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How will you show your horse LOVE this Valentine’s Day?

From the Horsetrader eArena - February 6th, 2014 - eArena

On Valentine’s Day, like every day, I will show my 18-year-old Quarter Horse love by giving him exercise, supplements disguised as a treat, a clean stall, and a good scratch in just the right place. The greeting he whinnies before I can even get through the gate beats roses or chocolates any day.
— Beverly Walters

My horse was actually born on Valentine’s Day seven years ago, hence his name Boonlight Valentino! So, for Valentine’s Day this year, he will get a “stress-free” ride, a nice warm bath, and a walk about to graze on fresh green grass. He’ll get lots of kisses on his nose and eyes and lots of rubbing in his favorite spots. I will put peppermint horse cookies in his feeder as a special treat. He will love all the attention!
–Eileen Maxinoski

On Valentines Day, my 8-year-old daughter, Isabella, plans to love our bridle horse, “Shine”, starting with a big hug, than tell her how excited she is about the prospect showing her this year in the NRCHA youth limited cow horse classes. She will than brush and grain her, blanket her, and let her relax. But, as Shine knows, love is one thing –the horse show season is another! Love as it may be, it will be a long season, with Dad and daughter showing the same horse! But that’s what we call “True Horse Love” is all about!
–Jim Vangelos

Every day is Valentine’s Day with my pony!
–June Tabor

I recently placed four of my family of horses with a family in Temecula. They have been gone a month and I have not been able to visit them yet in their new home. I plan to take carrots and alfalfa treats and spend time with each of them. I miss my Shetland pony, Sheena, most of all. She used to whinny heartily when she heard the click of the screen door and knew I was coming out. I purchased her for my granddaughter, Danyelle, when they were both two — 26 years ago. Now Danyelle has a seven-month daughter of her own who is already a “horse person”. I have two seven-month AQHA weanlings at home to keep me on my toes, and will shower them with baby carrots and good groomings and a pasture gallop. I am 75 and have had a family of horses for over 60 years.
–Lorelei Jones

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