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West Coast reiners in 2014 debut

From Horsetrader staff reports - March 6th, 2014 - Show & Event News

RANCHO MURIETA — Any other year, three inches of rain might dampen spirits at the season’s first Northern California reining event. This arid year, though, downpours were welcome Feb. 7-9 at the Murieta Equine Center, where a covered show arena and warm-up pen allowed West Coast Reining Horse Association members to kick off 2014 with its Affiliate 1 show.

The forecast for the WCRHA, the National Reining Horse Association’s largest, is bright after a record-setting 2013 that included individual limelight, including Lauren Crivelli’s Rookie of the Year title, and team recognition — the Northwest Region brought home the NRHA Affiliate Team Championship with, WCRHA members leading the way.

At the MEC, two youth riders who carried their momentum from Oklahoma City into their first WCRHA show were Tessa Lindberg, 15, with her Chicadero, and Campbell McLeod, 10, with a new horse this year, Smooth Sailing Chic.

Lindberg, who campaigned Chicadero to third place nationally last November in the NAAC Limited Non Pro after acquiring the gelding January last year, looked sharp at Affiliate 1, taking the Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro and Youth 14-18 titles.

McLeod, the defending NRHA Ancillary 10-under Short Stirrup Champion, shined at MEC aboard “Chica”, too, as she competed up a division and went home with three titles, including Youth 13 -under, Short Stirrup 10-under and Youth Rookie, where she competed against all rookies under age 18.

“She would like to move on beyond the short stirrup because she has won that and now she wants the big girl patterns, the lead changes,” says Campbell’s mother, Anne McLeod, also a reiner.

Last year, Campbell enjoyed her first year of reining competition with Reeboks Rerun (Reeboks Kid x Workmans Fisty), a 12-year-old gelding who has carried several riders to wins since he took the 2005 NRHA Limited Non Pro Futurity under Kyle Johnson of Connecticut. This year, Campbell’s older sister, 12-year-old Mackenzie, will take his reins as she returns to riding after three years of competitive gymnastics.

“Everybody who Reebok has packed around, he has packed them to some title or major win,” says Anne, who trains along with her daughters with Mike Boyle, about 30 minutes from their Wilton home. “Reebok did great for Campbell, and now it’s Mackenzie’s turn.”

Anne, who rode competitively under Boyle in the 1990s before taking a decade-long break, enjoys being immersed again in the reining scene.

“It’s such a healthy outlet for everybody,” says the Senior Vice President of Health Policy for the California Hospital Association. “The kids have school, and as grown-ups we have interaction at work and with our neighbors. But the reining family and the relationship you have with your trainers — you become friends. I’ve known Mike and Barbi since the early 1990s, and they and all their staff are such top people. The entire barn becomes your friends, your go-to people. Your shoulder to cry on. And you have fun together. Those relationships are very important.”

Like Campbell, Lindberg rode a new horse last year to new heights, but she will remain teamed with “Pedro” in 2014. So far, so good.

“She adores him,” says Tessa’s mom, Megan, who has been reining 15 years. “He’s a rock star, he really is. Now they are really clicking together. When she first got him at the beginining of last year, it took a little while to work out a couple kinks. They had to get to know each other. By the end of last year, they were just a unit. I feel like they are off to a good start this year.”

Tesssa, who trains with Thad Carr of Ione, will campaign Pedro this year while she schools a 4-year-old derby prospect from the breeding operation at the Lindberg’s Double SL Ranch in Lafayette.

“This year, she can school the 4-year-old and not feel the pressure,” says Megan. “Those 4-year-old years are not easy. Getting to know the horse, getting comfortable in the show pen. You have good days and some really, really bad days. With Pedro in the picture, she has the confidence she can do it. He’s kind of her rock.”

Megan will also compete this year on her 6-year-old mare, Carmel Candy Tag, nicknamed “Cece.” Hopes are high for a year of shared experiences.

“We really enjoy going to the shows — it’s been a super thing for a teen-aged girl and her mother to do together,” Megan says. “We have a wonderful time together, and it’s so constructive. I have asked her when she’s going to have a boyfriend, and she says she already has two boyfriends — and they both have four legs.”

There were several highlights in the Affiliate 1 show, including a tie atop the open class with 72s between Boyle, riding Jill Ramleth’s My Chics Got Guns, and Eric LaPorte riding Celest Mashagh’s Mr. Mizzen Shine. Mr. Mizzen Shine and LaPorte also won the Intermediate Open.

Splitting reserve with 71.5 scores were Martin Padilla, showing Anne McLeod’s Custom Skirt, and Maddox, owned and shown by Christian Rammerstorfer.

Suzi Bond took the Limited Open wth a score of 70 in her first-ever class on her new reiner, Revolutionic.

Eileen Maxinoski, showing her Boonlight Valentino, bested the Prime Time Open class with a 70.5. In second place was Boyle on Ken Hamilton’s Rowdy Challenger. Emily Sgarella won the Rookie Professional class on I Love A Surprise owned by Kathryn Sullivan.

One of the show’s largest classes was the 32-entry NRHA Green Level 1 class, which ended in a tie between Loren Braucht on Lean With Midnight and Felicia Puerta on A Shining Magnum.

With new NRHA earnings upped to $1,500, the Rookie Division was huge, as 70 riders showed Pattern 11 hoping to earn points on the trail to NRHA Rookie of the Year. Laying down the gauntlet in both Rookie 1 and 2 with a score of 70.5 was Giselle Turchet on her Load Your Gun. In the Prime Time Rookie class of 18 riders, Marion Walker and George Deffterios tied for first with scores of 69.5.

Liz Rammerstorfer swept both Novice Open 1 and 2 classes with a 72 on Ron and Sally Hoppe’s Whoz A Whiz.

Peggy Fry and Whoa Dun It won the Masters NP class and took home second in the Prime Time NP.

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2014 West Coast Reining Horse Association Point-leaders
As of Feb. 16, 2014

Class/ Horse/ Rider/ Owner/ Points

Open My Chics Got Guns/ Mike Boyle/ Jill Ramleth/ 10.5

Intermediate Open Mr. Mizzen Shine/ Eric LaPorte/ Celest Nashagh/ 14

Limited Open Revolutionic/ Suzy Bond/ Suzy Bond/ 15

Prime Time Open Boonlight Valentino/ Eileen Maxinoski/ Eileen Maxinoski/ 15

Rookie Professional I Love A Surprise/ Emily Sqarella/ Kathryn Sullivan/ 2

Novice Horse Open I Whoz A Whiz/ Liz Rammerstorfer/ Sally Hoppe/ 15

Novice Horse Open II Whoz A Whiz/ Liz Rammerstorfer/ Sally Hoppe/ 12

Snaffle Bit/Hackamore Gunning For Chics/ Gabe Davide/ Buffy Trinchero/ 14.5

Non Pro Chics Double Magnum/ Dee Braucht/ Dee Braucht/ 9

Intermediate Non Pro Chicadero/ Tessa Lindberg/ Tessa Lindberg/ 14

Limited Non Pro Chicadero/ Tessa Lindberg/ Tessa Lindberg/ 15

Prime Time Non Pro Suga Suga/ Jeanine Levine/ Jeanine Levine/ 15

Masters Non Pro Whoa Dun It/ Peggy Fry/ Peggy Fry/ 7

Novice Horse Non Pro I Imasmartlittlecheese/ Courtney Yohey/ Courtney Yohey/ 15

Novice Horse Non Pro II Imasmartlittlecheese/ Courtney Yohey/ Courtney Yohey/ 15

Rookie I Load Your Gun/ Giselle Turchet/ Giselle Turchet/ 15

Rookie II Load Your Gun/ Giselle Turchet/ Giselle Turchet/ 15

Prime Time Rookie Custom Coffee/ Marion Walker/ Marion Walker/ 14.5

Prime Time Rookie Great Banjo/ George Deffterios/ George Deffterios/ 14.5

Green Reiner Dunit With A Indian/ Mandy Lawrence/ Gary Van Hoosen/ 15

Youth 13 & Under Smooth Sailing Chic/ Campbell McLeod/ Anne McLeod/ 2

Youth 14-18 Chicadero/ Tessa Lindberg/ Tessa Lindberg/ 14

Rookie Youth Smooth Sailing Chic/ Campbell McLeod/ Anne McLeod/ 4

Short Stirrup 10 & Under Smooth Sailing Chic/ Campbell McLeod/ Anne McLeod/ 5

Green As Grass Got No Diamonds/ Shari Burns/ Mindy Nash/ 10

2014 WCRHA High Point Horse standings as of Feb. 16, 2014
Place/ Horse/ Owner/ Points
1 Whoz A Whiz/ Sally Hoppe/ 56.5
2 Spooks Jac/ J & T Enterprises/ 51.5
3 Boonlight Valentino/ Eileen Maxinoski/ 46.5
4 HR Special Whiz/ Chantel Allen/ 45
5 Custom Coffee/ Marion Walker/ 44
6 Chicadero/ Tessa Lindberg/ 43
7 Imasmartlittlecheese/ Courtney Yohey/ 41
8 Our Happy Hour/ Hailey Robinson/ 37.5
9 Revolutionic/ Suzy Bond/ 36.5
10 Suga Suga/ Jeanine Levine/ 35

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