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A new category of rules referred to as “Prohibited Practices” has been introduced to the USEF Rule Book and took effect Dec. 1, 2013, the USEF announced last week.

The first rule to be adopted in this category is commonly referred to as the “12 Hour Rule,” introduced in March of 2013 by the USEF Veterinary Committee and following extensive feedback from USEF Technical Committees, Working Groups, and from attendees at USEF Town Hall Meetings held in Florida last March. The rule, known as GR 414, clearly prohibits any injectable substances that may be administered to any horse or pony within 12 hours prior to competing, with the three exceptions of therapeutic fluids, Antibiotics (Procaine penicillin G is prohibited under this exception), and Dexamethasone.

Also, two new controlled medication substances were added to the List for 2014: Metformin, a potent but legitimate oral anti-diabetic drug with a potential welfare risk, and Levothyroxine, an exogenous thyroid hormone replacement that could enhance performance. Further, Adrenocortico-trophic hormone (ACTH) previously classified as a Banned Substance, has been moved to the controlled medication section of the 2014 List due to its therapeutic value in equine medicine, the USEF said.

The changes to the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List are accessible on the FEI Clean Sport webpage. The FEI Equine Prohibited Substances Database will be amended and the complete 2014 Equine Prohibited Substances List will be made available on the Clean Sport website prior to Jan. 1.

These changes have been noticed in accordance with FEI Rules requiring all changes to the List to be published 90 days in advance in order to allow National Federations, athletes and veterinarians sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the revised List prior to implementation.

The USEF encourages every exhibitor, trainer, coach, and owner to take time, prior to competing, to carefully review the “Guidelines for How Long Drugs Remain Detectable” which is included in the 2014 USEF Drugs & Medications Guidelines and can be accessed by contacting the USEF Drugs & Medication Program at Medequestrian@aol.com, or by calling the USEF Drugs & Medications office at (800) 633-2472.

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