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Tractors and the Ranch

What equipment and products are difference-makers on your horse operation? Here are some favorites

From Horsetrader sales staff - October 2nd, 2014 - Special Section

Arena Technologies
(800) 506-8749

Arena Technologies makes great ground, providing the tools and services to get it done. The company was founded by Randy Fenimore in 2001 with the intent to meet the ground and arena footing needs of multiple competitive horse disciplines. After starting small, the company has steadily grown over the years with a focus on true quality work, customer service, professionalism, and in-depth industry expertise. As Arena Technologies has grown, so have the products and services it offers.

Arena Technologies is the home of the GroundPro arena tool – engineered for unparalleled excellence to properly maintain arena footing. Arena Technologies also provides proven, experienced ground consultation and professional ground services for your facility or event. It is with Randy’s extensive expertise and contacts in the sand and gravel business earned over the past 30 years, as well as his knowledge and background in the horse industry, that Arena Technologies has grown to become the one-stop source for all arena footing needs.

You make great horses. The GroundPro arena drag makes great ground. At Arena Technologies, the team believes your arena is the second most important detail of your performance horse operation – after your horses. With the proper footing provided by the GroundPro, your horse will experience the “cushion” that is necessary in every discipline to resist the impact of the hoof to the ground. Less impact to the horse’s musculoskeletal system substantially decreases soreness and lameness, allowing you to continue to ride and compete throughout the year with fewer chances of injury.

Armour Companies
(800) 876-7706

Offering durability, unique styling, and expanded choices for your stable or barn, Armour Companies is now introducing its Endura-panel product. Endura-panels have excellent insulation properties, are impervious to water, mold, mildew and will not warp, rot or split — guaranteed! Armour offers its half and double Dutch doors and gates, sliding doors and Gossip gates built with the Endura-panels and no rust aluminum framing to create a product that will outlast traditional steel and lumber products. Standard and custom sizes are available upon request. Endura-panels arrive white in color and do not require paint or stain. You can use 100 percent acrylic latex or acrylic latex with polyurethane additives to apply color to Endura-panels, if color is desired. Whether new construction or renovations to your existing structure, your choices are now expanded with Armour’s complete line of no rust aluminum and no rot stall components. Check out Armour Companies at www.armourgates.com or give us a call at (800) 876-7706 to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff.

Bar-Bar-A Horse Drinker
(800) 451-2230

The philosophy at the Bar-Bar-A Horse is that water and electricity don’t mix. Add a horse into the equation, and you can imagine the potential for danger and problems. The reason Bar-Bar-A Horse does not need electricity for its livestock water feeders is that there is no standing water in the unit. The unit is either filling or draining. As a result there is no water left to freeze in the winter or get scalding hot in the summer. With no standing water, there is no possibility for slimy algae growth. This means that you don’t have the weekly cleaning of algae found in horse tanks and even other automatic animal waterers.

Bar-Bar-A has been successfully watering horses the easy way for over 25 years. Horses learn quickly and have ready access to fresh water. In the summertime hot water in traditional automatic waterers, tanks, or buckets limit water consumption. Decreased water consumption results in more trips to the vet and limited mental and body function. In the winter, animals have the same problem of proper water consumption with the standing water exposed to the icy, frigid air. Because the source water for our units comes from a buried water line, the temperature of the water is consistent. In the winter, the water is much warmer than standing water, and in the summer the water is much cooler. 

Whether you are in the hot high desert or the frosty mountains, Bar-Bar-A gives your horses what they need – clean, fresh water at the right temperature — and all this without algae and without electricity. Horses enjoy fresh-tasting water without all the algae that can grow in stagnant standing water. With four models to choose from, you can customize to fit your situation.

Big Sprinkler
(855) 805-7901

Big Sprinkler complete irrigation kits from the makers of Micro Rain products are the perfect gift for anyone with an arena or ranch with pasture to be watered. These quality pumps and heavy, durable sprinkler carts are a very affordable option for watering pasture, arenas, gardens, etc., with flow rates from 25 to 500 gallons per minute. There are four different kits available to choose from. For more info or to place an order, check out the website, www.BigSprinkler.com, or give them a call at (855) 805-7901.

Parma Arena Groomer
(208) 722-5116

The Parma Arena Groomer tool is a great piece of equipment for complete ground preparation in one pass. The Arena Groomer tool uses time proven seed bed preparation techniques – made popular by the Parma Rollaharow – but designed exclusively for the arena. First, the ‘S’ Tines loosen compacted soil and prepare the base; front depth is controlled by the adjustable front hitch. The tines have reversible points that are also replaceable. Next, the leveling bar fills holes and smoothes humps. It is also adjustable to control the amount of dirt carried. At the rear, the pipe roller breaks and pulverizes clods. It firms and packs the base, leaving a soft, uniform surface. The roller is adjustable to control rear depth. There are a variety of sizes available: the 5’, 6’ and 7’ mini models, the 8’, 10’, and 12’ standard models, and the 8’ PRO model. Depending on the size of the Arena Groomer, they can be pulled by medium-size, 4-wheel drive vehicles, including ATV’s, or by tractors up to 60 Horsepower or more. The Parma Arena Groomer ships easily by truck in a simple bolt together package that requires just a couple of wrenches for assembly.

Pauley Equipment Company
(800) 572-8539

Pauley Equipment Company has the largest inventory of tractors and implements in Southern California. As the exclusive dealer for Kubota and New Holland in San Diego and Riverside counties, Pauley Equipment stocks a wide variety of equipment for the farm, ranch, stable, or home. Large or small, new or used, they have it all, as well as service and repair departments with factory-trained technicians and a parts departments with huge inventories. Rentals of products ranging from small lawn and garden equipment to large dozers and everything in between is available. As a family-owned-and-operated business for over 30 years, Pauley Equipment provides its customers with quality service and great value. Call or visit today!

Rainbow Livestock Waterers
(760) 728-4241

Rainbow Livestock Waterers are outstanding and reliable automatic waterers that provide a continuous supply of fresh water for all of your animals. They are built in the U.S. from top-quality materials that are FDA approved and non-toxic. Rainbow Waterers are easily mounted to any structure by bolt connection, and the outer bowl is made of heavy cast aluminum that is rust-free and extremely durable. The easy-to-remove blue poly liner and center clean-out hole in the bowl makes cleaning a very simple and easy process. The proven-design features will provide years of reliable, trouble-free service, and these features along with their attractive appearance will only enhance the richness of your barn or paddock. Visit www.RainbowLivestockWaterers.com for additional information.

Reveal 4-N-1
(937) 444-2609

Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you get the best from your space. The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, hydraulically designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming.
As the name implies, the 4-N-1 provides the function of four major tools. It serves as a chisel plow, capable of plowing up to 7.5 inches deep; a scraper box, used to carry bulk material or fill holes; a harrow beam, raking the ground and breaking up large clumps; and a pulverizer roller, breaking up smaller clumps and firming the surface.

The 4-N-1 is available in 6, 7, and 8 foot tools. The 4-N-1 can also be built in widths of 10, 12 or 14 feet upon request, and are ready to ship in two weeks. Several optional kits are available to make the 4-N-1 really meet your needs, including a water kit, rear wheel kit, and laser kit.

Virtually anyone working with landscapes can do it better and with less effort with the 4-N-1. It can be used on gravel, sand, clay, dirt, rubber-added, and more. This is the only tool endorsed by the NBHA and the ANHA. Pricing depends on options. For a quick estimate or to learn more about the 4-N-1, visit www.Reveal4-N-1.com!

Stotz Equipment
(623) 936-7131

Stotz Equipment is a family-owned, full-service John Deere dealership that has been serving customers since 1947. Formerly known as AZ Machinery, AA Equipment and Greenline Equipment, Stotz Equipment still has the same family ownership, the same great employees, the same core values – only the name has changed!

The store has expanded to 23 stores across the west, and it’s committed to making life easier for customers by increasing the uptime availability of their equipment, developing and maintaining long-term relationships and providing flexible solutions to meet their needs.

Stotz Equipment’s experienced, knowledgeable sales staff is ready to provide you with the right equipment for your application. In addition, Stotz offers unmatched parts availability, plus a staff of factory-trained technicians that are ready to work on virtually any machine you need fixed. They encourage you to stop by and meet the friendly people to see what they can do to make your life easier, at any of our multiple locations across the Western U.S.!

West Coast Footings
(800) 585-7000

West Coast Footings has been recognized as a leading arena footing and equipment provider, for professional and private facilities, for more than 25 years. John Dienhart’s extensive experience in analyzing the characteristics of existing and new arena footings, dirt, sand, and additives, has helped many facilities achieve the best possible consistency for horse safety and high performance ratings.

WCF was born when John and Barb recognized the need for quality arena equipment that would provide the added “cush” and leveling that keeps footing in top working condition. For many years now, John has designed and manufactured premium grooming equipment, as well as provided customers with the best footing additives available. John has partnered with Dean Hendrickson of West Coast Footings-South in Chatsworth to provide the same excellent service to customers in the Southern region.

If your intention is to create a high performance arena, trouble shoot, learn a maintenance program, or purchase the proper arena equipment, contact West Coast Footings. The goal of WCF is to help customers “get the job done right the first time”, achieve desired results, and avoid unnecessary spending. WCF resume includes “all things arena,”, round pens and more. WCF offers on-site or phone consultations.

WestWalk Corporation
(800) 634-0217

Since 1965, WestWalk Corporation has been the trusted name to condition the prized racehorses of such trainers as Bob Baffert, Blane Schvaneveldt, Jerry Fanning and Bruce Hawkinson. Their quality products can be found at premier racetracks such as Santa Anita, Del Mar, Golden Gate Fields, Yavapai Downs and Turf Paradise. Featuring four- and six- horse models, their hot walkers offer a safety quick release, sturdy fiberglass cover, optional solid or folding head, and a raised base for air circulation. Call (800) 634-0217 for more details, and visit www.WestWalk.com to view the full range of products, which includes wash racks, drags, cross ties and storm towers, for dust control.

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