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Tierra Del Norte, DAHA merge into San Diego AHA

From the Horsetrader Sales Staff - January 21st, 2016 - General News, Ingate Column

InGate graphicTwo Southern California Arabian Horse clubs merged as of Jan. 1 this year, forming a new club, the San Diego Arabian Horse Association. The two organizations that came together, the Desert Arabian Horse Association and the Tierra Del Norte Arabian Horse Association, actually are two branches of the same tree. Tierra Del Norte formed in 1976 when it split from DAHA, which began in 1950.

Former TDNAHA President Theresa Oakley is President of the San Diego AHA, which will meet on the second Monday each month in Escondido. “Our club’s main charter is to promote the Arabian Horse in our local community,” said Oakley. “Our efforts will be focused on introducing the Arabian horse to our community through new ideas that may include one-day Class A shows, supporting local all-breed community shows, and trail rides. We look forward to promoting the Arabian Horse in our community and welcome ideas.”

Oakley added that the merger was voted on by respective club members and was unanimously approved. Joining her on the inaugural SDAHA slate of officers are Vice President Jennifer Bishop, Treasurer Ann Whitley and Secretary Mimi Gaffey. Board members will include Darcy Damron, Cheryl Goodheim, Rich Whitley, JoAnn Harlan, Phil Bourgeois and Ashley Iler.
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