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From supplements to entertainment, vendors at Horse Expo Pomona would like to meet you, the Southern California horseperson. Here are some 2016 favorites.

- January 21st, 2016 - Feature Article, Special Section

Adeptus Nutrition, Inc.
BOOTH 9133
San Diego-based Adeptus Nutrition, Inc., a provider of quality nutritional supplements, was founded in 2000 by PhD equine nutritionist and physiologist Dr. Colleen Wilson.  The advanced products offered by Adeptus encompass not only every nutritional need that your horses might have, but also products for your dog, cat – and even you! Dr. Wilson has the educational background combined with horse industry experience to effectively formulate supplements that work and satisfy practical needs.  Only digestible and proven active ingredients are used in Adeptus products, so your horses and pets can absorb and utilize the ingredients.  Consumers get their money’s worth with Adeptus products! Dr. Wilson and her knowledgeable staff are available to work out an effective and nutritionally correct feeding program.  Check out the Adeptus Nutrition Facebook page and sign up for free monthly newsletters from Dr. Wilson.

Big Mare™
BOOTH 7309
Big Mare™ skin, wound and hoof care products have it all. With its innovative new Controlled Delivery System (CDS), these solutions offer more than the “singular dimensional” benefits of micro-encapsulation by delivering a smaller molecule deeper into the skin. These combined actives working together offer time released benefits for round the clock healing. Available for both equine and canine, these anti bacterial and anti fungal formulas are available in a Body Wash, All Purpose Skin Solution, Wound Lotion, Thrush Spray and White Line Gel. Ask your store today for Big Mare™. It heals, prevents and maintains healthy skin and hoofs. Because you care…Big Mare™. Dealer inquiries welcome.

California Dressage Society
BOOTH 7313
Before its presence at the Expo Pomona, the California Dressage Society will conduct its annual statewide meeting and symposium Jan. 23-24 (see ad, page XX). CDS symposiums have long been a highlight of the California dressage calendar, often starring world-famous trainers as presenters: Kyra Kyrklund, Debbie McDonald, Conrad Schumacher, and Christine Stuckelberger to name just a few. This year’s Symposium on Jan. 23-24, will take a new approach – it stars the horse itself, “Evaluating the Sport Horse Form and Function,” presented by two renowned dressage professors who are esteemed trainers, judges, breeders and teachers: Kristi Wysocki and William Solyntjes. It was a stellar hit when they headlined the 2013 USDF Convention in Kentucky, and has been talked about ever since as an outstanding educational event.
This year’s format straddles two days, with options for attending either day or both. Saturday afternoon’s classroom lecture lays the foundation for Sunday’s demonstration, so attending both sessions is highly recommended. Kristi and Bill communicate the theory and principles of conformation with humor, examples, and interactive methods of evaluating conformation. Discussion is all about real horses, real issues, real information that you can use the minute you get back to the barn.

Cavalia Odysseo
BOOTH 7311
Odysseo is the company’s second production that has been touring under the world’s largest big top since fall 2011. Odysseo is a veritable revolution in live performance. Known as the world’s largest touring production, Odysseo marries the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects at never-before-seen levels. This larger-than-life show sends hearts racing, but it is also a feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering the spectacular with soul. Audiences of all ages are rediscovering with emotions the century-old relationship between human and horse. As friends, partners and inseparable performers on stage, 70 horses and 45 artists lead the spectator on a great journey in a world of dreams where, together, they discover some of the planet’s most unforgettable landscapes. Beyond the impressive technical display and equestrian and acrobatic numbers that are unlike anything ever seen on stage, Odysseo is first and foremost a work that feeds the soul. The poetry flowing from this grand adventure shines a light on a more humane world where human and horse may live in harmony. Performances are under The White Big Top, 16576 Laguna Canyon Road in Irvine. The call center is now open.  The box office opens daily starting Jan. 23 from 8 a.m.to 9 p.m.

BOOTH 9323
Eco GreenGrid™ is made in the U.S.A. of recycled plastics. It is tough, durable, interlocking grid system designed to provide turf protection, ground reinforcement and erosion control for barns, stalls, pathways, parking and traffic areas. Once laid it can be filled with stone, earth or seeded. It can be used as either a permeable paving surface for pedestrian  and vehicular traffic or as a soil stabilization / mud abatement grid in the prevention of erosion. Meeting today’s need for environmentally sustainable permeable surfaces, the Eco GreenGrid permeable paver is ideal for light traffic, parking areas, pathways and agricultural use. Permeable paving (also known as pervious or porous pavement) defines the method of paving a surface so that it allows the flow of water through it. This allows storm water to filter through the soil below the paved surface, preventing the numerous environmental issues associated with water runoff. Eco GreenGrid provides a “green” asphalt alternative and an effective method of erosion control. Eco GreenGrid can be used as either a permeable paving surface for pedestrian / vehicular traffic or as a soil stabilization / mud abatement grid in the prevention of erosion.

Elk Grove Milling
BOOTH 9414-9416
Elk Grove Milling’s mission is to manufacture and distribute a high quality horse, cattle, goat, sheep, mule and rabbit pellet feed which provide 100 percent of your animals’ daily requirement of vitamins and minerals in a convenient pelleted feed that your animals will love.

Equolution® Founder Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD.
BOOTH 9437
Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD,  Is an Equine Veterinarian and Nutritionist and founder of Equolution. Feed is what goes in the stomach. Nutrition is what gets to the cell. Studies show that in increasing numbers of horses less feed reaches the place of health and performance. Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD, founder of Equolution® offers analysis and systematic programs for equine cellular nutrition. She is an independent expert counsel for horse feeding, performance and equine metabolic problems. Come by the Equolution booth to sign-up for a free 15-minute counsel (limited slots available) and plan to attend Dr. Gabi’s daily lectures on the University stage (See clinician schedule for times).

Frosting™ by ReitenRight
BOOTH 9325
Frosting arena footing additive is the culmination of extensive study and development. Through research, development, and testing, ReitenRight created the world’s most innovative equestrian products, enabling both horse and rider to reach their full potential and the most advanced arena footing additive available. Every facet from the performance benefits to the environmental impact was reviewed and results in a product that truly is the best of all worlds. Frosting contains only materials that exceed both European and North American standards for goods that come into direct contact with human skin. Furthermore, it is PVC- and phthalate-free. To top it all off, Frosting is antimicrobial so it resists mold and mildew, prolonging the performance of the material. This makes it an ideal material for both your indoor and outdoor horse arena footing. Frosting is a blend of both open-cell and closed-cell materials. Picture a sponge and bubble wrap, respectively. The open-cell particles absorb and retain moisture helping to bind the surrounding footing, reduce dust, and minimize watering needs. The closed-cell particles provide excellent energy return and add a spring to your horse’s stride. The overall result is superb cushioning without compromised traction. The company’s vision is that every ride is perfectly sound.

Inland Kubota
BOOTH 9139
Inland Kubota is a family-owned business located in Redlands that serves Southern California. Doors opened at this venerable Kubota Tractor Dealership in 1992. Since then, Inland Kubota has added other product lines, including Terex, Gearmore, TMX, and Landpride. Full service  is offered by certified Kubota mechanics alongside a knowledgeable and friendly parts and sales staff. Inland Kubota has received multiple awards for 100 percent customer satisfaction. Its Kubota product lines include tractors, excavators, utility vehicles, and mowers. Stop by the booth for show pricing, current financing and rebate offers.

L&D Trailer / Equi-Trek Portland
BOOTH 7154
L&D Trailers is proud to bring to the U.S. the Equi-Trek line of horse trailers.  Serving Oregon’s equine athlete and equestrian lifestyle, the company is committed to providing trailers of high quality and consistent reliability.  Equi-Trek presents you and your horse with comfort, safety, and ease of loading. You’ve been waiting for this level of convenience and quality. Find out why traveling backwards is better! Equi-Trek Portland can refer you to a partner that offers trailer financing.

Lydia Hiby Animal Communicator
BOOTH 9118
Lydia is the most sought-after animal communicator around. Her childhood dream of becoming a fairy godmother to animals seems to have come true. Her clients come from every state in the U.S. and European countries galore. People so different…yet sharing the love of their pet and their belief in Lydia’s gift. Her client list numbers over 60,000 over 20 years, and many began as skeptics. Lydia likes skeptics, she says, and believes that once she proves herself to a skeptic, then that skeptic becomes her best publicity. Lydia has also co-authored a book recently called Conversations with Animals, detailing her experiences. Lydia is available for consultations, seminars, and lectures.

K and M Contracting
MD Barnmaster
BOOTH 5001
K and M Contracting is dedicated to delivering you the barn of your dreams. Since 1970, Kim Schaul, owner of K and M Contracting, has been in the commercial and residential building industry. With this solid background in general contracting and construction, Kim began to specialize in the manufacturing, design, and construction of steel modular horse barns and buildings in 1986. Working as vice president for a leading company, as well as subsequently owning his own, Kim’s knowledge of all aspects of design, build and manufacturing of modular horse barns, buildings and other equine-related structures flourished. In 2010, Kim began K and M Contracting Inc. and became a valued distributor for MD/Barnmaster products, selling and installing their extensive line of products throughout Southern California. Kim is also highly involved with MD/Barnmaster in designing and engineering innovative, efficient ways of building their products. Kim’s extensive expertise, passion and commitment can be witnessed upon partnering with K and M Contracting, Inc for your next project.

The Masterson Method®
BOOTH 9120
The Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork® is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension. It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction is what makes the method fascinating for those who use it. In fact, if you do not allow the horse to participate, it does not work!

Jim Masterson, Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions, teaches a unique method of equine bodywork for equine massage therapists and horse owners in which the practitioner recognizes and follows the responses of the horse to touch to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. When he first became interested in equine massage in 1997, Jim recognized that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as it releases tension in the body. Using those responses to guide his work, he developed a system in which the horse participates in the process by showing the practitioner where tension has accumulated, precisely how much pressure is needed to release it, and when it has been released. The result is an effective method of equine massage body work that anyone can learn to use to improve performance while at the same time opening new levels of communication and trust with the horse.

N’Dura Hoof
BOOTH #9210
BOOTH 9210
DM Healthcare Products, Inc., a leading authority on innovative adhesive materials, is proud to introduce its breakthrough new hoof protection product for horses – N’Dura Hoof ProShield. This revolutionary new application is the first-ever UV cured urethane gel that is EASY – can be applied by both farriers and horse owners in minutes; FAST – cures completely in 30 seconds; and DURABLE – protects and repairs hooves for 6+ weeks. ProShield is also SAFE – with no harsh chemicals or solvents. Stop by our booth as ProShield is being launched with a special offer – buy one can of ProShield, get the UV LED Light ($8.99 value) and FREE shipping.

Rancho Oso Resort
BOOTH 7223
Rancho Oso Guest Ranch, a perfect vacation destination, is located in the beautiful backcountry hills of the Los Padres National Forest, near Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley wine country. Spectacular forest and mountain scenery combined with the rich history of Rancho Oso provide one of the most memorable riding and recreational experiences found anywhere in California. Big corrals, arena, round pen, heated pool and spa, delicious weekend meals, and camp store provide overnight guests with all the comforts of home. With unlimited access to national forest trails and upgraded cottages and cabins, as well as full hookup RV sites, Rancho Oso is the ideal place to board or vacation with horses!

R & De Trailers
BOOTH 5006
R & De Trailers, located in Norco, carries a wide selection of quality aluminum and steel horse trailers, livestock trailers, living quarters and dump trailers. For over 15 years, this family-owned and operated dealer has earned the reputation for providing its customer with the best trailer to fit each person’s needs, style and budget. They even offer a “Design a Trailer” feature to make sure you’re getting exactly what you have in mind. R & De carries Merhow Industries, the manufacturer of Verylite and Equistar with over 50 years in the industry; Circle J, known as one of the oldest and trusted trailer manufacturers in the U.S.; Maverick Trailers, providing both aluminum and steel trainers with a variety of options; and Royal T, with over 20 years of designing quality, visually pleasing horse trailer series. Visit the lot to experience their knowledgeable and friendly staff, or check their inventory from the comfort of your own home by visiting their website.

Four Flex / SherMar Ent.
BOOTH 7228
Four Flex provides the best supplements for your horse and dog. Only the finest ingredients are selected for use in their powerful joint and hoof formulas. Laboratory tested Ecoli and Salmonella free and developed over the years in conjunction with veterinarians and nutritionists. Each product has been refined and improved over two decades and is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Stall Sifter
BOOTH 7218
The Stall Sifter’s unique design picks up small chips leaving your sand footing where it belongs — on the ground.  This product was created to control the flies by picking up the small chips generally left behind by the traditional manure forks.  The Stall Sifter not only picks up small manure chips but also works well on the hard packed pee holes as well as the pool pee holes. Living on horse property with horses can attract flies and gnats accompanied by the mighty ammonia aroma of their urine. The Stall Sifter can be used like a grater to loosen the hard packed sand and disperse the sand chunks in the old pee spots. The Stall sifter can also be used over the pooled pee spots to help them dry out. The sifting shovel head is great to spread your favorite deodorizer evenly over the spots to give them a clean, fresh smell.

Sheryl Phelps founded the Stall Sifter in pursuit of having the ultimate clean stalls and arena on sand footing. She believes a clean stall should be manure free. This includes the small pieces made by messy horses that walk through manure. She also thought it would be a good idea to develop one versatile tool rather than using a couple of different tools just to clean stalls and the arena.

Star Milling
BOOTH 9102
Does your horse need a few more healthy calories? Try supplementing with Star Milling’s Integrity® Rice Bran. Horse owners seeking healthy weight gain or weight maintenance for their horse often turn to a rice bran supplement. Available in meal and nugget, rice bran is high in fat and helps horses get the extra calories needed for building a little more lean muscle. Horses will love the taste of Integrity Rice Bran. It is a dry source of healthy fat that tastes much better than oil. People don’t eat vegetable oil straight because it would taste bland. Horses think so too! They would much rather consume their energy in a dry form, such as Rice Bran pellets or meal.  Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran is a high-fat diet that also adds and enhances a healthy skin coat. Integrity products offer balanced feeds for all types of horses: Adult/Senior (with or without Molasses), Growth, Low Starch Lite (with or without Molasses), Low Starch with Timothy, Mare & Foal, Performance and Stabilized Rice Bran Meal or Nugget. These quality horse feeds are available in feed stores throughout California and Arizona.

Stotz Equipment
BOOTH  6229
Escondio 760-737-2400
Montclair  909-626-8586
BOOTH 6229
Stotz Equipment is your official John Deere Dealer, your source for new equipment, used equipment, parts and service.  From large tractors to hand-held power tools, Stotz Equipment has what you need to help get your job done. Stotz Equipment has been family-owned and operated since 1947.  Single family ownership for over 66 years has helped to create a consistency of service and a commitment to our customers that is unmatched by our competitors.  When doing business with Stotz Equipment, you have access to the combined knowledge of nearly 400 employees in 22 locations across 8 states.  Additionally, many team members participate in industry groups across the country, in an effort to bring our customers the best solution to their business and personal equipment needs. Sales, Parts, Service.

Thrifty Horse Consignment Shoppe
BOOTH 6113
Thrifty Horse Consignment Shoppe has been in business for over 20 years and has found its permanent home in Norco – Horsetown, USA. They have the largest selection of new and pre-owned tack and riding attire in southern California. English to Western, Mini to Draft, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select and fit your equestrian needs for any occasion!

Tractor Dean
Whether you ride for pleasure, show or train professionally, properly designed and maintained footing is paramount to your horse’s performance and longevity.  According to Dr. Hillary Clayton, VMMS, PhD, MCRVS, “Unless you have considerable experience with different types of footing, it is worthwhile hiring a professional footing consultant to help you choose and install the best footing for your arena.  Footing consultants are experts in arena design, footing installation and maintenance procedures.” (Where the Hoof Meets the Ground, USHJA In Stride, Fall 2006).  Arena consultants, like Tractor Dean of West Coast Footings, might seem like an expensive route to take when building your arena but will be well worth the initial investment when compared to vet bills, water costs, and the frustration associated with less than ideal arena conditions.
Amendments, such as textiles and fibers, are added to sand to improve the properties as a riding surface.  GGT Footing, a shredded textile, stabilizes the sand particles – this mimics the effect of the rooting system of turf, which has a stabilizing effect on the surrounding soil particles.  Western pleasure and the new discipline of western dressage are areas of new popularity for GGT footing, notes Cynthia Brewster Keating, the company’s national account manager.

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