Avenue in downtown Paso Robles, they have on display their best selling 24’ x 24’ x 13’ tall hay barn, 18’ x 36’ trailer cover, a mare motel, and more! Mention you saw their ad in the Horsetrader and receive a free gift!

Caution Horses Safety Products
(561) 313-0384

When thieves size up your trailer to decide whether it’s worth stealing, one of their first considerations is its appearance. Trailers that are easy to identify are less appealing, because they’re easy to spot on the road. If your trailer is white and generic-looking, it says “steal me.” Think of how many white trailers are sold and used each year. Can you tell one from another at a glance?

“Do anything you can to make your trailer visually standout from the crowd,” says Mark Cole of USRider Equestrian Motor Plan. “Thieves might have a second thought about taking a trailer that’s easily identifiable.” Signs and decals from www.CautionHorses.com are perfect for giving your trailer a customized appearance and making you more visible on the road both during the day and at night.

“CAUTION HORSES” signs, decals and strips are made of engineer-grade reflective vinyl, the same used on police, fire and semi-trailer vehicles. All of the company’s horse decals are exclusively designed by CAUTION HORSES and are copyright protected, so you can be sure you are getting a quality image that sets your vehicle apart. Every image is created with careful attention to detail in order to ensure that the breed’s conformation and your equestrian discipline are accurately portrayed. Visit CAUTION HORSES today to customize your trailer and to send a clear message to fellow drivers that you’re carrying precious cargo…your horses!

Equine Clot
(561) 531-1341

Equine Clot is the miracle gauze that may save your horse’s life! There are few things more terrifying than your horse being injured, with blood spurting everywhere. You called the vet, but he won’t arrive for several hours. Or you’re six miles out on the trail. Now what? Equine Clot is the answer. Be prepared for any emergency bleeding situation with Equine Clot, whether you’re on the road, at the barn, or trail riding.

We’ve all seen those accidents — a cut from a trailer fender, a kick in the pasture, a puncture from sharp branch on the trail. EquineClot is the “miracle” gauze that quickly stops bleeding from wounds. Simply tear open the package and follow a few simple directions to quickly stop the flow of blood — whether it’s from life-threatening wounds to minor cuts, or abrasions. Equine Clot stops a horse’s bleeding fast, with the same technology that has saved the lives of many U.S. soldiers on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Equine Clot’s inert mineral active ingredient, Kaolin, speeds up the horse’s own natural clotting process to stop even severe arterial bleeding in less than five minutes, forming a powerful clot that remains stable until veterinary care is available. EquineClot is as easy to use as standard gauze, and neither heat nor cold will impact its effectiveness. The 12-foot x 3-inch roll comes in durable packaging that holds up while packed away in your saddle bag, tack box, or trailer. Proudly manufactured in the United States, Equine Clot is the one product that may very well save your horse’s life. 

(877) 600-1375

Be prepared before emergencies happen! It’s not a matter of if — it’s a matter of when an emergency situation will happen to you. With all of the wild weather around the country, from flooding to wild fires and tornados, somewhere there are horses and other animals that have gone missing and have not been returned to their homes. Some important things to consider and plan: 1) prepare an emergency or evacuation plan, 2) have proof of ownership and current photos of your animals, 3) have a First Aid kit and adequate feed supplies in the event you need to leave your home location for a period of time, and 4) making sure your animals are properly identified so you can claim them or they can be returned to you.

The time to really think about these things is when you don’t need them. This planning is so very important in every situation from relocating horses, to traveling long or short distances, from fires, flood, tornados, and hurricanes; emergency planning needs to be considered on show days, trail rides, camping, hunting, and endurance races.

Here are some basic items to have in your emergency kit: flashlight with extra batteries, radio (battery operated), medications and feed for two to three days, halter and lead rope for every horse, contact information for you, veterinarian and other contacts, feeding instructions and restrictions, fuel in your vehicles, fire extinguisher, water buckets, identification for your horses – either an id band or evacuation collar, phone numbers and addresses of your local animal control agency, sheriff’s dept and evacuation locations.

(877) 875-7226

No matter the distance, hauling your horses can be scary, not knowing what is happening to them as you travel. Since 2005, HorseTrailerMonitor.com (an equestrian woman-owned business) has been providing quality camera, tire pressure and temperature systems that allow you to keep track of your horses and trailer. Systems are sold at reasonable prices (much less expensive than an emergency vet bill), and are backed by excellent customer service. Because your horse is worth it, their safety and your peace of mind should be top priority.

Visit the horsetrailermonitor.com website and call toll-free for personalized service. Remember, safe travel leads to happy trails! We at HorseTrailerMonitor.com are horse people helping horse people.  Here to provide you with information and products for you and your horse that offer safety and security together with peace of mind because, we believe, your horse is worth it. Whether your horses are at home in their stalls or pasture or on the road in the trailer, knowing what is happening to them is important to every horse owner. Our cameras and monitoring systems help prevent your animals from becoming one of the horror stories that we’ve all heard about sick or injured animals. Additionally, our barn, ranch and home monitoring systems provide security for your valuable animals and personal property.

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