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Before your next trip to the feed or tack store, be sure to check our our Store$aver coupons from your favorite locations, updated in print and online every two weeks! Women’s clothing up to 50% off at Hawthorne’s in Escondido? Yep. Discounts on all fly products at Armstrong’s Feed in Valley Center? Yep. And, hats at Broken Horn, wave rakes at Thrifty Horse in Norco, men’s Ariat jeans at Herradura de Oro…you get the picture, now get the savings!

Introducing the AAH Light — the most convenient and versatile light therapy device available for your healing needs. In this one light there are three different power settings and the ability to interchange colored heads. With this flexibility, you are sure to have the right tool with you for whatever situation you encounter. The AAH Light is used in both direct applications: “put it where it hurts”, and with indirect applications by following acupressure charts to stimulate the body for specific conditions. Whether you are addressing acute or chronic issues, find out how you can get fast relief. The AAH Light is very easy to use and requires minimal training to be effective. For more information visit www.aahlight.com or call 855-224-5481.

The Compton Jr. Posse’s week-long summer day camps are enrolling now! Children from ages 8-18 are encouraged to participate in learning to build relationships with both each other and horses. The CJP has been “Keeping kids on horses and off the streets!” for over 20 years. These are challenging times for everyone, especially for youth. The Compton Jr. Posse (CJP) was developed to provide inner-city youth with year round after school alternatives to the lure of gang and drug lifestyles. For over 20 years, the Compton Jr. Posse has given inner city kids hope by teaming them with horses. Through these equestrian activities, youth develop responsibility, discipline and self-esteem. Students learn to set and achieve both academic and career goals. There can be no better investment in their future. You can become a life-changing partner in supporting the CJP programs by making monthly pledges of $20 or more. To sign up, visit www.ComptonJrPosee.org or call 310-632-1247.

If you’re looking to purchase dac® equine supplement, Helen Rasmussen is an authorized California dac® dealer. Since 1983, the Direct Action Company, Inc. (a.k.a. dac® Vitamins and Minerals) has offered superior, effective equine and livestock supplements. Dac® is a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and was one of the first companies to earn the coveted NASC Quality Seal. They began with a single product called Direct Action. It was based on a “new” feed technology called chelation, where a mineral is wrapped with an enzyme to naturally enhance the utilization of the mineral. Today, biotechnology in the feed business has gone from an obscure area of research to technology to give our customers products that will enhance the performance of their horses whether they are working in the fields or showing in the ring. Currently, the dac® offers approximately 40 products. By working with biotech firms and research specialists, we are able to offer products that are geared to meet the unique needs of the animal and its owner. Contact Helen with any questions at 760-870-4560 or 411dac@gmail.com. Ask her about free shipping.

Why Rid O Rock? Founded in 2003, Rid O Rock was conceived with the idea of helping owners of all kinds of facilities remove rocks in horse arenas, race tracks, fair grounds, pastures, fields, schools, and many other venues. Over the years, they’ve perfected the process and are much more efficient. Their screening process begins by reconditioning the existing material by removing debris and rock to 3/8’s minus. In a one pass operation, the material fines left to a desired depth of 6 inches helps create a rock free base. After screening, they harrow the arena so it will be perfect for horse and rider to go out and ride without risk of getting injured. For a rock free footing, contact Rid O Rock. Serving the entire southwest, call 602-284-3749 and visit www.ridoroc.com for more information.

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