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North American Peruvian Horse Association

The North American Peruvian Horse Association is proud to announce the 2013 U.S. National show. This beautiful and very elegant horse will be showcased at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank October 4-6. The public is invited to this very special event and witness the smoothest riding horse in the equine world!

The Peruvian Horse has been represented in the United States for over 45 years. The NAPHA represents the Peruvian Horse in the U.S. with affiliate organizations in Canada, Central and South America, Europe
and Australia. NAPHA is primarily charged with maintaining the registry of the breed.

Luxury may be the single best word to describe the Peruvian Horse. The Peruvian Horse is one of the world’s last remaining naturally gaited horses and is appreciated and in demand by American horse enthusiasts for several very good reasons. Today’s Peruvian combines qualities, which could be called contradictory. He is spirited, yet easy to handle and smooth and relaxed in motion. There is something for everyone in this elegant animal: smooth riding comfort, high energy, strength and stamina, intelligence and a tractable disposition, animated, flashy presence and 100% natural action which set the Peruvian apart from others.

The Peruvian Horse is the world’s greatest riding horse. Smooth to ride, beautiful to behold and incredible brio; all traits that enable him to serve his rider in style. The Peruvian is more than a show horse; he was bred to work hard and provide smooth, reliable transportation. They excel in many aspects of pleasure riding: trail, CTR, team penning, sidesaddle, drill teams, musical exercise, showing….You name it!

D Ranch Peruvian Horses
(805) 688-0877

D Ranch strongly believes that the best possible horse is achieved by selecting only the best genes available from both the sire and the dam, then add the finest care and nutrition, and patient, gentle training. Our new arrivals are greeted immediately with foal imprinting and plenty of attention without interfering in the mare/foal relationship. As the foals mature, this early contact makes both the mares and foals amicable and trusting for their owners and handlers.

Our trainer, Tony Botello, does a truly wonderful job with our horses. They are versatile, have a light rein, are easy to ride and well seasoned for various situations before they are considered “finished.”

Whether you’re new only to Peruvians or new to horses in general, it’s our priority to find the perfect horse for you. At D Ranch, we feel strongly that that horse and rider must become a true partnership, which is why we have developed our “New Buyer Policy”. If you buy a horse from us, we invite you to come and visit as many times as necessary to get to know your new horse and how to handle and ride it properly. We know that finding “your horse” takes time – it’s a big decision. We promise to assist you in every way possible to make the choice in selecting that perfect horse.

Hacienda Sosegado
(951) 926-7929

Hacienda Sosegado is a full service, 15-acre ranch located in Hemet, devoted to the Peruvian Horse, but also welcoming many other breeds. We have 28 successful years of experience with the Peruvian Horse, and offer training, lessons, preparation for shows, horsemanship lessons, playday shows, as well as consultation and evaluation of horses. We are fortunate to have the well respected Ebert Garayar as the trainer in residence, who has worked for some of the top breeders of Peruvian Horses. Hacienda Sosegado also has three stallions available to the public for breeding: MLM Mercedes, RDL Incomparable, and GG Senegal. Hacienda Sosegado offers quality horses for sale – Don’t miss our large sale reduction on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013!

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