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The 'take home' for Expo Pomona attendees will be lessons learned from the best clinician line-up ever

Special to the Horsetrader - January 21st, 2016 - Feature Article, Special Section

The top equine experts grace the stages and arenas of Horse Expo Pomona each year, and this year’s line-up may be the best ever. One ticket price gets you access to unlimited learning, whether you’re a competitor looking for an edge or a recreational rider looking for insight into your human-horse relationship.

Clinton Anderson
Born and raised in Australia, Clinton grew up with a love of horses, and by the age of 15, was apprenticing with the best trainers in the country. In 1997, Clinton came to the U.S. where he continued pursuing his passion for horses by apprenticing under some of America’s greatest trainers, teaching clinics and competing. Today, Clinton shares the Method all across the country and regularly hosts horsemanship clinics at his facility in Stephenville, Texas. He works hard to educate horse owners on how to be safe and effective while enjoying their horses. His training method is instructional, inspiring and innovative.

Craig Cameron
A native Texan, Craig Cameron, one of the original clinicians, is on the road more than 44 weeks a year covering 80,000 miles demonstrating the style of horsemanship he has perfected in the last 23 years. Called the “public defender of the horse,” Craig dedicates himself to those who educate their horses by first educating themselves. At an age where most have long since retired the thought of starting colts, Craig Cameron known as “The Cowboy’s Clinician,” starts hundreds of horses each year; plus his four-day clinics held at his ranches in Bluff Dale, Texas, and Lincoln, New Mexico blend education with entertainment.

Jonathan Field
Jonathan refers to his program as Inspired by Horses™ because it is the horses that inspired him to develop it.  It is a program designed with the horse in mind, through every step, while developing the relationship between horse and human, or the ultimate predator with the ultimate prey animal. Teaching you to think the way a horse thinks keeps your horse interested in you, allowing you to gain access to something very special – the ultimate relationship with a horse.

Brandi Lyons
“I meet each person right where they are on their journey with their horse, and that’s where we begin together,” says Brandi. From the time she was a child, Brandi grew up absorbing lessons from her father, renowned horseman John, and applied those lessons to her own riding. Those lessons have been infused into her 20 years’ experience as an expert rider, trainer of horses, and then as a teacher of riders, trainers and clinicians.
Brandi’s “No Limits” philosophy focuses on the fundamentals, building confidence and control from the ground up. All the while, continually strengthening the bonds of trust between rider and horse through clear, consistent communication.

Pat Parelli
Since his first seminar in 1982, Pat Parelli has revolutionized the horse world by introducing a philosophy, a concept and a program called Natural Horsemanship. Pat Parelli has presented in front of over two million people in 27 countries, has been in over 1,000 magazine articles and has presented privately for the Queen of England, President Reagan, Tony Robbins, Gene Autry and Tom Selleck. He has over 200,000 students in his long distance online learning program, called the Savvy Club. With 400 instructors worldwide in his Professionals Program Pat is set out to help make the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them.
Pat Parelli’s focus on preserving real horsemanship and to help you become the person you have always wanted to be with your horse, is what his program is all about. Pat invites you to come see for yourself why he has become “the world’s Horseologist” and the No. 1success coach for millions of horselovers worldwide.

Charles Wilhelm
The Ultimate Super Horse Challenge is a competition consisting of six different events created to show the communication and relationship between the horse and rider, as well as the competitor’s horsemanship and riding skills at the walk, trot and canter. The courses are designed to showcase the versatility of the horse in a variety of areas. A Super Horse is a horse that can go on the trail one day, compete in a Cowboy Dressage test the next, participate in a parade, work cows and more!  The challenge is suitable for riders of any discipline and horses of all breeds. As the horse and rider work through each event they will be judged on several criteria as well as overall performance. Competitors will compete for great prizes, including a Charles Wilhelm custom saddle, buckle and the title of Ultimate Super Horse WSHE Champion 2015.

Richard Winters
Richard has earned a World Championship Title in the NRCHA Limited Open Hackamore, along with Reserve World Championships in the Limited Open Bridle divisions. He is also a NRCHA AA Rated Judge and Road to the Horse Colt Starting Champion. Richard’s teaching and communications skills have been a tremendous advantage to other horse show enthusiasts as well. He has helped Non Pro clients garner Regional, National and World Championships. He brings the full gamut of these horsemanship experiences to his instruction. Based in Reno, Nevada, Richard remains highly sought after conducting horsemanship clinics, presenting at horse expos, and showing Reined Cow Horses as well as judging horse shows

Laura Batts, MS, PAS
Laura is the founder of Horse Hippie and The Equine Nutrition Nerd, companies with a focus on the ultimate health of the rider, the horse and our planet. She lives a holistic, natural lifestyle and teaches others to do this with their horses through nutrition and care, and for themselves through meditation and yoga. Combining her lifestyle with her interest in the environment she obtained a Masters of Environmental Science with a focus on the equine sector. As The Horse Hippie she helps horse owners use eco-friendly practices in their horse and farm care. She also has been an equine nutritionist , priding herself on presenting technical material in an easy-to-understand way.

Eitan Beth-Halachmy
Cowboy Dressage™ has long been a labor of love for Eitan. It started with Eitan’s work and performances with home bred Holiday Compadre in the early 1990’s. It is because of this great horse, his talent and his heart that Cowboy Dressage™ first came to public recognition and applause. Due to demand Eitan and Compadre soon became educators as well as performers. From Eitan’s years of contact with the general horse public the idea of Cowboy Dressage™ as a competition came to being. At first only a dream it is now a reality.

Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis has been horsecamping and trail riding for over 45 years and is a nationally recognized clincian. Her clinic, “Horsecamping: expanding your trail adventures”, has been presented at seminars, conferences, events and expos (Western States Horse Expo, Equine Affaire, Iowa Horse Fair, Backcountry Horsemen of California, National Trails Symposium, etc.). Bonnie maintains that “recreational trail riders are the backbone of the horse industry yet we are the most overlooked within the industry itself!”.

Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards (aka “The Mule Guy”) has been training horses, mules, and donkeys for about 40 years. The last 20 of those years have been devoted almost exclusively to mules and donkeys because Steve notes that they have unique training needs. Covering over 20 states and traveling internationally to Canada, Brazil, and Egypt, Steve loves teaching about anything “long ears”. Among Steve’s notable accomplishments is the development of a first of its kind Mule Training Certification Program at Pierce College in Los Angeles.

Robert Eversole
Robert Eversole, “the trail meister,” owns TrailMeister.com, the largest database of horse riding and camping areas in the U.S. with free trail and trailhead information, trail maps, and much more to help horse enthusiasts experience the joys of trail riding. Robert is a registered riding instructor with PATH International, a mounted search and rescue team member, and a U.S. Marine who has served on the board of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington (BCHW). He is enjoying his new career helping fellow trail riders stay found and safe on the trail. When not on the trail, The Trail Meister resides near Spokane, Wash., and teaches land navigation to a wide variety of outdoor groups across the nation.

Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD.
Dr. Gross is a German Equine Veterinarian (1987) and nutritionist who teaches horse owners about equine nutrition, natural solutions for metabolic conditions and performance enhancement. She is the founder of Equolution®, a new Equine wellness concept. “I have been an Equestrian all my life. During my Veterinary career, I was lucky to learn from the world’s best in different disciplines,” she says.

Chemaine Hurtado
“My first horse memory is sitting in the rail watching my sister’s lesson, wishing that I could ride that amazing horse. Many years and lessons later, I fell in love with Dressage. The power, grace, and elegance captivated me and never let go.”
Today, Chemaine owns Symphony Dressage Stables in Moorpark, where she professionally trains horses and riders to the Grand Prix level of dressage. Chemaine holds her Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals with the United States Dressage Federation, awarded for excellence in all levels. Team Symphony, her group of junior and amateur riders, have also enjoyed many years of success in the Dressage arena. Chemaine has developed a way to practice dressage techniques anytime and anywhere with a yoga ball, helping riders around of all disciplines understand how to influence the horse with the rider’s seat and weight aids.

Mary Kitzmiller
Mary Kitzmiller is a horse trainer and clinician based in Kemp, Texas. She uses her years of knowledge gleaned from working with the horse industry’s leading professionals to create outstanding performance horses. These skills led her to find success in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition, winning over $55,000 in that event. Mary has also earned the honor of being the only woman chosen for the Road To The Horse’s elite Wild Card Competition in both 2014 and 2015. In 2014, she was the Reserve Champion of the Wild Card Competition. It is Mary’s passion to share what she knows with the public through Clinics, Lessons and Demonstrations. Mary subscribes to one key element in her Horsemanship, and that is, simply: “FOLLOW THE HORSE, The Horse Is Never Wrong. Listen, Watch
and Follow.”

Gary Lane
Gary’s demos are for all gaited horse riders who want to understand, feel and train for smooth easy gaits. A mix of general horsemanship techniques and principles of classical riding will carry the riders onto the trails or rail for an exciting, fun, and safe ride. Understanding your horse’s natural base line of behavior to build a better relationship to achieve a sound trail horse is within your reach. Gary’s demos are fun to attend, with easy hands-on incremental training. Gary assists his students to get the most out their horse and more importantly, themselves.

Nancy Loving DVM
Dr. Loving’s intense interest in horses began at an early age and continues to figure prominently in both her professional and personal life. She discovered the unique challenges of distance riding in 1983 and has also competed in dressage and eventing. Dr. Loving graduated from Colorado State University’s veterinary school in 1985 and has practiced exclusively equine medicine and surgery. Owner of Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colo., Dr. Loving works to actively include her clients in an educated decision-making process regarding their horses’ health.

Sheryl Lynde
Sheryl Lynde began her training career 12 years ago. After a serious horse wreck that culminated in a life flight ride and hospital stay, she was determined to seek a better understanding of problem-solving. She became certified under John and Josh Lyons. Since then, she has built on that knowledge and developed her own program for colt-starting, working with problem horses, and building a strong foundation for both young and older horses. Sheryl, a monthly columnist for California Horsetrader magazine, says whether you compete, ride on the trail or in the arena, a strong foundation is the cornerstone to a winning partnership.

Jim Masterson
Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions, Jim teaches a unique method of equine bodywork for equine massage therapists and horse owners in which the practitioner recognizes and follows the responses of the horse to touch to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. When he first became interested in equine massage in 1997, Jim recognized that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as it releases tension in the body. Using those responses to guide his work, he developed a system in which the horse participates in the process by showing the practitioner where tension has accumulated, precisely how much pressure is needed to release it, and when it has been released. The result is an effective method of equine massage body work that anyone can learn to use to improve performance while at the same time opening new levels of communication and trust with the horse.

Heidi McLaughlin
As a former fearful rider, Heidi McLaughlin wrote her book, K.I.C.K. Your Fear of Horses, as a guide to help others who are struggling with confidence in the saddle. Not only does she tell her personal story of how she got over her own fear, but she cites the advice of many experts including Chris Cox, Stacy Westfall, Mike Kevil, Richard Winters and many more! Heidi’s work has helped countless people, who love horses but are plagued with fear, find the confidence they need to recapture the joy of confident horsemanship.

Warwick Schiller
Though he grew up showing Quarter Horses in Australia, Warwick Schiller moved to the U.S. 25 years ago to pursue his professional horse training career.  Initially focusing on training all-around horses, he turned his focus to the sport of reining.  Warwick holds multiple champion titles in reining in the U.S. and Australia, including a Reserve World Championship and was on the first Australian World Equestrian Reining Team in 2010.   During the past decade, he has been developing Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship located in Hollister.  He conducts clinics in the U.S. as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and throughout Europe.

Teresa Spencer
Teresa, an author, speaker, and horse owner, is the owner of EquestriSafe, a company dedicated to horse safety, as well as owner of California Horse Barns. Proud member of CSHA(California State Horseman’s Association), Equestrian Trails – Corral 138, AQHA, American Equestrian Trade Association, Equestrian Professionals, WHIN (Women’s Horse Industry Network) and American Horseman’s Challenge Association as well as being a director in the Acton Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Renee Tucker, DVM
Dr. Tucker graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1995. Shortly after, she was certified in Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  “How things work” is the question that Dr. Tucker focuses on.  Why?  Because her first degree is in Bioengineering.  This unique combination of veterinarian and engineer empowers her to simplify biomechanics in horses.   Her book, Where Does My Horse Hurt, simplifies horse chiropractic diagnosis. 

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