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Perfect Grooming

From the routine to special moments, the right look stems from the right products

- August 16th, 2015 - Ingate Column, Special Section

Big Mare™, 909-908-6649, BigMare.com
When you hear or read that Big Mare™ skin, wound and hoof care products have it all, they really do. With an innovative new Controlled Delivery System (CDS), these solutions offer more than the “singular dimensional” benefits of micro-encapsulation by delivering a smaller molecule deeper into the skin. These combined actives work together and offer time-released benefits for round-the-clock healing. Available for both equine and canine, these anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulas are available in a Body Wash, All-purpose Skin Solution, Wound Lotion, Thrush Spray and White Line Gel. Ask your store today for Big Mare™. It heals, prevents and maintains healthy skin and hoofs. As the slogan says: “Because you care…Big Mare™!” Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

Braideez©, braideez.com, Braideez© braiding wire is a recently patented braiding material that makes braiding your horse’s mane and tail easier on you and your horse. By using this plastic-coated copper wire in place of yarn, thread or elastic bands, you can create moldable braids that can be formed by hand without the use of needles and pull through tools. The braids stay in, can be adjusted in moments, and come out in seconds without damaging a single hair! The wires are soft, easy to cut with scissors or nail clippers and reusable.
The idea for using wire for braiding horse’s manes and tails was conceived by Sandy Rabinowitz, the managing partner of Witzend Workshop of Bethany, Conn. Witzend Workshop is a family-owned and run business that manufactures Twisteezwire, an arts and craft wire. Sandy is a life-long equestrian who hated to braid manes because she suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. Braiding for shows using needles and yarn/thread or elastics proved too painful. In a moment of inspiration and desperation she decided to use her company’s wire to braid her horse before a show. The result exceeded her expectations, and now she likes braiding. To see videos of Braideez being used and print out directions for various braid styles go to their website.

Double K Industries Horse Sense, 800-821-9449, www.DoubleKindustries.com
The Horse Sense line of shampoos is a perfect choice for deep, thorough yet gentle cleaning and conditioning. Unique synergy of natural coconut-based surfactants in Horse Sense shampoos gets all the dirt out and removes stains and yellowing. All Horse Sense products leave coats lustrous and shiny, improves health by unclogging pores and restoring the skins vitality. Humectant- and emollient-rich formulas are easy on your hands, and they enriches the animal’s skin. Extreme concentration creates great value. Long-lasting results leave animals looking, feeling and smelling great long after any of the Horse Sense products are used. The products are safe to use regularly for beautiful show ring results, and also great for dogs and most other animals.

EZ Wash Wand, 844-EZWash1, EZWashWand.com
Make washing your horse “E-Z” with the EZWash Wand®. This revolutionary washing wand is an ergonomically designed, powerful yet easy to control tool. The high-pressure adjustable spray reaches down through the coat to the skin to improve circulation and rinse residuals from shampooing. The directional control speeds washing time and conserving water, and is easy to use at any age. It makes a perfect gift for all your 4H and FFA students. Save time, save water and save money with the EZWash Wand®.

Santa Cruz Animal Health, scahealth.com.
Santa Cruz Animal Health carries a full line of equine grooming supplies designed to give your horse a healthy, shiny and luxurious coat. The company’s premium brand of UltraCruz® Equine Grooming Products includes shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and polishes made from natural products to help keep your horse’s coat, mane, and tail clean and healthy. Carefully formulated with high quality ingredients, the UltraCruz® Equine Grooming line includes hydrolyzed collagen and aloe vera to moisturize and strengthen your horse’s hair. UltraCruz® Equine Shampoo is carefully formulated with naturally based cleaning agents and enriched with proteins, vitamins, moisturizers and emollients to thoroughly clean hair without stripping natural oils. UltraCruz® Equine Conditioner can be used as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner to give your horse a lustrous silky appearance. Spray UltraCruz® Equine Polish on your horse for that ready-to-show shine. UltraCruz® also carries a complete line of grooming products for livestock and dogs.

Shawn O Shine, 888-624-3460, ShawnOShine.com
The Shawn O Shine horse-wash wand is a patented design that washes and sheds water in one easy motion. 
It’s ideal for use on all ranch animals, including dogs and livestock. Features that make the device effective include its adjustable water flow control valve and an “Easy Grip” handle that reduces wash time and water use. The power sprays water vertically from the bar, providing deep-cleaning action down to the hide or skin. Easy to use for all ages, this American-made device comes in two convenient sizes, a large wand size that is 27 inches, and a connection, small wand size that is 19.5 inches.
The Shawn O Shine team believes that all animals deserve the opportunity to be clean, healthy and happy, and they strive to provide the best pet-washing experience for all animals. Their goal is simple: To improve pet cleanliness worldwide through state-of-the-art, patented bathing products. By providing comprehensive information about animal washing as well as skin disorders and related health issues, they also hope to educate pet owners about the importance of animal hygiene. And they are confident their products positively affect pets worldwide!

StripHair, StripHair.com
The gentle groomer, Striphair, is unique — unlike anything you’ve ever seen and in position to revolutionize daily horse care! StripHair is a flexible, yet durable, grooming tool made of a unique material, superior to traditional tools made with rigid teeth or stiff bristles. StripHair is tough enough to sweep away all loose hair, dirt, dried mud and sweat, but gentle enough to safely groom your horse’s entire body, including tender areas. StripHair will never damage the coat or irritate sensitive skin, and in addition to effectively cleaning the coat, each sweep of the StripHair eases hard-working muscles, increases blood circulation, relaxes and smoothes hair follicles, and distributes the skin’s natural oils throughout the coat. With regular use, horses develop a healthy natural shine! The beauty of StripHair is its simplicity — so simple, it can be kept in your pocket! Nothing to break, rust or get bogged down with hair and dirt. The folks behind Stiphair say it’s time for a good-bye to the brush, curry, shedder and scraper, and for a hello to a more efficient grooming experience both you and your horse will love!
Order online at StripHair.com to join a worldwide community of horse lovers sharing reviews on Facebook.com/StripHair.

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