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Integrity Rice Bran is often that needed ‘extra’

Horsetrader Sales Staff - September 17th, 2015 - General News, Ingate Column

Does your horse need a few more healthy calories? Try supplementing with Integrity® Rice Bran. Horse owners seeking healthy weight gain or weight maintenance for their horse often turn to a rice bran supplement. Available in meal and nugget, rice bran is high in fat and helps horses get the extra calories needed for building a little more lean muscle. Horses will love the taste of Integrity Rice Bran. It is a dry source of healthy fat that tastes much better than oil. People don’t eat vegetable oil straight because it would taste bland. Horses think so too! They would much rather consume their energy in a dry form, such as Rice Bran pellets or meal.

Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran is a high-fat diet that also adds and enhances a healthy skin coat. One of the attributes that makes this feed superior is that it is calcium-phosphorous balanced. That means when you add it to a balanced feed, the calcium-phosphorus ratio of the feed will not be altered, and your horse will still be fed the nutritionally balanced diet you’ve intended. Integrity feeds use Alltech® prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health. Why is that so important? Because a healthy gut usually means a healthy horse. Scientific benefits aside, this is just a darn good feed with high quality ingredients including ground flaxseed, added Vitamin E, and probiotics and prebiotics.

Integrity products offer balanced feeds for all types of horses: Adult/Senior (with or without Molasses), Growth, Low Starch Lite (with or without Molasses), Low Starch with Timothy, Mare & Foal, Performance and Stabilized Rice Bran Meal or Nugget. These quality horse feeds are available in feed stores throughout California and Arizona. To find a feed store near you, call Star Milling at (800) 733-6455 or go to www.starmilling.com/dealer.

SmartPak Celebrates Three Years of Healthier Horses with ColiCare™
Colic is a potentially deadly and unfortunately common condition that affects horses of all ages, breeds, and disciplines. In fact, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) estimates 900,000 horses will colic each year in the U.S. alone. For some horses, surgical intervention is the only treatment option, but unfortunately between the surgery itself and the post-operative care, it can become quite expensive. That’s why SmartPak developed ColiCare, a program that provides horse owners with a simple way to protect themselves and their horses.

ColiCare is a FREE wellness program that provides up to $7,500 in colic surgery reimbursement. It brings together SmartPak’s best hindgut supplements with annual wellness care from a veterinarian to help keep horses healthy. ColiCare was launched in 2012 and since then it has become the nation’s largest and most popular colic surgery reimbursement program. Thousands of horse owners have been enjoying the ultimate peace of mind by supporting their horse’s health and ensuring they have the financial resources to provide the care every horse deserves.

There are six different supplement formulas that are ColiCare eligible, from basic hindgut support to multi-purpose formulas that cover joint, hoof, coat, hindgut and stomach health. ColiCare is popular with both horse owners and veterinarians alike. Horse owners who have used ColiCare coverage also recommend it to others, based on the quick and simple reimbursement provided.
Signing up for ColiCare is easy – horse owners can enroll over the phone or with a quick visit to SmartPak’s website, and there’s no additional paperwork! The only other program requirements are four annual wellness requirements, which are provided by the veterinarian. These include a physical and dental exam, vaccinations administered by a veterinarian, and a deworming program developed with the veterinarian. Providing these preventive services annually helps to keep horses healthy and spot any issues early on. To learn more about the ColiCare program, or to enroll your horse, visit www.SmartPak.com/ColiCare to get started.

Come celebrate the 30th Annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo on Oct. 10-11. Founded in 1985, this event has donated over $2.2 million to special children in need in the greater San Gabriel Valley area. Each year this PRCA sanctioned Rodeo (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) takes place in October. A Community Kids Day precedes the event with local school children being able to watch the rodeo with their teachers as part of a lesson plan covering early western days.

Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10-11, will be public event afternoons with the professional rodeo (with bull riding, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, team roping, and barrel racing. Join us for exciting Motocross that will take place on both Rodeo days. Justin Rumford, a professional rodeo clown, will keep the fans laughing, and Tomas Garcilazo, a charro-style trick rope artist, will be a real crowd-pleaser. Additional entertainment both days includes the Norco Rodeo Cowgirl Drill Team, youngsters competing in “Calf Riders Only” and much more the whole family is sure to enjoy at the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo.

The Industry Manufacturers Council is proud to support and promote The Gabriel Foundation’s annual Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo. Their donation of work, time and financial support of area youth sets a high standard. For more information, call (626) 961-6892 or visit www.industryhillsprorodeo.org.

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