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The right (Grooming) stuff

A myriad of horse grooming products call for your attention. Here are some of the best.

From Horsetrader sales staff - August 7th, 2014 - Special Section

Double K Industries
(800) 821-9449

HorseSense shampoos and conditioners from Double K Industries are part of a line of professional equine grooming product made of quality ingredients, superior formulas and provide proven results. Rave reviews from owners, trainers and breeders for their show ring results are common. Double K products include:

Emerald Black, a deep-cleaning, conditioning shampoo for black or dark-coated horses
White Knight, a deep-cleaning, conditioning shampoo for white coats
OatMella, a rich, deep-cleaning and skin-soothing shampoo with Melaleuca
Ultimate, a deep-cleaning shampoo for horses of all colors
The Solution for Detangling and Conditioning, a versatile, deep moisturizing detangling conditioner
BootGuard, an application that preserves, restores and waterproofs all leathers.

For more information, be sure to check out the Double K Industries ad on the back cover of this issue!

Equisoft Cream
(888) 708-3303

Did you know that a horse’s skin is far more fragile and sensitive than that of a human? Even a child’s? Equisoft was developed to help soothe, smooth and heal horses’ incredibly sensitive skin. 
For 30 years, the people behind Equisoft have run an equine rescue in Northern California. They became convinced that Equisoft was the best healing and hydrating cream they had ever used when they used it on one particular rescue horse, a horse that had been through a barn fire. Although the hrose was brought to overall good health, the burns on his skin never properly healed, and he developed itchy dermatitis on top of the scarring . After trying every expensive lotion, cream and balm on him – even pure Vitamin E oil — the stubborn dry, scaly and itchy areas at the dock of his tail and along his mane stubbornly refused to get better. One day, a friend familiar with the struggle to help this horse, recommended they try a special formula, a jar of Equisof. The horse was completely healed, and now Equisoft is available for equine, human and pet use. Best of all, the profits go to support various equine and animal rescues in California and across the U.S. People who use Equisoft say they have never found such an effective product, even when compared to products costing much more. Nothing compares with Equisoft’s effectiveness in skin care, hydration, healing and smoothing.

EQyss Grooming Products
(800) 526-7469

After more than 20 years, two of the most trusted products in the horse world are EQyss Micro-Tek Shampoo and Spray. Trainers, owners and horse-lovers worldwide trust Micro-Tek. The Micro-Tek system works on any kind of skin problem by soothing instantly, on contact. You’ll see it working right away.

Micro-Tek Shampoo and Spray restores moisture, balance and strength to the coat while soothing skin irritation and physically removing harsh detergents, toxins, and medicated products that sit on the skin and coat and cause discoloration, dullness, and itchiness.

Micro-Tek products are easy to use, do not attract dust or dirt, or discolor white areas. They are not slippery, and will not burn or sting your horse. They are even safe around the face, eyes, and ears. All EQyss products are non-toxic, made in the USA, and cruelty-free. Micro-Tek is so effective; it even has an unconditional money-back guarantee.

EZ Wash Wand
(844) 399-2741

The perfect way to wash your horse, dog, goat, or show animal without getting soaked and stinky! This lightweight aluminum, adjustable pressure wash wand easily removes dirt, dander, mud and anything else our four-legged friends like to roll in. Eco-friendly, the EZ Wash Wand helps to conserve water, saves you time, saves you money on shampoos and scrubbers, and is also therapeutic for the animals. Easy to use for any age, it is perfect for 4-H and FFA projects!

(800) 421-6223

Healing Tree Products are the first to perfect the combining of proven, naturopathic ingredients and remedies with powerful pharmaceutical agents. It offers top-notch, award-winning wound care, grooming and hoof care products for horses and pets that also include pet odor removers, equine sunscreen and a cream that restores hair after a rub. Safe, effective, proven and guaranteed to work, Healing Tree’s integrative and all natural products include:

QuikClenz Equine Body Wash, a specially formulated and ph-balanced foam-on, rinse-off body wash that also helps to prevent skin conditions such as dandruff and fungal infections
Private Reserve Conditioning Shampoo, a biodegradable, green tea tree oil shampoo derived from plant materials with no sulfates
WOW, an enzyme-based, no-rinse-required, green spot remover, whitener and natural color restorer

Healing Tree Products offer the most pure and safe ingredients on the market, and it guarantees everything it makes. Call to order or talk to a veterinarian today!

Lavender Dream Farms

Lavender Dream Farms was started with a dream. That dream was to grow a beautiful and healing plant, and to create scent-sensational products that are good to humans, horses and the environment. Lavender is called the “Angel of Healing and Purification.” It is well-known for its calming and relaxing effects, but there are many other applications of this remarkable plant. Humans have used lavender for more than 2000 years to scent homes, soaps, water and to heal a variety of ailments. Lavender Dream Farms has created two lines of products: equine and personal. All of them are made with the highest quality ingredients, organic botanical extracts and 100 percent pure essential lavender oil. The Lavender Fly Spray is a new, natural formula of essential oils and botanical extracts that works! Products are beautifully fragrant, environmentally safe and proudly made in America. Lavender Dream Farms is a horse owned and operated family business. Look for our products in fine hay and tack stores. Two percent of all sales go to horse rescues.

Norco Ranch Outfitters
(951) 735-4130

Supplying horses and riders for over 30 years in “Horsetown USA,” Norco Ranch Outfitters offers great pricing for all of your grooming supply needs. Visit Norco Ranch Outfitters and take advantage of its current August grooming product specials. The store has the largest selection of equestrian tack and supplies in the Inland Empire, and it takes pride in assisting its loyal customers with excellent customer service. Join in the exctement of its upcoming Rodeo Tent Sale, scheduled Aug. 22-24, with amazing deals and discounts!

(855) 753-3539

SleekEZ Grooming Blades are one of the most highly effective and affordable tools for removing loose hair, dirt and dander without stress or discomfort to horses, dogs and cats. Not only is it effective on your animals, but purchasers are using it to remove hair and fur from upholstery, carpeting and saddle pads. The SleekEZ has a comfortable grip, and its rounded shape helps roll the blade over the coat, making your work quick in lifting loose hair, dirt and dander. While the SleekEZ is strong and effective, it is also gentle and makes the grooming experience pleasant for your animal. Grooming and deshedding can be time consuming, but if you use SleekEZ Grooming Blade it doesn’t have to be! 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Proudly made in the USA!

SoloComb Limited

Never pull a mane again! Mario Granito developed the SoloComb concept as an alternative to scissors. It has taken the equine market by storm since then due to its simplicity and ability to solve problem manes and tails. Today the comb is available in over 30 countries worldwide. Other products such as the fabulous mane and tail thinner, SoloRake have joined SoloComb and they are now collectively known as SoloGroom products. Our unique products have been tried, tested and endorsed by some of the world’s leading professionals. The business is based around the concepts of simple, well designed, humane grooming answers to nature’s manes, tails and coats, combined with excellent customer service. 

All SoloGroom tools are purposely designed with the animal and owner in mind, to provide one-handed, quiet, painless and humane grooming solutions; to be stylish, light, easy to operate, highly visible and fun to use; and to be hygienic, durable and safe for animal and handler. The SoloComb achieves the same result as a conventional pulling comb, with absolutely no pain to either horse or user. The SoloRake provides a pain-free, pulled look to manes and tails, and works on the most sensitive of animals. Comfortable for both right and left handed use, all SoloGroom tools come with a 1 year guarantee.


If you are looking for a high performance 2-speed clipper, the KM10 Clipper Kit by Wahl is what you need. The KM10 Clipper offers great design, the latest technology and a brushless motor, along with a #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade. The brushless motor in the KM10 Clipper allows for an extended motor life of greater than 10,000 hours with the maximum power, torque and dependability a professional clipper can deliver. To reduce wrist fatigue the KM10 was designed with superior comfort and control featuring a correctly-balanced, low vibration and lightweight ergonomic design.  The KM10 delivers long life, professional quality and durability with a 5-year warranty. 

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