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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Use them more.

Eddie Reyes

I am currently a member of the Cabazon Mounted Posse with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. My New Year’s resolution is to qualify both my two horses so I can best service my community.

Sandi Wilks

Enjoy the sweet moments of pleasure with her each and every day. Re-enforce how dear she is to me. Always give her high-quality feed and lots of trail exercise. Allow more time to listen and watch my mare, so I will improve my communication skills and continue to give her precious lovings.

Linda Illumanardi

Linda Illumanardi

Linda Illumanardi

My Tillie is the first horse I have raised from a baby, and she is a sweet, solid steed. (Formerly, I had only worked remedial horses off the race tracks.) My resolution this year is to achieve her flying lead change. I believe we are on our way with her foundation on transitions. Because she nearly bucked off my friend who rides her twice a week the last time this effort was attempted, I am going slow and steady. Sometimes when ridden by my horse pal, she looks at her in a sassy way as if to say, ‘YOU are NOT my mother.’ If I’m successful, I will also include that I will ride her in a few local shows in 2015! Wish me luck.

Julia Erickson

I will be using my horses to make a difference in the world! 2015 marks the beginning of our non-profit program for foster, homeless and underprivileged kids through college age. We will be using the horses to help build confidence and self esteem and teaching communication skills that will be useful in the community and in life through learning to work with the ‘herd’ mentality.

Diane Carter

Diane Carter

Diane Carter
San Juan Capistrano

My resolution for 2015 is to camp more with my horses and have more fun with my horsey friends!

Sylvia Caldwell
Borrego Springs

At Borrego Valley Ranch, we breed and raise AQHA horse standing our famous stallion Skip Legacy. We currently own 10 horses. Our goal for 2015 is to sell all but four saddle horses to loving, forever homes…and continue to breed Skip to outside mares.

Linda Krajewski
My resolution for my mare and me is to keep an open mind as to what we can still accomplish as a team. We have both had some challenges (her health, my health and my finances) that have put us on the sidelines for a while, but 2015 is a new year full of new possibilities. I’m going to keep my chin up, love my horse, and see what tomorrow brings!

Debbie Grossberg

Debbie Grossberg

Debbie Grossberg
Rancho Cucamonga

I am fixing up my horse trailer so I can do more trail-riding with my husband. I also intend to enlarge my corral into a riding arena.

Kimberly Zimmermann
Get out from under the manure fork and ON my horses backs and ride! The chores can take a back seat for a change.

M. Watton
I plan to take our horses camping with my daughter. She will be 17 this year and we will never have time together like we have now. I treasure the days we have spent together with our horses, and in her teenage-years these are the times that we get along the best and really enjoy each other’s company. I would encourage all parents to join their children in activities with horses; don’t just watch from the side of the arena. It’s not the same experience as riding together.

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