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From Horsetrader sales staff - November 20th, 2014 - Horsetowns 2014
A colt prancing about on Aljassimya Farm.

A colt prancing about on Aljassimya Farm.

Aljassimya Farm

The Santa Ynez Valley in California has seen the some of the most serious and dedicated Arabian breeders of the last hundred years set up in its’ spectacular valleys and mellow climate. These natural advantages are hard to overlook in seeking a place of perfection for horse breeding, but so is the rich Arabian history, which provides a wealth of knowledge, both old and new. Knowing they inhabit a center of excellence with an unusual density of Arabian horses, Californian breeders have cooperated to form the Santa Ynez Valley Arabian Horse Association which has set up several unique initiatives in the last few years, dedicated to bringing the wonderful nature of the Arabian horse to the public.

Last year they began with an Amateurs only foal and yearling show, the Arabian Foal Festival held in Santa Ynez, to be held each year in October. In 2014, they ran the inaugural Santa Ynez Gelding Futurity, which allows new owners to buy quality Arabian geldings and then win money with them at the Arabian Foal Festival. This years’ happy winner, Kris Johnston, took home $4,502 with her Aljassimya Farm bred gelding, Jafar AJF. She is still eligible to come back next year to compete in a different class for more money!

In 2012 Aljassimya Farm of Qatar based their world-class breeding program under the management of 100 Oaks Ranch in Santa Ynez. They are proud to be a part of this amazing area. As owners of World Champion Arabian breeding stock, they are delighted that their geldings made new owners very happy this fall!

Arroyo Arabians
(805) 325-8026

Arroyo Arabians specializes in training Arabian and Half Arabian performance horses in the Western, English, and Hunter divisions, while preparing their amateur riders for Class A, Regional, and National level competitions. We have a small, boutique, friendly barn of life-long horse people who take time with each individual and horse. The riding lessons with trainer, Kelly Elm, are productive and positive for both horse and rider. Join our successful Amateur program whether you are a seasoned show person or a novice, and bring the joy and passion and fun back to riding and showing horses. We invite you to bring your horse for a free lesson, with no commitment to see if Arroyo Arabians is the place for you. We have a fine selection of sale horses available for purchase as well as a new lesson program for beginners.

Black Iron Farrier – Robert Barnes
(805) 686-4311

Born and raised around horses in California, Robert Barnes started riding and working with horses at 7 years old. Motivated by his love of horses and his desire to bring comfort to their feet (ever seen a happy horse with bad feet?), Robert learned from horse shoers in the small towns from the Santa Ynez Valley, and as an apprentice in Kentucky, under renowned farriers Rick Redden and Joey ‘Miracle Joe’ Carroll. Returning to the Santa Ynez Valley, Robert began his Black Iron Farrier business and was certified in 1999 with the American Farriers Association.

Robert and his family live in Los Olivos, along with their four horses. In his time off, he enjoys taking out hunters and others, like famous National Geographic photographer, Galen Roull, out on horseback, through the Eastern Sierra mountains, to experience the beauty of nature, along with the companionship of a good horse.

For the last 23 years, he has provided some of California’s biggest farms with his highly skilled services. Robert shoes about 40 horses a week for clients, including Monty Python star John Cleese, Titanic director James Cameron, and singer/songwriter Jackson Browne, along with highly competitive hunters, jumpers, dressage horses and college programs. Using the latest techniques, including composite and therapeutic aluminum shoes, Robert specializes in lameness prevention and recovery, evaluation of the hairline and how it affects the whole equine muscular/skeletal harmony. Always learning and expanding his knowledge, he also assists Hoof-It Technologies with research and development of hoof care, special shoes and farrier tools.

Price Ranch

Price Ranch offers full service training, lessons, rehabilitation and retirement programs in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. Price Ranch was a vision come to reality for both Brad and I. We have both come together from very different backgrounds – he from a real working ranch and cattle environment, and me from the dressage and showing world. Although it took us a little while to learn to speak a common training “language”, we came to realize that what we do, what we are looking for, in regards to all of our horses, is very similar. We want our horses to feel like a supple, balanced, well schooled dressage horse, but operate with the confidence and common sense of a good ranch horse. 

Our program builds horses that are able to go on and do whatever their owners want to do with them – from trail trials, to competing on cattle, to showing in a ring. We value the importance of understanding the biomechanics of both horse and rider to develop horses who operate first from the seat and riders who understand that this is their most important aid.

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program for injured horses is a focus for us – we hope to restore these horses back to successful performance by combining our knowledge with the many renowned professional vets and alternative therapies available to us in the Santa Ynez Valley.
We have also carefully selected the breeding stallion, Esbelto CL, a 2009 16 hand buckskin Lusitano, to breed horses for both success in dressage and working equitation, as well as crossing on AQHA mares for a more balanced, athletic ranch horse. We are thrilled with his first 2014 colt!
We welcome horses of all breeds in our program and starting young horses under saddle is Brad’s specialty.

Midland School
(805) 688-5114

Midland School provides a unique college preparatory boarding school experience to a diverse student body. Through study and work it teaches the value of a lifetime of learning, self-reliance, simplicity, responsibility to community and the environment, and love for the outdoors.
Caring for horses is good, hard work, requiring regular handling, grooming, exercise, stimulation, creativity (to save schooling horses from becoming bored), and elbow grease – from bucking hay to managing manure. Using horses in ranch work – transporting people and goods around campus, farming the land, and fostering a fun spirit of competition – instills values of simplicity, self-reliance, responsibility to the animals and community, and a meaningful work ethic. Participants in the horse-riding classes learn balanced and thoughtful riding techniques. Advanced students help to school new horses to the riding string – and further develop their skills in areas such as collection and extension, lateral movements, and competitive show patterns. All students get out and ride on Midland’s 35 miles of trails. Several horse camping trips occur during the school year.

Rancho Oso Resort
(805) 683-5687

Want to rough it, but still need the comforts of home? Rancho Oso offers upgraded cabins and cottages situated in the majesty of the Los Padres National Forest, just a 30-minute drive from Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez wine country. Upgraded guest cottages include a queen bedroom, double sofa/sleeper, bunk bed, kitchen and bath, TV/DVD, and gas BBQ grill outside.

Bring your own horses and ride out onto miles of trails, surrounded by the beauty of nature, including local wildlife like turkeys, deer, and golden eagles. The dry weather is perfect for a late fall or winter camping trip. There are RV hookup sites near the guest corrals, or you can rough it in your own tent, or book one of the ranch’s rustic bunkhouse cabins or covered wagons.
In addition to friendly staff and trail guides, Rancho Oso offers weekend meals, convenience store, wine tasting, and guided trail rides on their string of safe, gentle horses. Other facilities on the ranch include tennis and basketball courts, mini-golf, horseshoes, hiking trails, and weekend activities for kids and families. Visit www.rancho-oso.com for a complete list of activities, meals, and more. See you on the trail!

Patty Murphy Country Estates
(805) 680-8571

My passion and experience has been in all facets of farm and ranch life. I grew up on a cattle ranch in the San Joaquin Valley before attending and graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Subsequent to working for the troubleshooting and marketing division of Pepsi Cola in Puerto Rico, I managed one of the first organic produce ranches in Santa Barbara. From there I moved to Ireland and took advantage of the time to travel the world and ride hunters across the country side of that magic country. My family has been involved in raising Thoroughbred race horses and I have competed in both cutting and team penning. I love the land and have been selling premium properties in the Santa Ynez Valley since 1983. I love to share with my clients, the nooks and crannies as well as majesty of this incredible area.

Santa Ynez Feed & Milling Co. Inc.
(805) 688-6404

Walking into the Santa Ynez Feed and Milling Company, you immediately experience the feeling of an old rustic feed mill. The smells of the bales of hay and sacks of grain take over your senses. As you stroll through the feed store, you can see the wide variety of pet foods. Companies like Canidae, Nutro, Science Diet, Innova, Natural Balance, Eagle and Iams are among the many. Pet products such as leashes, treats, collars and tug toys are also available. The Feed Store bird section carries all varieties of seeds and accessories. And the fish department carries fresh water fish you may purchase along with tanks, filters and food.

There is a Western tack room full of Navajo saddle blankets, saddles, bits and headstalls. As you pass by a large selection of Ariat boots you head upstairs to the English tack room, offering horse blankets, saddles, bridles and riding attire including helmets and gloves. The Feed Store purchases some of the Valley’s highest quality of hay. The alfalfa and forage comes from a ranch in the Cuyama Valley. The timothy and orchard hay come from Northern California and Canada. Other large animal feed brands include Purina, Ace Hi, Manna Pro, Kruse Triple Crown and ASI.

We also have our own line of shavings called Santa Ynez Shavings. Manufactured in Northern California, they can be shipped to customers all over the state. Drop by and enjoy a great shopping day! If you own an animal or just want to experience some of the Santa Ynez Country, we look forward to seeing you. 

Santa Ynez Saddlery
(805) 688-8318

Founded in 2011 by long-time saddle maker, Antonio Ortega and master horseman, Ramon Becerra, Santa Ynez Saddlery is your source for custom made leather goods. Both men have spent a lifetime creating leather goods for both horses and their people.

Located on Avenue of the Flags in Buellton, Santa Ynez Saddlery has a wide selection in stock of new and used saddles and tack, do amazing custom work, saddle cleaning and can repair just about anything made of leather. Their inventory is expanding regularly so stop in often. They look forward to seeing you soon and invite you to visit their Facebook page, to see what’s currently in stock!

Joe Olla Realty
(805) 451-4870

After 25 years of doing business from the same location in the Santa Ynez Valley, we’ve earned a reputation with our clients for honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We pride ourselves that our clients return that loyalty with repeat business and refer their friends as well. Simply put, that’s because we do business the old fashioned way…the “Cowboy Way!” 

Joe Olla Realty is a name you can trust, experience and knowledge you can count on and a BRAND you can depend on! Drop by and visit next time you’re in the Valley. We’d love to meet you! 

All American Trailers North
(805) 688-1999

Aaron Schwarzwalter at All American Trailers North in Buellton is celebrating thirty years (1984 to 2014) at Highway “101” in Buellton! All American Trailers North features quality horse trailers from top name manufacturers, such as Logan, Elite, Banens and CM. In addition, All American Trailers North is proud to be Platinum Manufacturing’s newest dealer! Platinum horse trailers have set the all aluminum quality bar for the industry. Come on in if you’re in the Santa Ynez area, if you need a trailer or have one to sell.

Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club
(805) 479-5202

Sportsmanship, Stewardship, Leadership through Horsemanship – The Santa Ynez Valley Pony Club (SYVPC) is based in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County, California. As a part of the Camino Real Region Pony Club and the United States Pony Club (USPC), our mission is “to develop character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.”

One of the oldest Pony Clubs in the area, SYVPC was founded in 1976 at Shepherd Ranch, where the Club continues to meet. Our program stresses individual effort and self-sufficiency, as well as encouraging teamwork among the members. We teach each member the skills to take complete responsibility for their horse’s health, training, and care.

The Pony Club provides many learning opportunities to horse lovers between the ages of 6 – 24. It also introduces Pony Club members to a wide variety of disciplines — dressage, cross country, show jumping and eventing. For more information, please contact Jennifer Johnson at (805) 479-5202

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