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What makes the areas of East San Diego County terrific ‘Horsetowns’?

From the Horsetrader eArena - December 18th, 2014 - eArena

Dea Allen
Lakeside, CA

“I like boarding at Heartland Ranch in East County. It’s not as congested with traffic and has lower population density than other areas. The natural beauty of this part of San Diego is appealing to me. I also love the equestrian center where my horse lives as the owners are very proactive in keeping the amenities in great condition and adding new amenities.”

Bethany Pappani-Judd – Distinction Ranch
Alpine, CA

“Len and I have been living and working in the area for over 17 years and absolutely love it. Raising horses in as natural an environment as possible is critical to the process that we engage in when working with horses. There is no substitute for the nearly 500 acre private ranch we are located at, just a few minutes east of Alpine. Our horses, as well as our clients’ live within herd groups in expansive pastures and large paddocks. The trail system is extensive, allowing us to start colts that we have prepared physically and mentally by ponying them along with other horses, with and without tack for miles or just take a fun hack out. The herd groups gymnasticize each other during play and allow for a mentally happy and physically balanced horse. We are also blessed with wonderful state parks nearby and forest land abutting the ranch that provides many additional miles of established equestrian trails that we take advantage for field outings and Endurance training.”

Elizabeth Johnson
El Cajon, CA

“I started teaching dressage in San Diego in 1979 and moved to East County in 1982.  East San Diego County is a special horse community to me because it allows me to work with people and horses from all walks of life. Being in a discipline that is not the norm in this area, it has given me an appreciation for the riders that want to learn my discipline but may be focused on other aspects of riding as well. In my mobile business travelling all around East County I get to experience this fully! But we are close enough to the bigger dressage events to stay involved in the top tier of the sport. And as anyone who has been through an East County fire with horses, it is a community that can really come together!”

Melinda Nelson
Lakeside, CA

“Heartland Ranch Equestrian Center located in Lakeside California is an excellent facility for both horse and rider. The facility has excellent covered corrals that are maintained better than any that I have seen or been at in East County. The arenas, 3 riding, and 2 round pens, are maintained and dragged on a daily basis, not to mention great footing.  They have a vet clinic once or twice a month and have a special cross tie area just for the vets and farriers. There are two excellent trainers for every level of riding. Not to mention the ECHO/Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association shows that are put on during the season. The trees are growing and making ample shade, there is plenty of parking and a riding track all around the facility. The boarders, owners, trainers and all people involved with Heartland Ranch are friendly and have a ‘happy joyous’ personality. Heartland Ranch Equestrian Center is Del Mar Horsepark in Lakeside!”  

Karen Ensall – President, Lakeside Frontier Riders
Lakeside, CA

“We love Lakeside not just because we have over 4,000 horses and 60 horse-related businesses and many other equestrian facilities such as the Lakeside Rodeo, Pillsbury Riding and Driving Club, Tumbleweed Arena, Sun-Bar Roping, San Diego Team Penning and miles of trails from the river bottom to the challenging El Capitan Mountain to the beautiful Sycamore Canyon and Oak Oasis trails, but we really love Lakeside because it is a little bit of country in the big city. For horse lovers, we have it all.”

Monica Swenson
Lakeside, CA

“I moved my horse 6 months ago to Heartland Ranch from North County. The move has been the best decision ever. The views from the ranch are gorgeous. The mountains are majestic and the sounds of birds are so peaceful. The people have been so friendly and helpful. Everything I need is close by from Carter’s to great places to grab something to eat. I absolutely love my horse’s new home!”

Brandy Luna
Lakeside, CA

“East County is an amazing place to board. Not only are there great trails nearby, you can be up in Ramona in less than 20 minutes. And talk trainers – some of the best are hidden away in East County!”

Susan Page
Lakeside, CA

“I love boarding and riding my horse in east county. Every horse discipline is represented, and you never have to feel intimidated. You can show or not show…you never feel less of a horse person. The care and facilities available for our horses and horse owners match any available in any other area of San Diego.”    

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  1. Kendrew Says:

    My family and I vseitid the farm yesterday and I must say its definitely one of our favorite places to stop. While we were there, we purchased some beeswax candles and melts from one of your vendors and I am trying to remember the name of the company. Mabey you could help us with this? We loved their beeswax tart melts so much that I was hoping that they have a website so we could order more since we live a couple of hours away. Thanks

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