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Looks like the best line-up ever at Horse Expo Pomona

From the Horsetrader Sales Staff - January 7th, 2016 - Ingate Column

InGate graphicIn less than a month, turnstiles at the Fairplex in Pomona will be spinning with attendees at the 2016 Horse Expo Pomona, eager to experience what looks to be the best line-up of clinicians yet to the L.A. County venue. Here’s the line-up:

Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, Richard Winters, Eitan Beth-Halchmy, Jonathan Field, Craig Cameron, Charles Wilhelm and Brandi Lyons. The non-headliner favorites will include Gary Lane, Bonnie Davis, Robert Eversole, Mary Kitzmiller, Laura Batts, Nancy Loving, DVM, and Heidi McLaughlin. The updated list of clinicians and also vendors is on horseexpoevents.com, and you can make your own “Don’t Miss List!” already using the cool mobile/web feature provided by horsetrader.com! The 2016 Horse Expo Pomona will take place Feb. 5-7. See ad on page 33!

Frosting arena footing additive is the culmination of extensive study and development. Through research, development, and testing, ReitenRight creates the world’s most innovative equestrian products, enabling both horse and rider to reach their full potential and the most advanced arena footing additive available. Every facet from the performance benefits to the environmental impact was reviewed and results in a product that truly is the best of all worlds.

The well-being of riders, horses, and the environment are paramount to everyone at ReitenRight. Frosting contains only materials that exceed both European and North American standards for goods that come into direct contact with human skin. Furthermore, it is PVC- and phthalate-free. To top it all off, Frosting is antimicrobial so it resists mold and mildew, prolonging the performance of the material. This makes it an ideal material for both your indoor and outdoor horse arena footing.

Frosting is a blend of both open-cell and closed-cell materials. Picture a sponge and bubble wrap, respectively. The open-cell particles absorb and retain moisture helping to bind the surrounding footing, reduce dust, and minimize watering needs. The closed-cell particles provide excellent energy return and add a spring to your horse’s stride. The overall result is superb cushioning without compromised traction.

Frosting is comprised of the very same materials found in natural rubber athletic mats. These materials were sought out and selected by ReitenRight’s development team because of the extremely high performance, durability, and health specifications inherent in these products. However, they didn’t stop there, as not all mats are created equal. Only very select styles and makes of mats are incorporated into Frosting. This ensures that toxins and contaminants that may pose a threat to riders, horses and the environment have no place in your arena.

The company’s vision: That every ride is perfectly sound. For more information, visit www.ReitenRight.com or call 877-275-1598.

Tilley Andalusians is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Andalusian breed through select breeding services and sales. Nadine Tilley is the owner and breeder of Tilley Andalusians.  Being a competitor in all divisions of performances with her horses, driving has become her favorite discipline.

“The Andalusian is a superior driving horse, not only for its presence but also for its tractability and stamina,” says Nadine. “I have successfully introduced the Andalusian to the driving world in the disciplines of combined driving, traditional driving and antique carriage competitions. This love has earned me the affectionate title, Our Lady of Perpetual Driving. This title bestowed by Ms. Connie Leshin, a leading show announcer of many years.”

Tilley Andalusians has been successfully winning National Grand Champion and National Champion titles, as well as numerous Regional Championship titles in both halter and performance disciplines. Tilley Andalusians is proud to have some of the finest Andalusian and Lusitano horses in the country, and will continue to breed for The Tradition of Quality! Located in Thousand Oaks at the beautiful Fieldstone Farms. Visit www.tilleyandalusians.com and see ad on page 21.



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